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All Fortnite Avatar Elements Quests & Rewards – All Chakras List

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If you're a fan of Avatar (the OG anime, not the movie with blue aliens), you'll enjoy playing Fortnite. There are so many rewards to unlock, so prepare for action with this list of all Fortnite Avatar: Elements quests.

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All Avatar Elements Quests List in Fortnite

Below, you'll find a list of all Fortnite Chakra quests you can unlock during the Fortnite x Avatar: Element event that started on April 12, 2024. You'll also find out how to unlock all Avatar Elements quests in Fortnite and earn Chakras you can use for unlocking Avatar cosmetics.

Water Chakra Quests in Fortnite

Water Chakra QuestsIn-Game Description (by Karra)
Visit an Elemental Shrine. (0/1)I've heard there are waterboarding scrolls near here.
Deal damage to opponents with waterbending. (0/1000)The key is getting the wrist movement right.
Land on water from the bus. (0/2)It'll soften the landing. Kind of.
Receive passive healing with waterbending by entering water. (0/25)It isn't water from the Spirit Oasis, but it'll work.
Destroy a cabbage cart. (0/1)If anyone asks, your name is Pippinpaddleopsicopolis.
Restore shields. (0/500)This way I can save my healing water for emergencies.
Survive Storm Circles. (0/10)I once had to rescue my brother from a storm. Be careful.
Restore health or shields. (0/50)There's a lot of energy twisted up around there.

Earth Chakra Quests in Fortnite

Earth Chakra QuestsIn-Game Description (by Toph)
Open the Water Chakra to unlock additional quests. (0/1)/
Collect bars from eliminated players. (0/50)Let's show them who the Earth Rumble Champ is!
Search chests. (0/5)I've searched chests before.
Travel distances while sliding. (0/100)Nothing better than earth beneath your feet.
Land at an Elemental Shrine from the bus. (0/1)Do you have what it takes to face that rock like an Earthbender?
Destroy stone structures. (0/50)Don't blow it.
Visit Mount Olympus and Coastal Columns. (0/2)Keep your knees high, Twinkle Toes!
Build a Rock Wall and hit an opponent with Throw Rock. (0/2)Yeah, let's break some rules!

Fire Chakra Quests in Fortnite

Fire Chakra QuestsIn-Game Description (by Zuko)
Open the Earth Chakra to unlock additional quests. (0/1)/
Hit opponents with headshots. (0/5)Show them the might of a Firebender.
Collect ammo. (0/200)Preparation leads to success.
Light a campfire. (0/1)I've had a lot of good talks around a campfire.
Destroy objects or structures at an Elemental Shrine. (0/5)Sometimes you just gotta let loose.
Eliminate an opponent in different matches. (0/5)Remember, power comes from the breath. Not the muscles.
Travel distances on the Train. (0/500)You never know who you'll meet while riding the train.
Destroy a cabbage cart with firebending. (0/1)Let me hear you roar like a tiger-dillo!
Deal damage to opponents with firebending. (0/1000)Challenge them to an Agni Kal'!

Air Chakra Quests in Fortnite

Air Chakra QuestsIn-Game Description (by Aang)
Open the Fire Chakra to unlock additional quests. (0/1)/
Visit named locations in different matches. (0/3)The monks always taught me to detach myself from the world.
Travel distances vertically. (0/100)No one ever thinks to look up anymore.
Travel distance while gliding. (0/1000)Just make sure you keep your mouth closed.
Jump while using the Air Wheel. (0/5)Make sure to get on quick!
Deal damage to opponents with ranged weapons while airborne. (0/200)Show off a little air power!
Air jump at The Windmill or at The Other Windmill. (0/1) Oh yeah! Get some serious air!
Travel distances outside of named locations. (0/1000)Travel the world. You never know what you'll find.
Land at an Elemental Shrine. (0/1)Keep your distance and stay on your toes!

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Sound Chakra Quests in Fortnite

Sound Chakra QuestsIn-Game Description (by Korra)
Open the Air Chakra to unlock additional quests (0/1)/
Eliminate opponents with Epic or better weapons. (0/2)You can make your own destiny.
Burst through doors in different matches. (0/3)I'm the Avatar, and you gotta deal with it!
Hit opponents with firebending and earthbending in a single match. (0/2)Determination will help you succeed.
Use the Air Wheel then damage opponents within 30 seconds. (0/50)You've gotta be able to switch directions at a moment's notice.
Launch an enemy with the Rock Wall technique and heal in water using waterbending in the same match. (0/2)Strong and fluid. The Avatar needs to be both.
Visit shrines of every element. (0/4)There's so much more I want to learn.
Use the Air Wheel, then damage opponents within 30 seconds.Sometimes it's about the journey, not the destination.
Carry one of each type of Bending Scroll at the same time. (0/1)You've come so far.

Light Chakra Quests in Fortnite

Light Chakra QuestsIn-Game Description (by Aang)
Open the Sound Chakra to unlock additonal quests (0/1)/
Collect produce (0/4)Let's find something to eat!
Thank the bus driverHave you ever ridden on a sky bison before?
Collect Bending Scrolls in different matches (0/4)Anyone's capable of great good
Collect fish. (0/4)Personally, I'm a vegetarian.
Hit opponents with a melee weapon. (0/4)Do you want to go penguin sledding with me?
Receive a gift from Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Toph. (0/4)Do you want to go penguind sledding with me?
Visit Elemental Shrines in the same match. (0/2)You've gotta travel if you hope to learn about the elements.
Elimintate opponents with different weapon types. (0/4)It can't be harder than mastering all four elements.

Avatar Elements Bonus Goals List & Rewards in Avatar

  • Open six Chakras to unlock the Appa Glider (0/6)
  • Stage 1 of 6: Complete Water Chakra Quests to open the Water Chakra (0/4)
  • Complete Book One Punch Card to unlock Book Two Punch Card. (0/1)
  • Complete Book Two Punch Card to unlock Book Three Punch Card. (0/1)
  • Complete Book Three Punch Card to unlock Book Four Punch Card. (0/1)
  • Complete Book Four Punch Card to unlock Book Five Punch Card. (0/1)
  • Complete Book Five Punch Card to unlock Book Six Punch Card. (0/1)
  • Stage 2 of 6: Complete Earth Chakra Quests to open the Earth Chakra. (0/4)
  • Stage 3 of 6: Complete Fire Chakra Quests to open the Fire Chakra. (0/4)
  • Stage 4 of 6: Complete Air Chakra Quests to open the Air Chakra. (0/4)
  • Stage 5 of 6: Complete Sound Chakra Quests to open the Sound Chakra. (0/4)
  • Stage 6 of 6: Complete Light Chakra Quests to open the Light Chakra. (0/4)

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All Fortnite Avatar Elements Quests & Rewards – All Chakras List

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