Fortnite Chapter 2 (Season 11) Loot Pool List – All Available Weapons & Items!

Our Fortnite Chapter 2 Loot Pool List takes a look at all of the current weaponry and items that are in the battle royale mode of the game. The move to Season 11 was a huge  change, and has basically started Fortnite back at its most refined. You won't find a lot of crazy items in the game currently, unless you count the Bandage Bazooka...

Fortnite Chapter 2 Loot Pool

Here's a look at the current items you can find in Fortnite: Battle Royale right now. From what I can tell, it looks like headshots are all at 2x the base damage of the weapon right now. If I'm mistaken, please let me know in the comments.

Assault Rifles

There's currently two different variants of the assault rifle right now. There's your standard and burst version, each of which goes from common to legendary. Before you question me, there's technically no distinction between the epic and legendary versions of either of these weapons. I know players refer to the epic and legendary assault rifle as a SCAR, but it's not labeled that in game. This goes for the burst as well, which is sometimes known as the Bullpup.

  • Assault Rifle (Common - Legendary) Damage: 30, 31, 33, 35, 36
  • Burst Assault Rifle (Common - Legendary) Damage: 27, 29, 30, 32, 33


Shotguns have been simplified as well! There's now only the Pump and the Tactical, and each of them has a common through legendary rarity. They are very similar to how they have always worked, but it seems like they made the tactical a bit better than previous iterations.

  • Pump Shotgun (Common - Legendary) Damage: 70, 80, 90, 100, 110
  • Tactical Shotgun (Common - Legendary) Damage: 71,75, 79, 83, 87

Submachine Guns

Epic has simplified things quite a bit with the SMG. There's only basically one now, but as you get into the higher rarities the fire rate is increased pretty significantly.

  • Submachine Gun (Common - Legendary) Damage: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21


Pistols are pretty straight-forward, there's one of every rarity type and they work about the same as before. You will likely be avoiding them like you did in previous seasons.

  • Pistol (Common - Legendary) Damage: 24, 25, 26, 28, 29

Sniper Rifles

You are down to the returning Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle if you like long distance fighting. The final two rarities are similar to the Heavy Sniper Rifle, but aren't packing the same wallop.

  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (Common - Legendary) Damage: 95, 100, 105, 110, 116


The Grenade Launcher is a thing of the past, and only the Rocket Launcher remains! I can't recall if there was actually ever a common version of the Rocket Launcher in the early stages of the game, but there is now. You might see a lot more rockets flying around this season, they are a lot easier to find due to the expanded rarity.

  • Rocket Launcher (Common - Legendary) Damage: 70, 85, 100, 115, 130
  • Grenades: 100 Damage


You've got your two standard options that haven't changed in bandages and med kits. There's the new Bandage Bazooka which is pretty interesting, although it takes up two slots in your inventory which is a bit painful. It's pretty strong though, you can shoot it at the ground to heal yourself or fire it at your teammates for 15 health per shot. You get 5 shots, but the gun recharges every 20 seconds, so you get unlimited ammo!

  • Bandages: +25 Health (up to 75 maximum hp)
  • Med Kit: +100 Health
  • Bandage Bazooka: 15 health per shot. You can shoot it at your allies!


There's only two real shields left now, there's no more Slurp Juice or Chug Jugs at the moment.

  • Small Shield Potion: +25 Shield (up to 50 maximum)
  • Shield Potion: +50 Shield


Fish are a new addition to the game and can be used to heal yourself and gain some shields. The fish take only 1 second to consume, which makes them one of the most powerful recovery items.

  • Small Fry (Common): +25 Health (up to 75 maximum hp)
  • Flopper (Uncommon): +50 Health
  • Slurpfish (Epic): +50 Effective Health (hp first, any additional goes to shield)


The Damage Trap is the only one that survived the great loot purge of Season 11! It's the same thing you know and love (hate) from previous seasons.


There's the Fishing Rod which can be found in chests and in barrels on docks. You'll need one of these to catch fish out of the water. There's also the big addition of the Motorboat! It can carry four players, one person drive and the others can fire from their seats. It has a charged up boost ability that will increase the boat's speed for a short duration. It is equipped with a missile launcher that deals 35 damage, so it's not going to be as powerful as the mech.

If you're heading into a game, make sure to check out our Fortnite Tips for Chapter 2! We've also got additional information on Fortnite Fishing, which turns out to be quite useful for helping you survive.

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