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Fortnite Skins & Outfits Cosmetics List

If you're curious about all of the outfits that have been available in Fortnite then here's a full list of them!

If you're looking for a full list of Fortnite Skins then you've come to the right place. We've got all of the outfits in high quality from all of the previous seasons and from the history of the item shop! Our Fortnite Outfits list is the one-stop shop for all things skins in the popular Battle Royale game!

Fortnite Skins can be obtained in a number of ways. The majority are gained by purchasing them through the item shop with real money or V-Bucks. You can also earn them by leveling up your Battle Pass each season (this is the best bang for your buck). There's also skins you can get through various promotions like purchasing consoles, phones, or being a Twitch Prime member!

If you see a skin you like and it's available in the item shop then it's most likely going to come back in the future. However, if you are a fan of a certain skin that has appeared in a previous battle pass you are unfortunately out of luck. Those skins are only available during that particular season, and as of now will never come back. Some holiday skins are very rare and were only seen once or twice in the item shop. As we close in on those holidays again, we will see if they come back to the store!


Getting a lot of questions about when certain skins are returning, and the answer is: we have no idea! Unless it's a holiday skin there's no telling when one skin might return. It could come in as a daily or a weekly at any time, but there's no way for us to know.

Outfit Costs

Each outfit is assigned a rarity and each rarity has a different cost.

  • Green (Uncommon): 800 V-Bucks
  • Blue (Rare): 1,200 V-Bucks
  • Purple (Epic): 1,500 V-Bucks
  • Gold (Legendary): 2,000 V-Bucks

Looking to get better? I highly recommend our Fortnite Tips and Tricks post!

Other Cosmetics/Skins

Currently Available Skins

To cut down on loading, we've moved our item shop post to here: Today's Fortnite Item Shop! Be sure to bookmark the page so you can get back to it easily.

Fortnite Battle Royale Outfits List

Some outfits are limited edition and will only be available during Holidays or via the Battle Pass. Thanks to for the high quality PNG images!

Outfit Categories

Looking for unreleased and leaked skins? Check out our Fortnite Leaked Skins post!

Default Outfits & Skins

These are the skins that you will be randomly assigned to if you don't have one equipped. You don't have any control over whether or not you end up as a female or male, it is randomly given to you after each match. These are sometimes referred to as "no skin" which people will sometimes assume means the player is unskilled.

Daily/Weekly Outfits & Skins

Each week two new skins are available, and they rotate through old/new skins every day!

Uncommon (Green Rarity Skins)

Rare (Blue Rarity Skins)

Epic (Purple Rarity Skins)

Legendary (Gold Rarity Skins)

Sport & Collection Skins

In order to cut down on some of the load of this page and to keep things as clean as possible, I'm going to be adding thematically similar skins together on their own pages.

Promotional Outfits/Skins

These are special promotional skins that you can only get through special offers or having particular services (PS+, Twitch Prime, etc.).

Battle Pass Outfits/Skins

Skins that are only available via the Battle Pass for the specific season! You can ONLY get these skins if you participated in the battle pass for that particular season. These skins will not be in the item shop unless Epic fundamentally changes their stance on it.

The skins page is getting a bit large, so I'm cataloging all of the battle pass skins on their guide pages:

I'll be creating pages for the rest of the battle pass skins in the near future!

Season 1

This was prior to the Battle Pass, and required you to level up to unlock the ability to purchase these skins. There was also the Aerial Assault One glider and the Raider's Revenge pickaxe.

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Lifelong gamer and builder of websites, Evident is the site admin for Pro Game Guides.

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  1. OML Guys I just realized something!I think that the company that made the jet pack created the A.I.M skin because of the similar colours!

  2. What ever happened to the other version of Tracker? It’s the banshee girl with an orange and black outfit. Please reply I’m dying for that skin and wanted to know if it will ever come back. There are only around three vids on her including the first ad for season 1 I believe. She’s the one with the rocket launcher. That’s my dream skinnnn.

  3. Hello, Evident. About the Tomato Head. The second stage for the tomato head game out. ( The King ) …… just saying that you can put it in…….

  4. Evident, could you make a separate section for the NFL skins please?? The epic section looks cramped right now. Just a suggestion

      1. Yes, good times. Every event and everything that happened since season 3 was working up to it… I remember the meteors and giant comet that turned Dusty Depot into Dusty Divot. Then the Vistor came out of his ship in the comet. Then he launched the Omega’s missile which blew a hole in reality and left a rift. Then lightning struck every now and then as the rift sealed and then on the last bolt, out came Kev who traveled across the map. Then he sank into loot lake and then there was that awesome magic ice stuff. Then season 6 came and loot lake floated into the air. Then it traveled across the map again and exploded to leave us with an amazing experience: that silvery realm with the crystal butterfly. I wonder if anything will happen next. Maybe they will start over again. Like Destiny 2. Maybe they’ll do “year 2 season 1” or something and have a new story. Idk but that would be awesome.

