Fortnite Battle Royale Outfits & Skins Cosmetics List

If you're curious about the outfits that have been available for Fortnite Battle Royale here's a list of as many as I can currently find!

If you’re curious about what outfits there are out there then I’m attempting to compile a pretty complete list of them! I will include high quality screenshots of each skin as much as possible. If you happen to see some that I’m missing please let me know and I will try to add them.


Getting a lot of questions about when certain skins are returning, and the answer is: we have no idea! Unless it’s a holiday skin there’s no telling when one skin might return. It could come in as a daily or a weekly at any time, but there’s no way for us to know.

Outfit Costs

Each outfit is assigned a rarity and each rarity has a different cost.

  • Green (Uncommon): 800 V-Bucks
  • Blue (Rare): 1,200 V-Bucks
  • Purple (Epic): 1,500 V-Bucks
  • Gold (Legendary): 2,000 V-Bucks

Looking to get better? I highly recommend our Fortnite Tips and Tricks post!

Other Cosmetics/Skins

Outfit/Skin List Update History

  • Magnus has been released!
  • Fortune & Moniker have been released!
  • Oblivion has been released!
  • Criterion has been released!

Currently Available Skins

I’ll try to keep this up-to-date as much as possible, but here are the currently available skins!

Last Updated: 7/17/2018 – 5:00pm PST

Be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 5 Guide that includes all of the new battle pass skins and information!

Fortnite Battle Royale Outfits List

Some outfits are limited edition and will only be available during Holidays or via the Battle Pass. Thanks to for the high quality PNG images!

Outfit Categories

Unreleased Skins

The following skins have not been released yet, and it is unclear how they will be added to the game. They could be store or promotional skins, we have to wait and see!

Royale Bomber is likely part of a PlayStation 4 console bundle pack as seen in this leaked image:

Default Outfits & Skins

These are the skins that you will be randomly assigned to if you don’t have one equipped. You don’t have any control over whether or not you end up as a female or male, it is randomly given to you after each match. These are sometimes referred to as “no skin” which people will sometimes assume means the player is unskilled.

Daily/Weekly Outfits & Skins

Each week two new skins are available, and they rotate through old/new skins every day!

Uncommon (Green Rarity Skins)

Rare (Blue Rarity Skins)

Epic (Purple Rarity Skins)

Legendary (Gold Rarity Skins)

Alpine Ace Skins

The Alpine Ace skins came in multiple different options for a various set of countries. Each one is purchased separately for 1,500 V-Bucks each.

Mogul Master Skins

The Mogul Master skins are basically the female versions of the Alpine Ace versions. Each one is purchased separately for 1,500 V-Bucks each.


Football/Soccer Skins

These skins were added to celebrate the World Cup for 2018! Each of the Football/Soccer skins can be styled with 1 of 24 possible countries. You just need to purchase one of the skins and you get access to 24 different styles. You can also customize the number that appears on the jersey!

Promotional Outfits/Skins

These are special promotional skins that you can only get through special offers or having particular services (PS+, Twitch Prime, etc.).

Holiday Outfits/Skins

These are generally only available during the specific Holiday season, but might be rotated into the daily/weekly schedule.

Independence Day (4th of July) Skins

Easter Outfits/Skins

Saint Patrick’s Day Outfits/Skins

Lunar New Year Outfits/Skins

Wukong has been seen again in daily rotations, so if you are looking to grab it keep an eye out.

Valentine’s Day Outfits/Skins

While these were released near Valentine’s Day they can show up from time to time in the daily rotations.

Halloween Outfits/Skins

Christmas Outfits/Skins

Battle Pass Outfits/Skins

Skins that are only available via the Battle Pass for the specific season!

Season 5

Worlds have collided, and people from the real world have been pulled into the game! These are just temporary images, high quality versions will be added very soon!

Season 4

Battle Pass Season 4 is superhero themed and brings a lot of big map changes to Fortnite! Dusty Depot in particular has been replaced by Dusty Divot where the meteor landed.


Full Carbide Armor Progression
Full Omega Armor Progression

Season 3

Battle Pass Season 3 brings Space Themed skins along with the John Wick based “The Reaper” as your final destination!

Season 2

Season 2’s Battle Pass focused on medieval times and featured many Knight based skins concluding with the ominous Black Knight.

Season 1

This was prior to the Battle Pass, and required you to level up to unlock the ability to purchase these skins. There was also the Aerial Assault One glider and the Raider’s Revenge pickaxe.

About the Author

Lifelong gamer and builder of websites, Evident is the site admin for Pro Game Guides and the popular Hearthstone site, Hearthstone Top Decks.

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1,627 Comments on “Fortnite Battle Royale Outfits & Skins Cosmetics List

  1. Evident, If It Isn’t too much trouble could you update the Gumshoe, Noir, Sleuth, and Battle Pass 5 Skin pictures

    1. If they aren’t updated, it usually means the high quality image isn’t available. Once it is, they will be updated!

    1. Picksqueak, or Rainbow Smash (a.k.a the Unicorn)
      I usually use Picksqueack because of the cute squeaking sounds 😀

  2. I want to buy the Magnus skin, but can’t afford the Forebearer pickaxe. Any suggestions on other pickaxes that go with him?

