Fortnite Corrupted Legends Pack Price, Leaks, Release Date

Control your levels of corruption with this new Fortnite bundle that should be releasing soon!

A new bundle has been leaked in the 14.10 patch and it is one of the more unique cosmetic sets that we've seen in a while. If you were a fan of the 8-Ball skin in the past with its corruption style, then you're in for a big treat, because there's going to be three skins with the same ability built in to them, only this time you will be able to control the amount of corruption yourself!

Corrupted Legends Bundle

The bundle comes with three skins that are modeled after previously released skins in a whole new style. You will get revamped versions of Arachne, Insight, and Shogun along with their back blings that have also been re-colored. Here's all that is included in the Corrupted Legends Pack:

This corruption theme started off originally with the 8-Ball vs. Scratch skin from Chapter 2: Season 1. If you got through level 100 in the season, you would start to gain corruption on your skin. The higher the level you reached the more corrupt it became. These new corrupted skins have a similar concept, although you won't have to level up to change their corruption level.

The skins are normally a white color that look pretty awesome in its own right.

Corrupted Legends Pack

However, these skins also have a unique feature to them that allows you to up the corruption level to your choosing. Doing so will consume the skin in a red glow from the top down. You can control the percentage of how much the skin is corrupt, which can make for an interesting look based on how much you add!

Here's an example of the slider and how it looks in-game:

Example of corruption level on Corrupted Shogun Fortnite skin

Here's an example of the skins when they have the corruption fully enabled:

Corrupted Style

Corrupted Legends Price

The official price isn't known yet, but similar packs have gone for around 2,000 - 2,500 V-Bucks or $19.99 USD. Due to some price drops recently with the Apple vs. Epic stuff, it's possible that it ends up retailing for a bit less than what is usually expected. This is obviously a good thing for the customer, because saving a bit of cash is always a positive!

Corrupted Legends Release Date

Unfortunately, we aren't sure about the release date of the Corrupted Legends Pack yet. It has not been officially announced, and was leaked on September 10th, 2020. We would expect to see it at some point in September, but certain packs like the Shadow Strike Pack have sat around for a while without being released. This seems like it will be a pretty hot purchase, so don't be surprised to see this one available sooner rather than later!

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