      1. I know they have a default that’s the shadow ops and power chord default and there’s a Poised Playmaker default as well..

  5. Rouge Agent is a starter pack skin maybe consider bringing it to that section. I know it was released once in the item shop but i still think it should be in the starter pack section aswell. Thanks

    1. I disagree, once it hits the item shop then it’s an item shop skin. It will likely be back in the item shop, but it’s not going to be a starter pack again.

    1. For the patch patroller I go with either the bamboo from the panda skin or the deflector from the vertex skin and for the Bunnymoon I usually leave her without one cause her tail disappears but you can probably find one with her color scheme

  6. So I bought the Standard Edition of STW since it was half off but I didn’t get any skins. I just got the glider. Do you have to buy a certain edition of STW to get the skins? I just got the cheapest/standard one so I wasn’t sure. I’ve restarted my game and everything. I just have the glider. Do you have to play STW before you get the skins or something? Evident any imput?

    1. Not sure honestly, I just checked the purchase options and they don’t seem to be listed. Maybe they aren’t available anymore. I’d ask Epic support if I were you.

    2. I don’t know…. it’s way to early for them to take the deal off. If they did I would honestly be surprised…. but for comfort you get a founder’s umbrella the next time you win, if you didn’t already know that.

      I’d ask Epic for help.

    3. The rose team leader and warpaint were limited time skins you’d get during the birthday event for having save the world

    4. I figured it out. You had to play the first mission from STW before they would unlock. They aren’t limited time or anything.

  7. I have a few skins I really want to buy the next time I buy V-Bucks, I will buy the next starter pack and 1000, so 1600, here they are:
    Scarlet Defender (800), Dazzle (1200), Munitions Expert (1200), Red-Nosed Raider (1200) – Rare skin, probably will come back for christmas, Clinical Crosser (1200), Bunny Brawler (1500), Mullet Marauder (1500) – I really like the skin and the backbling on this skin.

  8. This is so far my dream setup, please tell me if this is a try hard setup?
    Skin: Tricera Ops
    Pickaxe: Reaper
    Glider: Fabled Victory Umbrela
    Dive Trail: Lighting

  9. does the green ghost portal go with jungle scout?If not can u tell mi about any other skins that go with ghost portal.THX

    1. I rlly hope it doesn’t as I have it but the thing is that the same thing as the red knight would happen. Everyone bought it but no one uses it now.

  10. Hey evident, what about creating a page just for the item shop? That way we don’t have to load in all the skins, which takes up a lot of data for some of us and can take a while.

    1. If all of the Halloween skins end up coming back then there’s a good chance Crackshot will be back during Christmas time.

  11. Is this a TRYHARD setup? Dire: stage 4, spider shield, web breaker, downshift, and artifact(PS+ cellabration pack contrail).

          1. I don’t know for sure, that’s why I said “probably.” I might be wrong about the male Ghoul Trooper, it could be a male Calamity skin.

  12. Sanctum is cool and all, but I feel like he’s the type of skin where a ton of 12 year olds are going to spend more of their parents’ money to get him.

    And you know what I really don’t get about him? He’s a vampire, but he has a mask over his mouth. Aren’t vampires supposed to bite people? Honestly. I think dusk is a way better vampire skin.

  13. Frozen shroud (ragnarok or Swordpack(dire) backbling I preferswordpack because its clean and since hollowhead came out the frozen shroud got a bad reputation scause hollowhead backbling and forzenshroud looks alike

  14. I’m so happy I found this website because 1. I need a Halloween costume idea, and I’m probably going to be something like abstrakt. 2. I always like to be up to date with all of the Fortnite skins.
    Thx to the creators because this is a pretty good website!

    1. They are Halloween skins, but they’ll probably be back in the shop periodically. I don’t think Epic is going to contain skins to the holidays anymore.

      1. Rarest skin currently is the renegade raider. They probably will never bring it back, as it was linked to a season. However they might do what they did with skull trooper and bring it back. Doubt it will ever happen though

    1. May sound quite lame but I think she goes good with orange backpack from the green backbling bundle and the default victory umbrella

    1. No you can only get the available one so blue team leader and blue striker arent able to be obtain you still can get the controller pickaxe the contrail and glider

  15. What are good backblings for scourge? I got her and her backbling is very unique, but I like to use backblings from other skins to display more of my collection.