  3. The star spangled trooper looks stupid good with the blue shift backpack. Likewise, Fortune looks great with the bogey bag

  4. What do you guys think: will Fate, Omen and Raptor come back into the shop in season 5?

    When can i gift some items to friends/players?

    1. I kinda like them. To me, they are better than season 4, but and would give season 3 a run for their money, but Dark Voyager and John Wick were too cool.

  5. Wow, thanks for taking the time to put this together— it seems like a lot of work. These skins are all really cool!

  6. Hey evident do you think you could add a section with each battle pass and every item from the battle pass

  7. So I’m thinking about purchasing the Tomatohead skin. Should I buy the Axeroni too or use a different pickaxe with it?

  8. What backblings go good with merry marauder?
    I use moonwalker backpack
    Alpine ace Usa backbling and dark night shield
    Any others?

  9. I have 3000 V bucks I’m thinking to buy Brite gunner and rainbow smash pickaxe . But I won’t be using brite gunner , I will put the brite bag on john wick wit the rest rainbow themed things (glider , contrail) SHOULD I DO IT

  10. Do you think we can gift a battlepass skin to a friend/person?
    i found someone who would give me a black knight for my battlehound

    Should i buy raven today?

    Favourite skins of all: Black and Red Knight, Funk Ops, Twitch Prime 2.0, Havoc

  11. Please guys choose 1 for each colour: (I got all battle pass 3-4, both starter packs, Cuddle Team leader, Raptor, Rex and Rapscallion)

    -Jungle Scout

    -Circuit Breaker
    -Brite Bomber
    -Absolute Zero

    -Tomato Head


    Ps: If you can please put the reason why you chose it

    1. Mine would go
      Nog ops
      Yullitide ranger
      Scarlet defender
      Renegade raider
      Recon expert
      Aerial assault trooper
      ghoul trooper
      Ginger gunner
      Skull trooper
      Red knight
      Black knight

      All in that order,in case you couldn’t tell I like girl skins

    2. Ok
      Jungle scout , try hard
      Absolute zero looks good with black back bling
      Tomato head, haha just funy
      Leviathan, he’s a fish.

    3. for green I would go jungle scout because it doesn’t look as basic as the other green skins
      for blue: easy brite bomber is really cool and the brite bag looks good on so many other skins
      for purple I would pick noir because it kinda gives that dark vibe that comes from black knight and the reaper
      for legendary it would either be leviathan or oblivion: leviathan because it just looks so funny and oblivion because its a female version of omega and looks way sleeker

    1. Hey yeah I have the abstrakt but nah it’s not that good. If you wanna buy an epic skin I suggest you buy the Noir because they emit a kind of dark vibe that comes from the reaper and the dark Knight.

      1. Nah man I have Abstrakt and he’s my most used aside Raven Brite Gunner and Drift he’s a good buy especially with his Renegade Roller

    2. If you’re a fan of street wear then you’ll enjoy rocking the skin. If not, spend your vbucks on another skin

  12. I have red knight and getting with a trade a rainbow smash what uncommon (green) skins should i get for that set?

  13. I had 3,250 V-Bucks and bought Brite Gunner, I have 1,750 V-Bucks left. Wondering if I should get Rainbow Smash or save it for later.

  14. Evident I just wanna say Thx because I’m gone a lot so it really helps when u post the store Thx and what Skin looks good with red shield I have tricara ops I think it looks good but got any suggestions?

    1. lol, months ago I had same question, I ended up buying Rex then Raptor, Im looking up for Raven but I dont think I will buy it since I dont have much V-bucks and arent thinking of buying more

    1. I really like the Abstrakt epic skin and the Tricera Ops Legendary skin, but it’s all personal preference. Pick a skin you like, most of them are decent.

  15. Should I Refund My Super Striker Soccer Skin for Another Skin?

    Ex: Tricera Ops, Venturion

  16. Is the toxic trooper any good and if it is what backblings go well on it. And does the pathogen go on anything? Thanks!

  17. Hey I have 3000 vbucks to spend and I want to know are the toxic trooper and Venturion worth it? If u have any other ideas on skins please let me know!

    1. Honestly, Venturion is better than Toxic Trooper. I’m planning on getting it if it ever comes out again.

    2. Don’t buy toxic trooper , it is like honestly a garbage skin although others might think other wise. Venturion is wayyyy better. I got Ventura because I am a girl. But you should defenetly get venturion. The cape is probably the best . Anyways hope this help you in some way

    1. Oblivion is cool, but the omen is better and the cape goes good on the purple omega, and if you have omen’s pickaxe it’s one of the best combinations

    2. I got the raven and I’ve had it for quite a while but after they released omen I wish I could have omen instead of raven so I’m my opinion u should get omen, cape goes really good with omega if u have him.

