Fortnite Battle Royale Outfits & Skins Cosmetics List

If you're curious about the outfits that have been available for Fortnite Battle Royale here's a list of as many as I can currently find!

If you’re curious about what outfits there are out there then I’m attempting to compile a pretty complete list of them! I will include high quality screenshots of each skin as much as possible. If you happen to see some that I’m missing please let me know and I will try to add them.


Getting a lot of questions about when certain skins are returning, and the answer is: we have no idea! Unless it’s a holiday skin there’s no telling when one skin might return. It could come in as a daily or a weekly at any time, but there’s no way for us to know.

Outfit Costs

Each outfit is assigned a rarity and each rarity has a different cost.

  • Green (Uncommon): 800 V-Bucks
  • Blue (Rare): 1,200 V-Bucks
  • Purple (Epic): 1,500 V-Bucks
  • Orange (Legendary): 2,000 V-Bucks

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Other Cosmetics/Skins

Outfit/Skin List Update History

  • Added two unreleased skins: Brite Gunner & Steelsight!
  • Added Cipher & Leviathan!
  • Added Whiplash!
  • Added Bunny Brawler & Rabbit Raider!
  • Added Rogue Agent!
  • Added Power Chord!

Fortnite Battle Royale Outfits List

Some outfits are limited edition and will only be available during Holidays or via the Battle Pass. Thanks to for the high quality PNG images!

Outfit Categories

Unreleased Skins

The following skins have not been released yet, and it is unclear how they will be added to the game. They could be store or promotional skins, we have to wait and see! These skins were datamined by, so credit to them.

Daily/Weekly Outfits & Skins

Each week two new skins are available, and they rotate through old/new skins every day!

Uncommon (Green Rarity Skins)

Rare (Blue Rarity Skins)

Epic (Purple Rarity Skins)

Legendary (Orange Rarity Skins)

Alpine Ace Skins

The Alpine Ace skins came in multiple different options for a various set of countries. Each one is purchased separately for 1,500 V-Bucks each.

Mogul Master Skins

The Mogul Master skins are basically the female versions of the Alpine Ace versions. Each one is purchased separately for 1,500 V-Bucks each.

Promotional Outfits/Skins

These are special promotional skins that you can only get through special offers or having particular services (PS+, Twitch Prime, etc.).

Holiday Outfits/Skins

These are generally only available during the specific Holiday season, but might be rotated into the daily/weekly schedule.

Easter Outfits/Skins

Saint Patrick’s Day Outfits/Skins

Lunar New Year Outfits/Skins

Wukong has been seen again in daily rotations, so if you are looking to grab it keep an eye out.

Valentine’s Day Outfits/Skins

While these were released near Valentine’s Day they can show up from time to time in the daily rotations.

Halloween Outfits/Skins

Christmas Outfits/Skins

Battle Pass Outfits/Skins

Skins that are only available via the Battle Pass for the specific season!

Season 3

Battle Pass Season 3 brings Space Themed skins along with the John Wick based “The Reaper” as your final destination!

Season 2

Season 2’s Battle Pass focused on medieval times and featured many Knight based skins concluding with the ominous Black Knight.

Season 1

This was prior to the Battle Pass, and required you to level up to unlock the ability to purchase these skins. There was also the Aerial Assault One glider and the Raider’s Revenge pickaxe.

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295 Comments on “Fortnite Battle Royale Outfits & Skins Cosmetics List

          1. If they put it in the shop every1 including me would buy it and it is the rarest skin in the game, if they put it in the game it would be a common skin

        1. yes they will, it will just be in the daily items or yah it will still be there even though there going to make new skins

          1. when will the red night come back its my favorite skin and i really want it. I think it might have a chance at coming back. And also, the skull trooper is my second favorite skin.

          1. There brining the skull trooper back because the falcon looks like a Halloween skin

      1. Epic games if you are reading this I think it would be a good idea to add trading into the game. Say for example this kid called Kyle he had the skull troooper and the goulh October and it went all the way to January and he missed the Christmas skins
        Yuletide Ranger
        NOG OPS
        Code name E.L.F
        And so on and so forth. He missed all those skins because of tests. Suddenly his best friend Tom had the Crackshot you should of seen how jealous he was when he got a message saying M2AF if you want the crackshot send me a message as Kyle looked through the Skull Trooper and the Ghoul Trooper he sent about 14 messages saying me please I am willing to trade Tom received 26 messages from all his friends in total 4 messages were from a guy called Ethan he joined his party he swore quite allot so Tom thought to him self I need an excuse to get out of this so he left the party 2 messages were from his old friend there weren’t friends for ages because his friend James ran over his leg with a bike and then he knew rightly not to give it to him finally there were 6 messages from his 2nd best friend call Adam and he invited him to a group call they seemed to get along well when they were in the lobby he put his crackshot in the trading box his friend Adam put in the Reaper. Tom was smart he exited out of the request and looked at his tier which was tier 98 so he realised he only had to more tiers to go. Tom said in a polite voice “do you have any other skin ?. With a short reply Adam said yes here were the following
        Mission Speacilist
        Rust Lord
        Moon walker
        Dark Voyager
        Elite Agent.
        Tom thought is Adam playing some king of a joke he said to Adam you know I already have all of those skins you were at my house yesterday Adam said I know. Tom was quite hert so he scrolled down the messages and saw 14 messages from his best friend Kyle he excepted the party invite they were talking for about 10 min and just really getting on well.
        When they were in the lobby Tom put his crackshot in then Kyle had put In his Skull Trooper and his Ghoul Trooper.
        The tthumb pushed down on the A button and there was about 8 seconds of silence when those 8 seconds were up started screaming of happiness and they jumped into a few rounds of duos the end.
        That’s why I think they should put in trading if you like the idea or the made up story please reply