  16. Been using this website since season 4, just want to say that this is my favorite Fortnite website for leaked info. Keep up the good work!

  17. I really like that you got rid of the seperate holiday skins and added them to the normal skins it helps very much when i am ranking the skins. BTW i use your website daily because you are literally the best website for looking at skins. I hope you get paid for this!

  18. So you put every single skin in they’re rarity (Talking about the holiday skins etc) cause thy might all come back again right?

    BTW Skull is new No-Skin so put him there ;P

    I’d love to buy the Ginger Gunner, (Ghoul Trooper) and Nog Ops then!

  19. Wish there was a Male bat skin, I think that would be a cool idea. It should have the features like a bat ( ears,brown hair,teeth,ect..). Also it should look a little scary like the werewolf skin in the season 6 battlepass.(forgot the name) and it has to have bat wings(the wings should be a part of the arms but it is just cosmetic,moves along with arms).Claws maybe. And if their hasnt been, a bat glider, bat pet (hanging upside down) a harvesting tool that is something like a bat. Should I tell the creators of Fortnite to make this? Before i do,Evident I want to know how you feel and think about my idea.

  20. Which skin is more rare!?!? “Dark Vanguard” or “Skull Trooper/Ranger” I’ve been waiting for DV to comeback (bc she is bad ass) so I could get her but I know ST is really rare… I’m caught in between, Evident.. PLEASE HELP!

    should I just buy them both 🤦🏼‍♂️

  21. Should I get raptor or frostbite?? Tell me what Pickaxes, gliders and back blings that I should get with each skin. I might just get both.

    1. Guys it’s my BD today🎉🎊🎉🎊 Can you tell me a skin I should get on this occasion?
      It doesn’t matter if it’s uncommon or legendary, It just needs to be a good skin. Thanks!

      1. Happy birthday random person I’ve never met! I think you should get whatever skin you truly want. Don’t think about what other think of a skin, it’s your money so you get what you want.

  22. Hi Evident,
    Great article! Would you mind if we used ten of the emote graphics in one of our articles? We’d be more than happy to credit you and the site. It’s for a monthly magazine in the UK.

  23. What happened to the holiday skin section can you please bring it back because I want to know what skins are holiday ones

    1. They’ve been added to the item shop area. Holiday skins aren’t really that special anymore, they get brought back randomly.

  24. Which skin should I buy? (When I get the chance) Oblivion, Red Knight, Whiplash, Recon Specialist, Criterion, Steelsight, Burnout, Fate Back Bling, Whiteout Back Bling, Beef Boss, Hime Wildcard, Or Dark Vanguard?

  25. Are straw ops and hay man Halloween skins, or just scare crow skins that they’ll add over and over like the other skins? Because I want to know if I should get straw ops. I like it, but it’s not my favorite. I just don’t know if it will be rare.

    1. I’m pretty sure they’ve done away with the idea of Holiday skin exclusivity. If they re-release the old Halloween skins, then it’s safe to say that all skins can be released during anytime of the year. I think “rarity” of a skin is largely going to be obsolete unless it’s a battle pass skin.

    2. There’s no point of buying Straw Ops. But Hay Man. He’s way better, just like how I bought the Raven, back 6 months ago, and didn’t buy Ravage, cause it’s not that cool. If you like Straw Ops over Hay Man, then you’re insane.

  26. Does anyone think that harvester will be rare? It’s a Halloween pickaxe, right? So shouldn’t it be like crazy stupid rare like reaper?

    1. Thanks! I think I might get either raven or ravage. I think the battle shroud would look good on her so I might get Omen instead.

    1. Dark Bomber. I got her today and she’s amazing. I also recommend her pickaxe it’s amazing and totally worth it.

  27. Dark bomber is so awesome I’m going to get her. What’s a backbling that goes good with her besides battle shroud and dusk wings? I don’t have either of those. I think iron cage and ravage wings would look good, but I don’t have those either.

  28. Hey. My friend bought Ravage but as soon as he logged into Season Six, it said that three of his items had been removed and when he checked everything that came with Ravage was gone. Do you know why?

  29. Do you know why they changed Power Chord’s outfit? I don’t mind the holes under her arms that they added but I don’t like how they made her more vibrant and almost girly. Her pants are a different shade of purple, the rag on her arm and the straps on her left boot are now more of a bubblegum pink color, and also the wrist gadget thing has lost its screen. She’s one of my favorite skins and it sucks that the punk thing she’s got going on isn’t what it used to be

  30. Does anyone else think the ‘dark bomber’ will be a real skin soon? The ‘Thunder Crash’ pickaxe looks like it would go with it.

