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For Honor Characters Tier List – Best Characters

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One of the reasons that For Honor is such a popular game is the balance between characters. Each time developers update the character roster, they ensure every hero has a counter and no character dominates above all others drastically. However, there will always be characters who rise above the majority. I like periodically checking out different characters, even those that I don't normally main, just to see how they play and rank. This article will give you an up-to-date tier list of characters in For Honor.

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Character Tier list in For Honor

We ranked all characters in For Honor based on their balance, playability, and overall performance across all game modes. Of course, no list is perfect, and you might find that your opinion differs. The meta is constantly changing, making certain characters stronger than others over time. We will include any balance changes as soon as we notice them.

TierCharacter name
SConqueror, Jiang Jun, Kyoshin, Nobushi, Shinobi, Warlord, Warmonger, Berserker
ABlack Prior, Shaolin, Hitokiri, Kensei, Nuxia, Shugoki
BHighlander, Jormungandr, Gryphon, Raider, Shaman, Zhanhu
CCenturion, Peacekeeper, Orochi, Valkyrie
DGladiator, Warden, Tiandi
EAramusha, Lawbringer

For Honor Characters Tier List - All For Honor Characters, Ranked

S-Tier Characters in For Honor


This character can block almost any attack thanks to their shield. Coupled with the Superior Block feat, Conqueror makes a strong tank for those who prefer to play defensively. Blocking enemy hits with this feat works similarly to parries. The Conqueror can also be an effective aggro player with his chain of attacks coupled with the Shield Bash.

Jiang Jun

Jiang Jun is an excellent fighter that attacks slowly with his wide-sweeping attacks that do a lot of damage. He specializes in taking on team fights effectively. All parries will guarantee a lot of damage with this character. The key to playing with Jiang Jun is patience because of the way he pushes a parry.

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Kyoshin is a great counterattacker. His offense is excellent and does decent damage with light attacks, but his magic lies in his parry ability which is hardly matched by anyone. He is a practical pick, especially against aggressive attackers because of this.


This character is an excellent pick in duels because of their bleed ability and their zoning capabilities. Their kick is also very damaging in team fights, and the Hidden Stance gives them various options to play around.


Shinobi is a top-tier character with high potential, but you have to be very careful with him, as he's unforgiving to play. With his 3.5 HP bars, you must tread carefully and plan your attacks. Again, patience is the key. His skill ceiling is very high, but the character is worth it, as he can open up even the strongest defensive characters.


The Warlord is a tough-as-nails, great defensive character. He has a complement of blocks, parries, and counter-attacks to take down enemies effectively. You should only pay attention to the management of his stamina.


Warmongers are among the best team fighters in the S-tier of characters. They have great hitboxes and are distinguished by their Corruption ability. This mechanic is unique to Warmongers, and it deals damage over time to their foes in an area of effect around them.


The Berserker class has had its ups and downs throughout the game's history, but I witnessed it quickly rise to the S tier recently due to his near-infinite attack chain. Staying true to his name, he can whip up his attack speed and damage using his abilities, allowing him to quickly dish out surprising amounts of damage. His fighting style's a bit unique and will require some learning before you can fully unleash his strength, but once you do, you will be rewarded with a warrior to be reckoned with.

The best A-Tier Characters in For Honor

Black Prior

Black Prior is an excellent and independent character. It's a perfect choice if you're not used to relying on anyone else on the battlefield. His Bulwark Counter skill that allows him to destroy the enemy shields makes him unique and dangerous to unsuspecting foes.


This exotic character makes use of his long-reaching fighting style built around his long staff. Aside from his moves and attacks, which can be unpredictable, he can also use a variety of other useful abilities, like teleport and health regeneration, that happens each time he successfully blocks an enemy attack.

The best B-Tier Characters in For Honor


Highlander is famous for wielding the Claymore, the furthest-reaching sword in the game. Aside from an impressive range, he also has a great defensive game, performing well dodging and pairing enemy attacks. He is, unfortunately, lacking in offense, keeping him from the higher-tier ranks.


Named after the World Serpent from the Nordic mythos, Jormungandr uses a war hammer in combat but lacks in the damage department. His shield, health, and damage reduction buffs are enough to keep him alive, but he lacks any major benefits to push through and fight back.

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The best C-Tier Characters in For Honor


Centurion is an interesting, albeit unfortunate, character. Looking good on paper, he offers great attacking capabilities once his attacks are fully charged and is quick on his feet. Unfortunately, his short range will mean you will have to put constant pressure on your opponents, keeping them in range while using your speed to your advantage.


The Peacekeeper is what I would describe as a glass cannon-type character but without the cannon part. While her attacks can do decent damage, and she's fairly quick on her feet, her low defense capabilities make her extremely fragile, so she becomes useless in almost any fight.

The best D-Tier Characters in For Honor


Gladiator is another example of high-risk-high-reward heroes, which are decent damage dealers, albeit at the cost of defense. You have to be skilled to play such a niche character to succeed in combat. And even then, you will still be limited by his overall damage output because some characters simply outperform him. His only real advantage is his unique unblockable attacks.


Warden is a great starting character in For Honor, offering easy-to-learn moves and combos. He is a very well-rounded character that doesn't lack in any particular department and without any imbalanced stats that would make him unreliable. His main caveat is that he doesn't excel in any particular areas either and that, given the majority of players have started out playing with him, there will be no surprising moves you can pull off with this character.

The best E-Tier Characters in For Honor


Aramusha is a rather badly-developed character with slow-moving attacks. It's not even a question of skill when you simply can't hit anybody because your character has the slowest attack animations on the field. While his attack stats don't look too bad on paper, he will fall off quickly due to his inability to follow up and support his team effectively.


Lawbringer suffers from the same fault Aramusha has, being one of the slowest-moving characters on the battlefield. Despite his Poleaxe granting him impressive reach, he simply doesn't excel when there are way too many quicker characters out there. If you really want to make him work, you're probably better off playing solo games with him; his use of heavy stun attacks can give you an edge in one-on-one fights against some opponents.

For Honor Tier List system

  • S-Tier: This tier contains the best of the best. For Honor is a skill-based game that requires you to know the ins and outs to win, but these characters will give you an edge in fighting. Opponents going against you will be fighting an uphill battle if they have a fighter from one of the lower tiers.
  • A-Tier: These characters may not be the cream of the crop like S-Tier characters, but they still have a solid fighting chance against them. They sit one step down from the top performers only because they fall behind on one stat or because some of their abilities aren't as flashy.
  • B-Tier: The heroes from this tier have some trait that is lacking compared to higher tiers. They are still not flawed characters, but you'll have to be mindful of the opponents you will be facing.
  • C-Tier: This tier list is a middle-of-the-road selection of characters. They are not the worst you can pick, but many other characters will outshine them. We advise you only play these characters if you have to and choose your opponents carefully.
  • D-Tier: These characters are, in our opinion, below average. You shouldn't usually pick them unless you know what you're doing with them and which opponent you will be engaging in combat with. Fighting with them will be an uphill battle because many other characters will easily outclass them.
  • E-Tier: The characters on this list genuinely are at the bottom of the barrel. You should avoid picking the, at all costs. And if you are lucky enough to see them match up against you, you can count on having an easy time fighting against them.

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For Honor Characters Tier List – Best Characters

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