        1. Amazing idea and love the story. They should allow it because people might not have the chance to get a limited skin because of money or time. If Epic Games is worried about people making profit out of this by trading free stuff it should be purchased items/battle pass only items trades

          1. Like this idea
            I haven’t much skins that i want because of test like the black Knight or the skeleton

        2. You should be allowed to trade skins by the same rarity, then less people will get scamed and epic games wont have to worry about people profitting of trading.

        3. Good idea, although the companies behind the games are looking for the best ways to get more money, and with trading I think it would be harder for them.

        4. This is amazing. Also it would be dope in duos/squads. Because you and your buddies can like borrow skins for each other and it would be pretty cool to do that. Like let’s say this guy has the black knight and the red knight. He could let his buddy use the black knight and they could like a really cool duo.

    1. If you have watched John Wick than you will know why everyone loves this skin. It was heavily inspired by the character from the movie.

    2. then again it might not come back, but I’m without you, I have all the legendary skins in the game and the coolest of the epics but I don’t have Skull Trooper which might be my favorite skin and I would very much like it to come back but to give respect to the people that played while it was on sale it might not come back on sale

        1. i don’t think so, i think it would be one of those rare skins because some, like the recon scout, don’t appear much in the shop. Anyone with the battle pass can get the reaper, as long as they just play a lot. it may be legendary, but it’s not rare.

          1. I’m against them bringing back the black knight. It takes the experience away from grinding for the skin if the new players will just buy it.

          1. That means you bought it the tiers without working for it. It’s not possible to have it yet without buying tiers. That’s why there are 10 weeks worth of challenges, exp, etc. you can be proud that you bought all of your tiers lol

        2. I thing the black knight is hard to get because you didn’t get 5 tiers a day like in the current battle pass and 2 battle stars every level. Before you got 1 challenge a day with your daily challenge and a bonus one if you had the battle pass both worth 5 battle stars and every time you would level up it was only 1 star so overall i think the black knight is the hardest skin to get but thats only an opinion 😛

      1. None because battle pass sellouts just buy the entire thing. I’d say the Reaper would be hardest since Black Knight was tier 75, but I can’t say that since the battle pass (if you bought the “special deal”) gives you 25 extra tiers. So I’d honestly say that Ghoul Trooper or Skull Trooper would be the hardest to acquire, since you would’ve had to buy those skins back in October.

      2. The Rarest skins in the game as of right now are the skeleton, ghoul, air assault trooper, and Renegade Raider. (pick axes- Scythe/RaidersRevenge) The last 2 skins were season one rewards and will probably never be released again. Also, they are the rarest since for rewards you had to also purchase them and they are (to most people) trash skins so most people never bought them. Being that the game was still fairly new means that these 2 could potentially go down as the rarest from here on.. The Halloween skins could or could not be released again. They said at the time “before they’re gone for GOOD” but they might want to make some more money when the season comes back around. I hope they vault these 2 and the scythe for good though. If they do this will make them the most desired skins for future collectors. IMO

      3. The mako glider is because it is not coming back and you could’ve only gotten it at level 50 in November. Plus you couldn’t pay your way to it.

      4. Probably Black Knight or Red Knight. Since in Season 2, the Black Knight was Max Tier and you couldn’t buy your tiers. You had to work and grind for them. And the Red Knight was only in the shop fr like 2 or 3 times, I believe.

    3. I have to buy v buck just to get skins it’s stupid there should be a way to earn them you pay 25 dollars for v bucks that don’t give you nothing

      1. save the world is a option but that costs money too or just wait until it comes out then get v bucks but if you dont want to wait then just collect the v bucks you get for free in the battle pass thats what i do since i dont ask for my parents credit card to buy stuff for me i just grind and save v bucks to get a cool skin.

      2. Bro be thankful that epic games made this game free a bunch of games out there cost $60 and ppl still get them.Skins are like donating money to the company for making this game free and good, skins don’t do anything like you said so why are you complaining others don’t have any advantage over you.