    1. Are you referring to in the game or on the site? In the game, yes more will be added. On this page, I’ll probably be combining the Holiday skins together with the Item Shop skins once I have time.

  31. The best tryhard setup is star-spangled ranger with backup plan and glow stick. For the glider use feathered flyer.

    1. No use snorkel ops, scaly, reaper, and pterodactyl. Reaper is rare, so if you don’t have it use plunja or disco brawl.

  32. btw I will be commenting on every skin and making my thought about the skin. Thx for the website btw Evident. It might take me a while

  33. When you realize wild card will never be released again, also the john wick dog thing is a pun watch the movie you’ll understand

        1. That doesn’t matter for the skin, it could still be released again in the shop. Plus, the event could come back, they never said it was one and done.

  34. Is maximilian Rare because i know it’s new but no one bought it so I feel like no one is going to want it back into shop??? I bought it and was just wanting others thoughts on it. Thx for the feed back

    1. Uh, no it may be a male renegade raider, but it’s not that rare. It will most likely come back in the next month or 2.

    1. I have, but when I went to do one I found it was kind of difficult to round them up. I’ll probably go back and try again in the future.

  35. Rapscallion is rare and I want it, so should I get her or wait for a Halloween skin? I don’t want skull trooper or ghoul trooper because they’ll be the new defaults, but I don’t know if there are other ones besides the scarecrows coming out.

  36. Evident thanks so much for making this website it helps me to improve on my drawing skills and please add full images for season 6 skins!

  37. Thank goodness for this site. I play Save the World a lot so I accumulate a good amount of VBucks pretty fast, and this website is a life saver. Being able to check out all the skins and other cosmetics so I can decide what to buy is so useful. This site is great and well put together, thanks so much for making it!

  38. I think the Oktoberfeast skins should be in the holiday skin section. The Oktoberfeast is a pretty big event in Germany, you know.

    1. I don’t know if it belongs there necessarily, I’ve been thinking about scrapping the holiday section and just mixing it in with the shop stuff.

      1. You should because the Halloween and Christmas skins are officially back in the shop rotation forever, just like the Easter, Valentine’s, and St. Patrick’s Day skins.

        Is Alpine Ace back in the rotation?

    1. I wrote why right where they were: “The skins page is getting a bit large, so I’m cataloging all of the battle pass skins on their guide pages.”

  39. Will you make a Whole page with all of the seasons of fortnite teasers and all skins for themselves if you did it would be amazing.

  40. Is renegade raider with iron cage, Death Valley, and sugar crash a good tryhard loadout or is renegade raider and death valley too old? I’m not good enough to be a “pro” I don’t have thousands of wins (215) but I’m a tryhard to the highest level and I want to know everyone’s opinion.

      1. Because people are finally realizing that not every one can be good at the game, but we are already so addicted to it that we try really hard to be good. So we act like pros, but we really just spam build on high sensitivity and land at tilted and such.

    1. I moved them to their own page. If you click on the image of Mogul Master or Alpine Ace it goes to a page that has all the options.

  41. I rock the finesse finisher with the filet axe, cuff case back bling, and I’m saving up for a glider (I’m using safecracker for now) do any of u guys think that’s a try hard set up?

    1. Replace filet axe with plunja or spectral axe and use the cuddle bow, frozen shroud, or omen’s backbling. I have Finesse Finisher and I use her with cuddle bow and caliper. Keep the glider, and if you want a new one get pterodactyl.

      1. Sorry but I don’t actually have most of the cosmetics you listed (I can’t spend that much money on the game) btw I do have froze shroud (also I accidentally purchased filet axe and I had no more refunds)

  42. I have cloaked star and 400 vbucks so what should I save up for? should I refund the cloaked star? I’m rocking cloaked star+swag bag+crowbar.

  43. I’m rocking black knight with saw tooth pick axe the precision back bling and the down shift glider with glitch in the system free fall

  44. Should I get one of the football skins with vuvuzela or elite cleat and a green emote right now or should I wait for powerchord or the ??? Kpop skin to re release/come out in the shop? I have 1050 vbucks at the moment and can get 2000 more. I only have 2000 vbucks to spend and I need the rest for season 6.
    Recommend me skins I should get.

  45. I LOVE this site and use it regularly thank you so much for having the brains to make this website Evident! Btw, what is your personal favourite skin, back bling, pickaxe and glider/umbrella in Fortnite?