    3. I have omega and oblivion and the back bling on omega is trash. First of all the colors don’t Match and the back bling doesn’t fit on imega

  18. If anyone has the Red Knight and the Mogul Master (Canada) here is 1 tip use the Mogul Master Canada with the Red Shield

  19. Why do epic wants us to buy the glider of the Omega skin? Can’t they just give the omega’s glider for free to those who bought the battle pass? Epic really wants us to use our real money to buy vbucks

    1. I agree. But the glider is really cool they are not just going to give it for free when they already gave us like 7 skins and 2 gliders 2 pickaxes this season.

  20. Hi
    Evident whenever I am not home I look what is in the shop and if it weren’t for you I would need to wait till I get back so thanks.

    1. If you’re wanting a Legendary skin, I like Tricera Ops and Raven. As for Epics, Noir and Venturion are both cool with good back blings.

      1. I like tricera ops should i buy it and renegade i have red shield that goes well with tricera and renegade

    1. Raspcallion, good backbling and the skin is too sexy or noir, nice looking but the backbling isnt that good

    1. Noir and raspcallion, or raspcallion and ghoul trooper, those three in this order of importance from lower to higher: ghoul trooper, noir, rascallion

  21. Hey guys, I’m thinking of getting a legendary (for back bling and/or good skin) and a rare or uncommon (to go well with the back bling). What should I get?

    1. Get the Red Knight while its still in shop and buy the nog ops or the red nose raider and put the red shield on them.

    2. The raven backbling is gorgeous, goes with eberything: but you really need an epic skin; the raspcallion i would choose

  22. What backbling goes well with
    Aerial Assault Trooper
    Renegade Raider
    Skull Trooper
    Ghoul Trooper
    merry marauder
    ginger gunner
    recon specialist and Whiplash

    1. A.A. TROOPER and Renegade Raider (they are similar) – Cluefinder (Noir), Last Gasp (Sky Stalker) Raptor Scatchel (Raptor), True North (twitch prime#2), free backbling from season 4,
      Rust Bucket, Backup Plan (Havoc), Crested Cape (Battle Hound), Ventura/Venturion Cape, Buckler (Highland Warrior), Love Wings (Love Ranger)
      Skull Trooper – Confidental Case (Gumshoe), Strongbox (Scoundrel), Steelcast (Steelsight), Battle Shroud (Omen), Cuddle Bow (Cuddle Team Leader), Iron Cage (Raven), Love Wings (Love Ranger), Black Shield (Black Knight), Catalyst (1st starter pack),
      Ghoul Trooper – Contagion (Hazard Agent), Pathogen (Toxic Trooper), Tag Bag (Abstrakt), Love Wings (Love Ranger), Mertank (Moisty Merman), Scaly (Rex),
      Merry Maruder and Ginger Gunner – Alpine Accesories/Mogul Ski Bag China, Cluefinder (Noir), Love Wings (Love Ranger), idk what else
      Crackshot – Alpine Accesories/Mogul Ski Bag China, Buckler (Highland Warrior), Special Delivery (Tomatohead), Hatchling (Tricera Ops), Love Wings (Love Ranger), Red Shield (Red Knight), Royale Flags (Wukong), Black Shield (Black Knight), Backup Plan (Havoc)
      Recon Specialist – Confidential Case (Gumshoe), Steelcast (Steelsight), Tag Bag (Abstrakt), Ventura/Venturion Cape, Cuddle Bow (Cuddle Team Leader), Love Wings(Love Ranger), Fish Tank (Leviathan), Astro (Moonwalker, season 3), Royale Shield (Royale Knight), Blue Shift (PS4+ 2nd skin),
      Whiplash – Buckler (Highland Warrior), Burgle Bag (Rapscallion), Ventura/Venturion Cape, Love Wings (Love Ranger), Iron Cage (Raven), Cuddle Bow (Cuddle Team Leader), Royale Flags (Wukong)

  23. I have 3000 vbucks to spend on skins. Do i get a legendary and a blue skin or 2 purples or 2 blues and a green

    1. I would get a legendary (Love Ranger for wings or Raven or Rex for back bling) and a rare (Absolute Zero if you get wings or Recon Scout if you get Iron Cage). That’s what I would get

    2. I would do either the two purples option or the orange and blue option. Make sure to wait for a skin you really like though. I can’t tell you how many dollars I’ve wasted on skins I don’t even use. *cough cough* the season four battle pass is one *cough cough*

    1. If I were you, I would wait for a more rare uncommon, like desperado or Recon Scout or just save v bucks and buy an epic skin that you like

  24. My 3 favourite skins are Arctic Assassin, Survival Specialist, and Recon Specialist.
    I have bought for them fated frame (the Fate’s Pickaxe) and the glider with the pirate skull on it (Joly Roger). Btw if you ask why do I like theseskins it is because I love the black and white camo color. For example if you are playing csgo you know the “Urban DDPAT” skins for ump tec9 etc. Their color is black and white camo. Do you have any suggestions for these skins?

