Forever Skies AMA Live Stream announced with developers in August

Developer Far From Home has announced they will be holding an AMA on live stream for their upcoming title Forever Skies on August 3, 2022, at 1pm ET. The survival title caught critical acclaim after its initial reveal, and fans have eagerly awaited more information on the upcoming title. The official Forever Skies Twitter states, “Got a […]

What are the system requirements for Forever Skies?

Far From Home has revealed their debut game, Forever Skies. Along with this, they have published some of the system requirements for the first-person action survival game. This includes both the minimum and recommended system requirements. It is better to use a PC that meets the recommended settings for the best experience. But those who […]

Is there co-op/multiplayer in Forever Skies?

Forever Skies is Polish studio Far From Home’s debut title and features a sci-fi theme. This first-person action survival game will launch in early access sometime in 2022. Games like these tend to incorporate features such as co-op or multiplayer, so you may be wondering if that is the case for Forever Skies. The answer […]

When is the release date of Forever Skies?

Forever Skies is Polish developer Far From Home’s debut title, which was just revealed. It is a first-person action survival game in which the player returns to an Earth destroyed by an ecological disaster. With it being announced, you may be wondering when it will release. Currently, the only release date for Forever Skies is […]

Is Forever Skies coming to console?

Forever Skies is Polish developer Far From Home’s debut title. It is a first-person action survival game where players must scavenge supplies on a ruined Earth to save their family from a mysterious illness. Forever Skies is coming to PC in early access, but some players may be wondering if it will release on consoles. […]