    1. I have so many favorites. Scarlet, venturion cape, disco brawl, and rainbow rider or triple threat, black shield, reaper or disco, and high octane. I love disco brawl😍😍 and triple threat. Scarlet also looks amazing with ignition. Munitions expert, raptor or skystalker backbling, propeller axe, and high octane.

      When it comes to Fortnite, there isn’t a thing I regret more than not wanting to spend money on this game. If I did, I would have renegade raider. I always thought it was cool, but now I wish I bought v bucks SO BAD in season 1. Now the only thing I got outta that season is a banner icon 😢😠

    1. It’s honestly better since it comes with a glider, pickaxe, and 1k v-bucks. Just stating my opinion, cuz honestly I think it’s pretty cool.

  46. Guys i need help, which epic (1500 v-bucks) skin should i buy, : funk ops, tomato head, rapscallion, toxic trooper or mullet marauder??

    1. You should get them looking at their characteristics:
      rapscallion as she goes with a lot of back blings and she’s an awesome skin. Recommended if you have less than 15 skins and back blings

      Funk ops because it’s a skin mostly no one uses and you will look unique.its also a cool skin! Recommended for more than 15 skins (has no back bling)

      Tomato head cause he’s troll and he also has a cool edit style and a back bling that matches a bunch of skins. Recommended for under 15 skins

      Toxic trooper to be unique and that back bling is so cool. It’s a pretty good skin. Recommended for above 15 skins

      Mullet marauder because he’s troll and his back bling goes with several skins.his color scheme is cool and he’s a good skin.hes a unique skin. Recommended for above 15 skins.

      I own rapscallion and mullet marauder myself and I love them both.
      purple skins I recommend are the overtaken or whiteout.they go with a lot of back blings and look awesome in game

    2. Defaulty Boiii has good points, but in my opinion Rapscallion is the best out of all of those.

      She’s not only really cool, but she’s also a pro skin. The whiteout backbling looks pretty good with her, as well as the Omen backbling. Actually pretty much every backbling does. I seriously recommend her. She strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies, and she’s cool.

    1. Eon is probably fake, let’s hope not. I was planning on buying a Switch to play Mario and Zelda and such, so should I wait for the bundle to come out to get the skin as well? I think it’ll cost a lot more, I don’t want to spend too much money on another gaming console. I mainly play on my Xbox and then I’ll have the skin on my epic account.

  47. I might refund my Ravage to cover the cost of Valkyrie and her glider, so that I could have my first full set. What do you guys think?

    1. Well in my opinion I don’t think Valkyrie is that cool but the dragon and back bling are and ravage is really cool but and the end of the day yr V-BUCKS lol

  48. By the way, I am commenting on every single skin, stating my opinion for them. Please check them out. I’d appreciate it.

  49. Evident please make pages for the Season 1-3 skins. They do not have pages and I am sure many people would like to see a page for them.

    1. It was leaked, but the actual information about the skin wasn’t part of the data-mine. I’ve seen information about it being a “K-Pop” skin, but that’s about all I’ve heard.

  50. Eon is 90% fake. The site that leaked it, True Achievement, is not credible. In fact, almost no one has ever heard of the site. I’d say it’s probably fake. But hopefully it is true that it’s an Xbox exclusive. I don’t give a crap about the skins. I mainly just want the 2,000 V Bucks that is said to be in it.

      1. Yeh but they had a samsung exclusive and their sonys rivals in the phone industry so why not xbox plus they released an xbox exclusive for save the world

      2. he’s right eon is probably fake because Microsoft has a contract with blue hole the makers of PUBG so i don’t think we’ll see any Xbox exclusive skins any time soon.

  51. My favorite skin is Omen, and I bought it when it first came out like 3 months ago, but when is Cloaked Star coming out. It’s been leaked for like 3-4 weeks.

  52. Is EON going to be an Xbox exclusivel skin for the Xbox players only? If it is will it come with a back Bling, glider or a pick?

      1. We don’t know for sure if it’s going to be an X-Box exclusive, but it seems unlikely due to Epic having some kind of deal with PlayStation for Battle Royale.

    1. I don’t know if its going to be a Xbox exclusive but I know that it come with : The Eon Outfit, The Aurora Glider, The Resonator Pickaxe and 2 000 V-Bucks.

  53. I am so mad that I got Fireworks Team Leader and maybe Wukong. But no more refunds. I hate it when they bring back POWER CHORD because I have 900 vbucks and I want battle pass and Commando.

  54. Should I get raven, tricera-ops, or hime? I also recommend triple threat, whiteout, and shade. They are seriously underrated, but I have them and they’re pretty good. Whiteout is one of the cleanest skins in the game with an OG backbling. Triple threat, we’ll its simply the best. Easily my favorite skin I have.