  25. I Have
    blue squire
    royale knight
    sparkle spcialist
    black knight
    mission specialist
    rust lord
    dark voyager
    elite agent
    john wick (the reaper)
    carbide full armour
    squad leader
    omega full armour
    poised playmaker
    red knight
    brite bomber
    cuddle team leader

    Witch is the best/worst

    1. If you got her today either no back bling, the sheilds If u have em or the bag that comes with the new starter pack dude idk hahaha

    2. Personally I have the Red Knight and The Black Knight so I like to mismatch the two and it looks good but the Black Knight with Red Knight shield looks best

  26. Hey evident, I don’t know how difficult this would be but if you can you should make one with all the save the world skins (Hero’s)

      1. Fossil flyer is red so I’ll go 4 it and also the best trails 4 her r da hearts 1

  27. Best axe for Fireworks team leader?
    Is plunger good or theres others which is better. Will Fireworks team leader become rare?

  28. Oh and by the way I was thinking about a purple skin which purple skin do y’all think is the coolest

      1. It will be still rare if u bought it in season 2
        This time it doesn’t have a backbling!!!
        SO hype

    1. Buy it. I guarantee that it won’t be released for another few months, this increasing its rarity again.

  29. hello
    I have 3800 V-bucks to spend. 950 for the season 5 battle pass. ill only have 2850 left. what should i buy?

    1. Red knight and it’s pickaxe are confirmed by Epic to come out tomorrow. That will be 2800 vbucks total so I would get that

  30. So I need help. I don’t really like red knight but its rare and all my friends are going to get it besides one of my friends who already has it. Should I get it or wait for something else

    1. Dont get it, it wont be rare anymore and it does not even look that good, you should probably get 200 vbucks from the season 5 battle pass and buy 2 epic skins, thats what i will do either way! 😀

  31. What’s ur favourite skin? Mine’s Leviathan!!! I have 5000 v bucks and I need to know what to pend them on!

  32. need your guys’ help
    if i don’t have the renegade roller, what pick axe should i use with abstrakt
    also what glider looks good with him

  33. Hi Evident, shouldn’t Fireworks Team Leader and the other two skins be under Holiday Skin List as Fourth of July?

  34. Hello everyone
    I just got Snorkel ops and was wondering the best sky diving trail, axe, glider and emote
    Love ur work Evident

    1. Personal Opinion, you have 2 different set ups to choose.
      The mosity back bling with shark pic axe, then if u do have it the mako glider from season 1, with bubbles i honestly have know clue what emote they might have a water emote soon.
      The 2nd is rex back bling with the squeak pic axe, with the dino glider, and bubbles.

      1. Thanks, i will go with the bubbles, shark and the mako from season 1. I’ll also use water works. Thanks a lot

  35. Maybe I am alone on this, but as of late, I’m gravitating more towards Epic skins instead of Legendaries. Gumshoe is a gorgeous skin.

    1. Love ranger, it’s so worth it because of the wings… I wear them literally all the time with every skin I use.

      1. I think the female omega and carbide will be rewards for buying the season 4 battle pass or getting to a certain tier

  36. Epic seems to hate my theory about the season 5 skins. First they release Vertex which is fine but now all three detectives in one. they will probably release the female carbide and omega in one go too.

    1. Red knight is far rarer and might never come back after this but you can get the battle pass too cos its cheap as chips but id go for red knight if u cant have both

    2. Season 5 because those it’s never come back but the red knight isn’t a season item so it will always come out from time to time

  37. Evident, umm, I wanted to ask your opinion. Do you think the Recon Expert Skin (Rare) will ever return? I don’t recall seeing it anytime recent and I really kinda dig it.

  38. Does anyone know a good epic skin with a back bling that will have my interest for a long time so a I won’t have to buy another one? And special thanks to Evident for making it easier for people like me to help other people to decide their cos,eric purchases! Thanks!

    1. The new detective skins might be good, or the new firework team leader which imo has the best holiday backbling yet

  39. Moisty Merman bc if u have Snorkel Ops & the Bubbles contrails, then u can equip the Mertank as her back bling and the Bubbles as her trails. Its a good combo tbh

  40. This was helpful for my fortnite booklet that I’ve been working and now have completed my characters and will use this website for the rest

  41. I am getting 25 dollars to buy the Firework Team Leader and possibly Star Spangled Trooper and also season 5 battle pass since I have 880 v-bucks.

  42. I have all season 4 battle past skins ,Dazzle, Whiplash,Trailblazer,Rex and Rogue Agent and I am thinking of buying more skins what should I get

  43. Which Skins Should I Buy on THIS LIST!!?

    Diecast or Sash Sergeant – Rare
    Abstrakt or Venturion – Epic
    Oblivion Red Knight Tricera Ops – Legendary

  44. Which Skins should I Get on THIS LIST!! When in Shop:

    Diecast or Sash Sergeant- Rare
    Abstrakt or Venturion – Epic
    Oblivion Red Knight or Tricera Ops – Legendary

        1. That doesn’t mean that it’s coming out it probs just for people that do have they have an option to buy it

  45. Oblivion is the best skin of the game in my opinion…
    I have all the skins of the Season 3 and 4,of the shop i have just Mogul Master of Canada and the Omem,but i will buy the Oblivion!