      3. Hey if u would get better stats by buying things it would kill that game like battlefront 2
        You earn 200-300 with out paying battlepass in season3

    4. I really want to see the skull trooper in the item shop Epicgames if you are reading this can you reply thank you so much

    5. I think they may bring it back for 1 day on Halloween day but other than that i think they will be new and same with christmas

    6. honestly its better if they don’t release them again, i dont have either of them since i started playing during xmas but the whole hype around those skins are that they are pretty rare to come across in game and look pretty cool too. if they were re-released most people would probably buy them and who cares about those skins if you see every other person wearing them.

    7. I think they should add a store with all the costumes from the past because I want to buy them at any time. We should also be able to trade costumes and currency.

    8. wouldnt say it will anytime soon, litterly everyone on fortnite rn is looking for that skin so once it comes out it wont be so special anymore

    1. They will not come back this year. You have to wait for next Christmas. A little while ago they were in the shop for the last time.

    1. i want that to bad it was a season 1 exclusive i think………. But still have some hope as its in this list and it was season one, it didnt have a battle pass but season item shop

  1. How do i get the black knight? I can’t bye it?? I won t make it to the end of the season I’m only like level 50 all we have is a week. I hella want cracksshot the nutcracker to. Help me outtt

  2. Yo what skins are gonna be switching between for the valentines update? Is it only the cuddle party leader and live ranger or more random legendarys?

  3. im in school right now and so im not sure why i am writing this but ya know, anyways, i just wanted to say that fortnite is great game that i want them to make v bucks cheaper, IMO. Ty for much for making the game! as McDonald’s says: im lovin it!

  4. Is Dark Knight coming back? I wasn’t here to get him, but I really want him. If he comes out that’s an instant buy for me! 😀

  5. Will the same skins come out at the holiday ex: Crackshot will be there at Christmas again. Love ranger will be the Valentine’s Day skin again?????

  6. What’s everyones dream skin/glider/harvesting tool?
    Mine is:
    Skins: Renegade Raider, Brawler, Red nosed Raider, Ginger Gunner, Skull Trooper, Ghoul Trooper
    Harvesting tools: Reaper, You shouldn’t have, Party Animal,
    Gliders: I don’t really buy gliders, but only once in a while.

    Anyways, these are my items I would love to purchase if they ever came out.


        BTW GANGSTERSLANG shot for getting black night!! I HAVE IT TOO!

    1. Skin: Cuddle Team Leader
      Harvesting: The heart one
      Glider: The teddy bear holding a heart :3

      so cute :3

  7. I use dark voyager with black knight shield harvesting tool as trusty no2 and Royale Dragon glider Sick setup yall should try it

  8. I have wanted the CrackShot so bad. Plz Bring it back it would mean that Epic Games gets al least 20 more $ and i would be happy:)

  9. I Love the Uncommon: Tower Recon Specialist skin PLEASE COME BACK! I would sell My mother for that skin! If it comes back I will buy it

  10. dont know if its out yet, because i play on PS4, but xbox one, have or get also its own skin like ps4 the blue team leader.

  11. yo boys was up, im commenting all the way from Austrailia boyzzzzz. i love the John Wick and lets go black kninght gang!!! Turrrrrrrrrrrrrr boiiiiiiiii

  12. Is Sparkle Specialist ever going to be back? Because I missed Season 2, and she is my favourite skin in the whole game, so I would really like to get that skin…

  13. Aerial assault trooper (unlocked at tier 15 and costed 1200 vbucks)
    Renegade raider (unlocked at tier 20 also costed 1200 vbucks)
    These two skins were from season 1.

  14. Any Chance the default skins can get on here? I want to draw the default character skins, but am having a hard time finding them without weapons or tools.

  15. do you think that they will make a pc or xbox skin? since the wukong back bling was bugging people they added him one. and it is bugging people that ps got a skin

  16. whiplash is out now
    aerial assault trooper and renegade raider are season one only (like battle pass skins only for their season)

  17. Does anyone know if battle hound is ever coming back, because on thier Twitter they said last chance, but all holiday skins have come back in one month for the last time previously. Anyone know anything about this? By the way awesome website Evident!

    1. Most holiday skins come back a month later, so hopefully you’ll get another chance! Glad you like the site!

  18. the war paint and team rose leader look like blue skins and are legendary, i am guessing they are gong to be obtainable a different way then the items shop… do you know how you are going to be able to get them, and i love the site

    1. Haven’t heard how they are going to be distributed, but I’ll update when we learn more! Thanks, glad you like the site.

  19. when will the red knight be added back? Or will it never appear again? It didn’t seem like an event exclusive skin.

    1. If it comes back then the people that are actually pros like me who have it will be really annoyed because all of the noobs will be wearing it!! There’s no point in having rare skins if noobs can get them!! I even hate the John Wick because everybody has it and it is a reward for tier 100 but it’s starting to just be a noob skin seriously!! I think next battle pass we should have at least have 15 solo win 10 duo and 20 squad to even get the last tier.

      1. Not now it doesn’t!! It is starting to become a legit noob skin! 1/10 John Wicks I see are actually OK at the game!!

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