  55. Hey thanks for making this website buy the way evident. I just recently bought the wild card skin and I have 2900 v bucks. Should I buy a legendary skin and the battle pass or what do you think

  56. Should i buy wildcard? And Evident do you think that cloaked star will maybe be a exclusive skin for founders pack owners?

  57. @evident thanks for creating this site. It is a nice fresh place to check out skins, items etc and I love helping out other fortnite fans with their queries. I owe you one, my friend!

  58. Hey. So the high stakes thing starts this week and I’m 94% sure wild card will be item shop and cost 2000 vbucks. Is it worth buying as it will probably be the only time it’ll be out or should I just get something else. Write suggestions in reply. Thanks.

          1. Skull trooper is not overrated but that’s my opinion, but it is extremely rare. If you want something Halloween themed skull and ghoul are really the only ones

  59. I am kinda annoyed about the Samsung promotion with the Galaxy skin. They are only doing the promotion for the Note 9 and Tab S4 when they could also do it for the Glaxay S9 and S9+. Those are the newest phones too, and it just makes buying the latest phone that was about $850 and then they come out with the Note 9 that it is exclusive to. I mean I don’t wanna pay for another $1,000 to get the Galaxy skin. It’s just kind of dumb but I see why it’s a good marketing strategy. But I think that it should’ve also been for the S9 and S9+.

        1. I completely disagree because if you think power chord is rare you have no patience. It’s not been that long. Either way, the vertex is really an average skin. I recommend the leviathan, power chord, or maybe just wait.

    1. Well if it does, buy the power chord but I would wait for Halloween and Christmas, those will be at high value in the future

    1. I would (personally) go for bat sickle or icebreaker. They are clean, nice pick axes that work very well with raptor and don’t cost too much v bucks.

  60. Hey guys. I’m wondering if you think I should spend the money to cop the HIME skin. I really like the combo and I might get it when it comes out again

      1. No, Raven is. I don’t care if a skin is rare, overrated, underrated, or whatever. All that matters is that it’s cool and worth it’s price.

  61. Hello, I just wanted to thank you for bringing us this great website and to keep it updated every day. You are doing a very good job man. 😉

  62. In My Opinion, If You Have Love Wings Or Black Shield, You Should Get Rapscallion Because It Is A Great Skin And Goes With A Lot Of Back Blings

    1. there are a few good ones in my opinion Rapscalion, sparkle specialist, ginger gunner, ghoul trooper, The ace , trailblazer, and the mogul masters

  63. I have a confusion. I have 1,600 Vbucks. Should I get Nitelite and Lite Show, or wait for season 6 and spend it on the battle pass?

    1. you should first get the battle pass and that will give you vbucks to either get nitelight or lite show because you would have enough for vboth then

  64. Don’t Hesitate To Inquire About Any Skin / Back Bling / Harvesting Tool / Glider Combinations etc. Im On This Site Everyday So I’ll Answer Anyone

    1. should i get the tomatohead currently i have 1620vbucks ? And i want the poised playmaker but i don’t think it will come out soon.

  65. Hey, i have 900 vbucks and are planning to get an uncommon skin 🙂 Should i cop jungle scout? Or get something else?

    1. Jungle Scout In My Opinion Is A Great Clean Skin And Goes With A Lot Of Simple Back Blings Such As Love Wings And Cuddle Bow And Also Scaly But It Also Goes Great On It’s Own So I Would Get It

    2. I would insist on commando, or whiplash, both very neat skins. commando with the iron cage back bling looks clean. commando with black/red night shield looks very nice too. though, jungle scout is cool too.

    1. ya me either i feel like epic games dont want there to be a market for skins like selling acounts because thats against the rules ninja said it himself he dosent see a world where the holoween skins dont get re released

  66. I Have Every Single Cosmetic Item In The Game, And My Favourite Skin + Back Bling + Harvesting Tool + Glider Combinations Are :

    Ghoul Trooper + Six String + Reaper ( Scythe ) + Terminus

    Jungle Scout + Scaly + Tendril + Servo

    Skull Trooper + Black Shield / Love Wings + AC/DC + Terminus

    Some Other Sick Skin + Back Bling Combinations Are :

    Survival Specialist + Love Wings
    Assault Trooper + Frozen Shroud / Buckler
    Dazzle / Hyperion + Scaly

    1. jungle scout is the better pick, but neither skin is amazing, if you want a good uncommon skin, try Whiplash, Armadillo or Tactics Officer 🙂

    1. best legendary in shops is Ravage in my oppinion, but if you want a shorter wait buy Red Knight or P.A.N.D.A Team Leader, best dances are (in my oppinion) Llama Bell, Star Power and Dance Therapy 🙂

      1. Thanks for the advice :3 I bought dance therapy for 800 v bucks (obv)
        I think I’m going to wait for red knight or cloaked star and then roll with a green or blue emote. Cheers!