  46. Which ickaxe would go best with Highland warrior and Battle Hound cos they are the store bought skins u want the most and with a blue pickaxe the glider in the set and the two skins it comes down to two 2800 v bucks packs with enough for a dance i want but I want to know the best pickaxe blur quality or below

  47. The three gold and four purple skins are obviously season 5 battle pass and the greens store skins promoting independence day! *season 5 hype*

      1. the best legendary skin is whiplash its 2000 v buckeroos but it is totally worth it like I have wasted my money on power chord and wukong and red knight but whiplash is better for a legendary 2000 v bucks skin (thank you)PS.i am refunding raven (just thought you should know)

  48. What should i buy if i have 2400 Free vbucks to use if i have Both twitch prime and both starterpack skins and a full season 4 battle pass i have thinked of one of the bunny and then i buy one glider too or one legendary skin and two uncommon emotes
    What legendary i should buy or what epic skin?
    Please help.

    1. A red knight pickaxe was recently datamined, leading people to think the red knight is coming back to the shop. If it doesnt come by then, go ahead and buy the rabbit raider/

  49. Hi Evident, there are some new leaked skins according to many videos I’ve watched, one being a July 4th Cuddle Team Leader, my question is would that be a style or a whole different skin, I already have cuddle team leader, so it would be nice to get that skin for free. Also a female omega and other superhero skins. Just curious if you knew, thanks

  50. I’m still waiting for season 5 for my battle pass reward,v-bucks and buy the skins I wanted
    -cuddle team leader
    -dark vanguard

  51. I’m saving for a Legendary skin that is likely to come to the shop. Here are the options:
    -Love Ranger

  52. What legendery outfit should i buy?
    I have highland warrior and im looking for some backbling that goes good on it

      1. You can get one decent one by just tossing 5 bucks with the starter pack. You also get 3 skins for being amazon prime (even a trial) and two skins for PS Plus.

  53. are you going to change the default skins and the soccer skins or are you going to leave them like this? great site btw

    1. The default skins don’t have high quality full versions unfortunately. I’ll be updating the soccer skins soon.

  54. What legendary skin should I get? I have Rex and I thing about getting rapscallion for its backbling also which epic dance is the best?

    1. First, you shouldn’t pay $15 for a back bling it would just be a waste of money, try to find a cool skin with cool backbling and use both. 2nd my opinion for best purple is electro shuffle, but a good one is Zany because if u time it right you can have a funny clip to post.

  55. Hey guys, if these skins every come in the shop again which one should I get?

    1. Battle Hound
    2. Rex
    3. Crackshot
    4. Raven
    5. Bandolier

  56. I know it’s not Halloween but the fortnite community doesn’t care if it is or not, Bring back skulltrooper please, it is the best skin in the game

    1. 100% they won’t, that skin is very exclusive. and to be honest, i don’t want it back in the store just because i know that people payed hundreds of euro’s/dollars to buy an account with that skin. bringing it back just takes away the exclusivity

      1. Yeah… I’d be heated if they released it again. Cause I’d feel like the skin is now worth nothing and I wouldn’t feel specially anymore lol

      1. Burnout has a good color scheme, but i don’t know which back blings would look good with it.. do you know?

    1. Bunout, it’s simplicit with the helmet and leather jacket makes him look like he’s in a biker gang, plus I’m a good player and when ever I see the skin I try hard before they even see me

    1. Triceratops, rex looks like a chicken with that red thing on his head
      another reason to choose triceratops is his back is really beatiful that girl back, also its read, better than taht bored green

  57. Which Skins should I Buy if they were to Return:
    Scout or Renegade or Liteshow (Uncommon)
    Diecast or Arctic Assasin (Rare)
    Abstract or Venturion (Epic)

    1. IN MY OPINION, the nitelite is the best uncommon, for rare are all ugly. Epic humm, raspcallion and ghoul trooper those 3 are the only i’d buy if i had little money

    2. Best uncommon is the assault trooper or whiplash aswell as crimson scout or scarlet defender. Best rares are recon specialist brite bomber and dazzle. Best epics I’m not sure on (don’t really buy them) burnt out is good tho. Best legendary is power chord

  58. I’m so sad, I play on Xbox One and I’ve waited for the Royale Bomber for months, only to discover that he will only be available on Playstation. :'(

  59. Raven is a bad skin and it’s overused everyone I come has it. I’m refunding it for fate. Any other things I should refund I have every skin even skull trooper if you want my account let me know.

