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Fortnite Dances and Emotes Cosmetics List – All Available Emotes & Dances!

Check out a full list of all of the emotes and dances in Fortnite!

If you are looking to convey your feelings or just style on your opponent then check out this full list of Fortnite dances and emotes! You can get dances and emotes by purchasing them with V-Bucks or completing your battle pass. Each season has new emotes and dances for you to earn, so make sure you stay on top of it because they are unlikely to be available again!

Dances and Emotes Costs

Each item is assigned a rarity and each rarity has a different cost.

  • Green (Uncommon): 200 V-Bucks
  • Blue (Rare): 500 V-Bucks
  • Purple (Epic): 800 V-Bucks

Other Cosmetics/Skins

Fortnite Dance and Emote List

Here's our full list of dances and emotes from Fortnite. I've broken them up by rarity, I will be adding more information about how they are or were available in the near future.

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Promotional/Shop Dances and Emotes

These are the dances an emotes you can get via promotion or purchase in the shop!

Common Dances and Emotes

There's currently just one common dance/emote and it's Dance Moves! This is the stock dance you get when you first start playing, so strut around with this when you are throwing it back to the old school.

Dance Moves - Free

Uncommon Dances and Emotes

If you are looking to purchase an uncommon dance or emote from the Item Shop it will set you back 200 V-Bucks!

Rare Dances and Emotes

If you are looking to purchase a rare dance or emote from the Item Shop it will set you back 500 V-Bucks!

Epic Dances and Emotes

If you are looking to purchase an epic dance or emote from the Item Shop it will set you back 800 V-Bucks!

Battle Pass Dances and Emotes

Battle Pass dances and emotes can only be obtained during that particular season. If you miss out, there's no current way to add them to your collection.

Season 6 Dances and Emotes

Season 5 Dances and Emotes

Season 4 Dances and Emotes

Season 3 Dances and Emotes

Season 2 Dances and Emotes

Promotional Dances & Emotes

Boogie Down - Enabled 2-Step Account Verification

Freestylin' - Twitch Prime #2

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  1. Has anyone noticed that the emote Red Card hasnt been back since the soccer skins came out the first time? i have it btw

  2. Hey evident, why don’t you add descriptions for the dances, and possibly a link to a YouTube video or something of what the dance looks like?

  3. Hi is there supposed to be a Rarity V-Bucks Cost chart or something like Uncommon cost like what was it 200 V-Bucks?

  4. What’s your favorite emote to use before and after a game?

    I usually don’t use any emote other than the stock dance for a couple seconds. Then I either build or just run around lol. But dance therapy is my favorite emote.

    1. I bought electro shuffle by accident in season 3 lol. It was at that dark period of time when there were no refunds.

      I’m telling you, no one in this world has accidentally bought as much stuff as me lol.

  5. Hype is my little baby brother favorite dance my favorite is electro shuffle my big brother favorite dance is Orange justice

    1. I have seen two hour lama bell on YouTube once it was hilarious they were doing it and there were people fighting in the background

    1. No those were battle pass items and the rarity is the best part I have best mates and I love the rarity of it. Same with the robot and it will ruin me and others time then there will be a bunch of no skins doing best mates and it will be just a stupid dance noobs do

  6. They need to add the green alien dance to fortnite my kid loves it, YouTube it, it’s a funny green thing would go good with the game music an all.

  7. emotes i have? all the Season 3 and 4 emotes, You’re Awesome, Reanimated, Breakin’, Fresh, Disco Fever, Squat Kick, Wiggle, Dab, Infinite Dab, Gentilemen’s Dab, Kick Ups, Baller, Boneless, Waterworks, Jubilation, Dance Moves. emotes i want? True Heart, Electro Shuffle, Tidy, Twist, and Zany

  8. my favourites are pop lock, wiggle infinite dab zany and eagle and twist. i like hype as well and the robot and rock out and the worm the worsts are reanimated hula rocket rodeo and confused

  9. Good job for putting all the dances not like other websites that only have the one’s that they like.

  10. Could you tell me why the emote Rock out in the store does not appear ?, I’ve been waiting for it for some time

  11. make season six battle pass dances popular. for ex.boneless, jubelation,the floss and best mates.canyou also make the skins extra special because this is the first battle pass that j am more thing can you please put lots of Vbucks into it to.thats it for me.have a nice day.

    1. Okay, dude they put the same amount of v-bucks in everytime, learn how to type properly, dances that are in the store will remain in the store, they are not moving into a battle pass, dances already in battle passes, such as floss and best mates are exclusive to that battle pass, personally, I’d love to have the worm and the floss, but the first battle pass I got was season 3, those are gone, I cannot get them, they were from season 2.

  12. It’s great that you’ve made a site like this available for anyone to see. I was contemplating which skin to purchase and somehow I completely forgot about the Snorkel Ops. Checked this website and I was reminded of the god like skin that is the Snorkel Ops. Love the site man, keep it up!!

    1. I love fortnite it is the best thing in the world i love the dances answer especially floss and the hype and best mate

  13. Can you please add gifs for each emote so I can see what they look like.If it’s hard it’s ok.I still love this website!!

  14. Do you think they’ll ever be a somewhat sexy dance? Something seductive? I’d love that for a myriad of my female skins. I’m looking at you Shadow Ops.

    1. Not sure if anything too sexy will make it into the game. I think they want to keep it fairly PG due to the age range of the fan base.

  15. Am I the only one waiting for the Rock Out Emote for like 3 weeks now? It hasn’t been in the shop for soo long time now.

    1. Hmm, I’ll have to keep an eye on this. It looks like the recent one was 500, maybe it was wrongly classified.

  16. The emote “Tidy” is very small compared to the others in the pictures. Other than that, I love these guides! It helps me so much!

  17. Ive been waiting for the emote section for soo long. Love your site, Do you play Fortnite?? If you do what platform do u play play on?? thanks Evident!