    1. Ghoul trooper and skull trooper are unlikely to come back to the store and there will probably be better Halloween skins but I would suggest cloaked star (if it does come to the store) as it has a nice skin and has an incredible backbling

      1. they definatly r the season 6 battle pass has a scoul trooper banner icon and in the pre veiw for season 6 the scoul trooper was in that 2 so thats 2 reasons

  67. Do you know or the soccer skins ever will be released again? I wanted to buy it but i didn’t had v-bucks by the time but now i have

  68. Concepts –
    -Dark Samurai
    -Black Panther with either purple /gold lights as the skins challenges
    -Assasins creed skin

  69. I have Raven, Dark Vanguard, Beef Boss, and the season 5 battle pass.
    I want to get another purple skin. I was considering Tomato Head, Overtaker, and Fireworks Team Leader. What should I get?

      1. Did you make this website all on your own?
        If so this is crazy good how you can develop a whole website this big.
        Keep up the good work

        1. I did make the site on my own! It’s not that big actually (structurally), this is one of the easier sites I’ve ever developed. Thanks!

  70. I have a feeling that EPIC was planning to release something else for the roadtrip, or at least a version of the Enforcer with customizations. But they used too much time on the newer skins, so they just added the basic enforcer which is incredibly glitched

  71. Hi everyone, just reached drift stage 4, I might get vbucks, what legendary skin should I get with a bling for drift?

  72. Ok. There is like 1 billion fortnite leaked skins. I can. Say some are cool but none are better than power chord. POWER CHORD IS MY FAVOURITE SKIN IN THE GAME! No comments. It has been in the shop 1 time. 111. Why bring a skin to the game and keep it in for one day. WHAT IS THE POINT EPIC. I didn’t buy power chord because I didn’t like it at the time. BEST BACKBLING IN THE GAME! Who cares if epic wants to make power chord rare. Merry Maurauder and skull Trooper coming back! I want my power chord and I will force epic to bring it to the game. Who cares about bringing back red Knight and everyone going crazy. Just bring back f*cken POWER CHORD. #PRAYERSFORPOWERCHORD.

    1. Yo I think it’s coming back because I saw this video and last week there was a banner with 4 skins and the skins were both Easter skins, power chord and sash sergeant. Easter skins came out, sash sergeant is out right now and the only one left is power chord .

    2. I know right!! 6 String is the nicest backbling in the game and no one can change my mind. If Power Chord doesn’t come back soon I’ll probably just end up quiting!

    1. No way of telling but last season wingman was released the same week it came into the files, but honestly it could be either way.

  73. I have a dilemma… I have 2,740 V-Bucks saved up from STW, and I’m looking to buy some new outfits. I’ve really been wanting a Team Leader (Cuddle or Fireworks not so much P.A.N.D.A), and I really like the new Ravage outfit. I also think the Scorpion and the Star-Spangled Ranger outfits are really cool. I am for sure going to buy the starter pack when it comes out, so I will have 3,340 V-Bucks (plus any extra I earn in the time it takes the new pack to come into the game). What do you guys think I should buy?

  74. What’s your guys favorite out of the new leaked skins? For me it’d have to be a tie between Musha and The Ace…

  75. i got 2000 vbucks. should i get a legendary skin or a rare and uncommon.

    and what skins go well with the brite bag

  76. Pick 2 for me to buy
    Skull Trooper (when it comes back)
    Merry Maurauder (when it comes back)
    Battle Hound

    1. Bro Skull trooper is supposed to be an OG skin and so as Merry Marauder. But nice picks though. I’d take the Oblivion and the Archetype.

  77. I predict the roadtrip will be a Egyptian themed character with customizable masks representing the Egyptian gods

  78. is assault trooper the move to cop the next time it comes out? i don’t want whiplash or commando, and i have batsickle to match it aswell? what’re your thoughts?

    1. Highland Warrior is mostly only wanted for her back bling. Fate’s back bling is not that cool, but her skin alone is nice.

    1. If you don’t spend all your Vbucks, you can make your way to a good skin. Either a green skin, the battle pass, or nothing. I recommend the battle pass

  79. Hey this site is great and I appreciate the amazing effort. I visit it everyday. Do you think you could get full body posters for the likes of the Season 5 Battle Pass skins (Sledgehammer etc.), STW Founders Pack Skins, Royale Bomber PS4 skin, and the Gumshoe, Noir and Sleuth skins?