  60. I buyed s’y stalker today he’s si cool, i maybe will but fly trap.

    At all, i got renegade raider, all battle pass skin
    Battle hound
    Cuddle team leader
    Funk ops
    Shadow ops
    Bunny brawler

    I don’t Know with who i want to play now xD

  61. Hey guys, I’m planning on buying 2800 v bucks, but there are 3 legendary skins I’d like to get, which one should I get?

    1. Battle Hound – Silver Fang Pickaxe
    2. Rex – Tidy Dance
    3. Raven – Feathered Flyer

    1. Well battle hound is not coming back, rex has a cool back bling but the skin is bad and raven is overused.
      Just get battle pass and an epic skin imo

      1. How is raven overused I barely see people wearing him and my friend is dying to see him come in stores again

      1. No Highland Warrior and Battlehound are both St. Patrick’s Day skins that is why they are both part of the same set “Laoch”

  62. Got 2000 waiting in my account for a nice skin, any suggestions on which i should get? I have the Omen CuddleTeamLeader Funk ops and all battle pass skins

    1. I wish more people used burnout or had him im the only one I know except someone that eliminated me in tomato town that has him

  63. I’ve wasted so much money on this game but it’s so worth it

    Also you should try the raven and omen cape. It looks cool

  64. They should bring the rock out back to the shop coz the last time it was here was when it got released 2 months ago

  65. I think the Love Ranger should be an epic because people don’t have to pay as much for a skin they won’t use

    1. Nah, I use it a lot and 99.99% of the time I use the back bling. Best back going in the game , no argument.

    1. It’s up to you but wasting your money on gliders that you only see once or maximum twice per games is not worth it

  66. Should I return leviathan for sky stalker. I am on the fence because leviathan is my best friends fav skin and he gave me the vbucks

    1. ask him if he would mind if you do that. If he gave you the V-Bucks because he wanted you to buy Levaithen and no other skin, it would be a bad move, but if he gave you V-Bucks just to buy any skin, then I don’t see a problem in that

  67. I have 4700 v-bucks right now! With that I am getting the Raptor, the Party Animal, and the Cloud Strike.

    1. Nice! I have 3600 v-bucks right now! I’m getting the Raven, the Feathered Flyer, and the Batsickle.

    1. Honestly, Whip-Lash matches,(shes in shop very often) or I would save my vbucks till I have $10, or more to buy better skins. Just my opinion.

  68. Three things. 1. Put place a comment at the top of comments it take 2-3 minutes to scroll down. 2. With the PS Plus skins S comes earlier in the alphabet than the T. 3. Get a full version on the Blue Striker. PS just bought First Strike Specialist and i like the site its super helpfull.

  69. will there ever be an Xbox one exclusive skin? Because it seems like a sponsorship. Epic is making ps4 skins so that people buy the ps4 for the free skins.

    1. What skin should i get out of these 4?
      Bunny brawler?
      Cuddle team leader?
      Sky stalker? (If it comes out)

      1. Sky stalker all the way. Have u seen the theorie of the guy on the mountain watchin dusty divot ,think of “sky stalker ” respond if u agree

    1. Should i refund diecast and buy bright bomber or keep diecast pr refund diecast and wait for tomatohead or bright gunner what should i do

        1. Go to settings and scroll all the way down the the last bar. You will see summit a request and then you can pick what you wanna refund.

    2. dark vanguard because its back bling goes with many different skins and it is a rare skin. If you didn’t have season three, you could use its back bling for skin combos that use dark matter. But if you do have season three, then get moisty merman.

  70. Fortnite: *makes an exclusive skin for PS4 players*

    We’ll make an exclusive skin for Xbox One players, too!

    *makes another exclusive skin for PS4 players*

    1. you need xbox live to play fortnite so xbox is making $ from fortnite so they are making it fair for playstation

    1. 1- Skull Trooper (1,200 V-Bucks, Goes With Reaper Axe)
      2- Red Knight (2000 V-Bucks, Goes With Scythe Axe)
      3- Raven (2000 V-Bucks, Goes With Death Valley Axe)
      4- Omega (S4 Battle Pass Tier 100, Omega Onslaught Axe)
      5- Raptor (2000 V-Bucks, Chomp Jr. Axe)

      1. dont know about the pickaxes but
        1. rogue agent
        2. fate
        3. black knight
        4. raven
        5. omega (full armor, red)
        6. bandolier
        7. rapscallion
        8. dynamic dribbler (uk, 69)
        9. burnout
        10. battle hound

        1. In my opinion, I think:

          1. Rex
          2. Squad Leader
          3. Raven
          4. Raptor
          5. Battle Hound
          6. Omega
          7. Carbide
          8. Bandolier
          9. Black Knight
          10. Dark Voyager

          Don’t know what pickaxes would go with these as I only have about half of these but yeah

  71. do we know what rarity will the soccer skins be ? rare or uncommon ? also shall I buy the nitellite or the whiplash skin ? ill wait for them to come back to the store once more

  72. I currently have 1250 V-Bucks, I was actually waiting for Brite Bomber to come out. but now i see that raptor is in store. shall I buy more vbucks and buy raptor or just save my money and wait for brite bomber?

