MultiVersus Beta First Impressions – Combat, Characters, Monetization, & more!

The platform fighting genre has seen a boon in titles, including the iconic Super Smash Bros. series, Ubisoft’s Brawlhalla, indie delight Rivals of Aether, and even the Nickelodeon entry, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. But Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games have joined together to bring the free-to-play MultiVersus to the genre. You can find our […]

Honkai: Star Rail Q&A with HoYoverse, from combat plans, gacha system, and more

Following Genshin Impact’s massive success, HoYoverse has brought another ambitious title to the table—Honkai: Star Rail, a sequel to the original Honkai Impact 3rd that doubles up as a standalone for new fans to enjoy. With an incredible team behind its development, Honkai: Star Rail is shaping up to be a compelling game that expands […]

Roblox YouTuber BabyGMace makes strides as the youngest creator to collab with KreekCraft, Dexter Playz, and more

At only six years old, BabyGMace is one of the youngest and fastest growing content creators in the Roblox community. With the help of his mom, this up-and-coming star has not only managed to secure himself current collaborations with popular YouTubers, such as KreekCraft and Dexter Playz, he’s also paved the way for even bigger […]

5 Ways Pokémon Legends: Arceus changes competitive Pokémon

Described as a mainline game and indeed, not a spinoff, Pokémon Legends: Arceus made several notable changes to the games. While these changes may be exclusive to the Legends series, the added Pokémon, Status changes, and removal of Effort and Individual Value systems can be speculated on. These are the five ways that Pokémon Legends: […]