  80. I have many skins, but my rarest is either John Wick or Battle Hound (WAS). My favorite skin came out when I never have been playing and it was Nog Ops. Gosh, I love that skin. Christmas themed skins is what I’d love right now.

  81. My normal loadout consists of the first stage where drift gets his mask, his pic, the Valor glider, and the glitch contrail

  82. Great website dude! I look at it everyday to check the item shop and am surprised how quickly you are able to update it! It’s also helpful just looking at the skins and I trust you on the leaked ones! I honestly don’t know how you do it!!!!

    Are you actually any good at the game?

  83. I have everything in the game my loadout tends to be Black Knight, Love Wings, Oracle axe, Rusty Rider or High Octane, random loading screen, Twist, Groove Jam, Golf ball, Wave, Take the L and Zany. Should I make any changes remember I have everything in the game all the unlocks on Drift Ragnarok Carbide and Omega

    1. That’s the best one imo. I’d save and wait until something else you actually like comes out instead of buying something just to buy it. If anything I’d probably get whiteout.

  84. I am searching for a good locker load out. I got the red knight, midfield maestro battle hound and als season 3 and 4 skins and tier 63 current season. I go the crimson axe pick axe and I am planning to buy the love ranger. What is a good skin/back bling/glider/pickaxe/contrail combo?

    1. Tier 6 Ragnarok (Idk if you have it, I’m just saying when you unlock it), cuddle team leader, Galaxy if you want it, and fireworks team leader.

    2. Elite agent is my favourite skin, red night back bling, paper parasol, glitch/I’ve krystals, spectre axe, is what I play

  85. Plz bring back the renagade raider, the power chord, skull trooper/ghoul trooper and the merry marauder and the reaper picaxe if u can I will try to cop all of them

    1. Reaper axe will never come back since it was a limited edition cosmetic but there’s a decent of the other skins you mentioned coming back

      1. @GHOUL TROOPER Reaper pickaxe as well as Skull and Ghoul Trooper will never come back. Epic stated they’ll never r bring those back.

  86. My best loadout is Brite Bomber with Rift Edge pickaxe, no back bling, Glitch in the System contrail, and Beach Umbrella 😍

  87. Do I have any good loadouts?

    Skins: Maverick, Raptor, Carbide, Battlehawk, Teknique, Zoey, Valor, Squad Leader, Omega, Drift, Huntress, Redline, Sun Strider

    Axes: Rift edge, Balloon Axe, Gale Force, Persuader, Lollipopper, Lug Axe

    Gliders: Conquest, Intrepid, Downshift, Cruiser, Wings of Valor, Sugar Crash, Prismatic, Googly, Beach Umbrella, The Umbrella

    Back Blings: Uplink, Bat Attitude, Raptor Satchel, Rearguard, Goodie Bag, Standard Issue

    Also I have 3000 V Bucks so I can buy anything…

    1. squad leader, persuader, deep space lander/cloud strike, raptor satchel for the military them

      note: this is just my blind opinion and im not responsible for it looking trash

  88. What backbling goes well with absoloute zero ive got rex,love ranger, red knight season 2 3 4 and 5 fully maxed out (exept for season 5)

  89. Anyone have some good back bling ideas for the Love Ranger or Cuddle Team Leader? Usually I switch the back blings of them both, (Bow on Cupid, Wings on Bear) and that looks pretty good. I’m tier 100 on Seasons 3, 4, and 5, so I have all of those back blings.

  90. What back blong is good for sledgehamner tier71 aeason 5 because righf niw im rolling royale flags wukongs back bling

  91. Evident You are missing a Skin in the unreleased section There is the Grill Sergeant which is an uncommon skin and is apart of the Durr Burger set. Go to the Happy Power Channel to see the Skin showcased with emotes

    1. I mostly use Love Ranger, but I also really like Bandolier. I don’t have too much a collection, other than a majority of the battle pass skins.

    1. If this is is your first legendary imo you should get love ranger because it’s a decent skin with a back bling that matches every skin

    1. Well, obviously the ones that go with the sets. Planetary Probe, Pterodactyl, and Flying Saucer. But if you want to get specific with gliders that don’t come with the set, I suggest Voyager, Mainframe, and Cruiser.

  92. My load out is usually Raptor with raptors back bling, googly glider, Punja axe, fire contrail and season 4 week seven loading screen. Dances and emotes are normally Electro shuffle, slow clap, groove jam, tidy and zany