Fortnite Wallpapers (Season 11) – HD, iPhone, & Mobile Versions!

Check out a whole bunch of high quality Fortnite desktop and mobile wallpapers!

Looking to style up your desktop or mobile phone backgrounds? We've got a ton of high quality Fortnite Wallpapers that you can use. A bunch of these are from various events or loading screens that can be earned in-game and equipped. I'll be adding even more wallpapers as more quality images are released.

Newest Mobile Wallpapers


Want to see high quality versions of all the skins and cosmetics? Check out some of the following links:


Newest Desktop Wallpapers


Fortnite Desktop Wallpapers

The following Fortnite wallpapers are all sized to 1920x1080. Keep in mind that most of these were pretty much max resolution at 1080p.


Fortnite Mobile Wallpapers

All of these Fortnite mobile wallpapers are 414x736 and are high quality. These should size down well if you are using a 375x667 resolution device that seems to be most popular among phones.


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  1. Just wanna point out that the “Dusty Depot” loading screen is labeled as “Dusty Divot” Love what you’re doing keep up the good work!

  2. Hey, um I have a question. Where did you get the picture for Braniac? Pretty sure he’s not reactive. The only cosmetics that are reactive are the following: Deadfire, Shackled Stone, Dark Shard, Rainbow Smash, and Thunder Crash. No offense just making an observation. πŸ˜›

      1. Isn’t that what the umbrella thing means? Or does that mean #Fortnitemares? Idk but when I saw one for Deadfire it had the Umbrella and a Lightning Bolt as well so idk

  3. Just a reminder/update, no offense but um the Frostwing picture isn’t completely HD. I have a knack for finding the pixels that aren’t HD.

  4. Can you add one for Garrison, Grill Sergeant, Scorpion, Absolute Zero, Brite Bomber, Sushi Master, Funk Ops, Musha, Ghoul Trooper, Skull Trooper, Rook, Ragnarok, and Renegade Raider? You don’t have to by any means, but I think they’d be cool. Also, some of these might already be on here, I just took a quick glance and thought of some skins that would look cool. Thanks in advance if you add any!

  5. Hi bro , this is the best website mobile phone wallpapers for Fortnite , can you add a snorkel ops wallpaper for mobile please ? I love this website.

  6. Only wanna comment on few general things, The website design is perfect, the content material is real wonderful : D.

  7. These went above and beyond my expectations! Exelant job my friends! Much Love! ❣️

  8. I would love to see all of the images Epic has posted, for example (yesterday) they posted a picture of Highland Warrior (sorry if I got the name wrong) gliding down, and personally, I like that image. I would love to see more wallpapers, and in all honesty, I downloaded all 42 images for the computer. Keep up the hard work, just suggesting something!

    1. Hey, thanks! I’ve grabbed the majority of those images, unfortunately they aren’t all sized large enough to be used in wallpaper.