  73. i have 2000 v bucks waiting for tomatohead or moisty merman, im not sure if they will come out again but if they did, which one should i get?

  74. What should I buy, Raven Raptor or Sky Stalker? I got season 3 battle pass completed and all the skins from season 4 battle pass except Squad Leader and Omega, I got both starter packs and the Cuddle Team Leader, Rex, Flytrap and Rapscallion

  75. Fate looks great, and I’m going to grab a soccer skin too. I feel like the lower tier skins are getting better than the gold ones though. I love Rapscallion and her back bling, Triple Threat, Survival Specialist and Shadow Ops. Basically the Waifus of Fortnite.

    1. My opinion, the lower skins are starting to look better than the gold ones. Depends on what you have honestly. Have many skins buy a nice pickaxe. Have ones already maybe go for like a brite bomber combo.

    1. I recommend waiting. I know some epic workers who don’t tell me much, but they said shops are going to be awesome!!!

    1. I would wait for the cuddle team leader, as it’s a really nice skin and the back bling (bow) looks great with practically every other skin. While it is a valentine’s day skin, it has come out in may and june. My sister is getting this skin because she feels bad that she doesn’t have one currently.

  76. I’m looking at getting any two of these four skins which should I get?
    Die cast or whiplash?
    Brite gunner or leviathan?

  77. What’s a more dynamic duo, Rex skin+picksquak or snorkel ops+Rex backpack (SCALES I think it’s called not sure tho)

  78. I highly doubt that Fate skin will not be coming to Fortnite PvP, It looks cool and all but looks a lot more like an Outlander/Ninja from Fortnite PvE due to the shape of the skin.

      1. What skin should i get out of these 4?
        Bunny brawler?
        Cuddle team leader?
        Sky stalker? (If it comes out)

    1. My favourite skins are the snorkel ops and the basketball skins so yeah I like the blue category best. But the bunny brawler is a purple skin and also one that I will buy if it come out in store so yeah.

      Ps. Rex is also a skin I want but probably won’t buy because honestly $30 for a skin is pretty harsh on the ol bank account

  79. Should I refund Cuddle Team Leader, I love the backbling but not really the skin, should I refund it I’m stuck

    1. wait for a skin that youn think is worth it refunding, if you’re looking for cool backbling, go for love ranger, but if you’re looking for a cool skin i would personally go for red knight

      1. if you think red knight is coming back then you are largely mistaken. Even worse if you think the same of skull and ghoul troopers. And WORSE if you think the Black Knight

        1. the red knight might come back because funk ops came to the shop just the other day and a couple of months ago the dark vanguard came back as well but ur right on the skull trooper not coming back

      2. If you’re looking for a skin with a cool backbling, do love ranger. But if you’re looking for a cool skin, go for valor or raven.

  80. Hey, in your opinion guys, shall I get wukong or battle hound or tricera ops. And what rare pickaxe would suit them? By the way I those skins ever going to come out again?

      1. I like tricera ops but I don’t get scared of them. My favorite combination that I use is skull trooper with wings, candy axe, and make glider.

  81. Have enough to buy either one legendary skin or an epic + uncommon. Which option and what skins? Already have Whiplash and Brite Bomber btw

    1. I believe that the best is cuddle team leader as she is cult hit for Fortnite however skins like Rex have amazing backpacks that match nearly anything.

    2. If i were you, i would wait for something like battle hound or wukong to return to shop, maybe even red knight

      1. the only one that returns to the shop really ever is the wukong the battle hound and red knight are never coming back

    3. Get the Rex cause of the backpack it goes so well with snorkel ops.
      I’m waiting fo the return of the rex

    1. Batsickle. It sounds exactly like the reaper pickaxe from Halloween that everyone wants and it looks great

  82. Hello, I am spanish so maybe I don’t write very well.
    My question is:
    Will skins of previos battle pasa and sesons(skins of the season 1, christmas, halloween,chinese new year…) avalaible to can buy again

          1. Raven because it is really nice and the backpack it amazing on like every black or blue skin

        1. They probably won’t return, given that the skin was attributed to the season 2 theme, medieval times. My friend asks me the same question, and I tell him the same. It’s possible, given that it’s a legendary skin, but not likely.

        2. It has been leaked to come out next week I was lucky to get it when fortnite accidentally placed it out with wu kong

    1. No, the Christmas, Halloween, and Chinese New Year skins will not return. Rumours are saying they are making Skull Trooper v2

    2. The battle pass skins and emotes will not come back but mabye some of thr christmas will come back and the skull trooper has been leaked to come back in the store soon 😉

      1. The skull trooper is never coming back, and the Christmas skins or at least most of them are coming back on Christmas.

