Fortnite Item Shop

Time to see what's available in the Fortnite Item Shop for February 19, 2024! Each day gets us a batch of new cosmetics to purchase, however, they aren't always things we haven't seen before. We often get items that have been in the shop many times. While that might bum you out a bit, there are days when we get completely new items that have never been available, and you will get a chance to be one of the first to purchase it!

The skins available for February 19, 2024 are: Wukong, The Weeknd Combat, Black Widow (Snow Suit), April O’Neil, Candyman, Cloaked Shadow, Donatello, Leonardo, Lovethorn, Megumi Fushiguro, Michelangelo, Nobara Kugisaki, Raphael, Satoru Gojo, Splinter, Tactician, Thunder, Arctic Assassin, Breacher, Cuddle King, Firelock, Flashbang, Flatfoot, Guardian Lin, Guerilla, Hangfire, Heartbreaker, Impact, Jawbreaker, Lovely, Pinkie, Queen of Hearts, Shadow Enforcer, Siege, Summitseeker Evie, Terra, Tess, Warfare, Wrecker, Champion Stash’d, Chill Count, Marius and ´╗┐Assault Trooper, while also containing the following items: Black Widow (Snow Suit) Bundle, Axe-O, Go With the Flow, Popular Vibe, Say So, The Weeknd Bundle, Widow’s Fangs, Widowmaker, April O’Neil Bundle, Daydream, Jingu Bang, Stitches, TMNT Bundle, Wild Hearts Bundle, Yuji Itadori, Yuji Itadori Bundle, Boom Mic, Chaos Scythe, Crushin’, Double Up, Guardian Lin Bundle, Heart Beater, Heavy Heart, Hero Half-Shell, Kiss Kiss, Lovestruck Strikers, Royale Flush Bundle, Showstopper, Skratch Company Elites Bundle, Skratch Company Rangers Bundle, Spikey Jet, Splinter’s Staff, Summitseeker Evie Bundle, The Jade Dragon, Bloomin’ Bouquet, Champion’s Blade, Champion’s Colors, Chocollama, Face Palm, Field Machete, Golden Guardian, Hearts & Bullets, IDK, Icy Peace Axes, Mace of Hearts, Roses Are Red, Tactical Satchel, Tricksy Axe, True Love, Ultra Scythe, Welcome to Paradise and McLaren 765LT Bundle.

You can check out what's available in the current shop in our always updated item shop page

Avaliable on February 19, 2024

95 All
43 Outfit
17 Harvesting Tool
13 Bundle
11 Emote
5 Wrap
3 Back Bling
2 Glider
1 Loading Screen


The Weeknd

Black Widow


Wild Hearts

Jujutsu Kaisen


Skratch Company

Street Rep

Arctic Command

Final Reckoning

Be Mine

Cold Case

Year of the Dragon

Royale Hearts

Royale Flush

Original Outlaws

Summit's Idol

Artificial Evolved

Fortnite Champion Series


Metro Runner