      1. Ew I refunded abstract and for cuddle team leader Don’t make the same mistake I and waste. Your last refund talking on abstrakt

      2. it is in the shop now but i dont suggest you to buy it if you want to use it i used it and it is really bad i didnt refend him because the tag bag is so good with teqnique

    1. I think you should get dazzle because she beautiful and she is more rare than those two she looks really good in game brite bomber overused

    2. Brite Bomber, I have it and almost chose Snorkel Ops over it. Brite is just more colourful, it goes all out. Snorkel Ops is in the middle of basic and detailed. Also it (snorkel ops) looks weird without a good backbling (scaly or wings)

    3. Snorkel Ops. It goes amazing with Rex and rapscallion back blings, plus it is just so clean and the brite bomber is overused and overrated

  83. Hey quick question,

    at the moment I have 1150 V-Bucks. i’m like 9 tiers away from my next 100 V-Bucks. I’ve allways wanted the Brite Bomber skin and i see that it is available in the shop atm. so i’m 50 V-Bucks away from it. So my question is: How often does the Brite Bomber skin come back in the shop? is it like once every 2 weeks or once every 2 months?

    Thank you

    1. Brite Bomber comes back fairly often, it’s one of the most frequently seen skins. I’m not sure about timeframe, I’d say at least once or twice a month.

  84. Rapscallion’s back bling is so detailed. It’s got a gold statue, grappling hook, some gems, a blueprint with a room highlighted, and everything moves as you run, it’s really freaking cool.

      1. There hasnt been any leaks of a female flytrap so i think you should choose funk ops if thats a skin u really like

    1. If you’re a real fan of the Funk Ops, go get that. As we don’t know what the flytrap looks like yet, it might dissapoint. you can take the risk by waiting for the Flytrap, or take the safe option by buying the funk ops since you arleady know what it looks like. After all its just personal preference

      1. And there is a refund so if you don’t like the funk ops you could definitely refund it and get the flytrap if you like it better

    2. Flytrap doesn’t seem worth the 2000 V bucks it’s going to cost. Remember the set costs 4300 V bucks and I don’t find it a good looking set. I got the skin, not the pick cuz I can use the ones in the Battle pass. But it’s what’s you like the most.

  85. Thanks for this, i feared that skins just didn’t come back but they return with the celebration they came from. Very helpful and everything I need for stats on the fortnite store

  86. i just wanted to know if it ever were/would be possible to submit a “drawing” or “base reference” to epic games to have a ‘chance’ of it being made into a skin?

    1. You would be better off tweeting your drawing to the Fortnite twitter account, or get it on Reddit and see if people like it there which could get Epic’s attention. The recent Rapscallion and Scoundrel skins were originally created by a community member. Make sure your drawing is high quality, I’m sure plenty of people are doing similar things.

    1. I would assume the obvious choice is ski boot. It’s also pretty uncommon at least in my experience. I imagine Ice Breaker would work kinda, and Spectral Axe, since it’s kinda got the Northern Lights colors going for it.

  87. Hello Evident, did you know that the Skull Trooper outfit cost 1.200, so in the top where you said all epic skins cost 1.500, you need to say unless the skull trooper

    1. It might’ve been 1,200 at the time, but all epic skins currently are 1,500. If it came back it would likely also be 1,500.

      1. Is it ever coming back, (skull trooper), because if it is I’ll save my v-bucks now and not spend it on another skin??

  88. I’m really torn between Rapscallion and Ventura. They are the same model, but Rap’s back bling goes with almost any skin…

    1. i’d say Rapscallion. Ventura look like a skin that i would be bored of fast. Rapscallion just looks clean, simpler and would be my choice

  89. Almost every time new skins come out I feel like I gotta buy them. I got some regrets, but when new models get introduced, I can’t control myself. I see some emotes are now changing expressions too. Grow into something beautiful Fortnite.

  90. I am so annoyed at myself because I started playing at the beginning of the helloween season (before the hype of Fortnite) but didn’t buy any skins, like skull trooper and gouhl trooper. Eventually when it came to Christmas season I bought my first skin youltide ranger. 😔

  91. I got raven because I have love ranger but do you think the love ranger’s wings look good on raven

    Plz reply

  92. Is it true that a new type of skull trooper is coming on July the 13th because of all the theories on that date??..

  93. Should I get Flytrap (when it comes out)? Im asking cuz I think the top will get me on a disadvantage, or it will be a little small so with the top he is normal size?

    1. I doubt it will give you an advantage as his head is bright red. Also epic always have bunk about these sorts of thing before they release a skin so no it won’t give you an advantage.

    2. IT doesnt matter. The hitboxes of the skins are all the same. And i dont think you Shoud buy iT bc it is in my appinion not that cool.

  94. I think the female and the male versions of everything looks sick same with the basketball player type skins. I am still really siked to see even more with what they are going to do with this and hope it continues.

    1. Unlikely! We’ll see if they change their mind, but it seems anything that comes from a battle pass isn’t coming back.

        1. The only ones we know are unlikely to come back are the battle pass legendaries. Most of the rest have shown back up.

      1. There is a possibility it could come back around October 20 – 30, 2018 along with the Scythe Harvesting Tool.