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Fortnite Wrap Skins List – Weapon Skins, Vehicle Recolorings

Our Fortnite Wraps list features all of the available skins that are available for customizing and recoloring your weapons and vehicles! Wraps are new to the game as of Season 7 of the Battle Pass, and they are likely to be a fixture of future seasons.

It's been a long time, but Fortnite finally gives you the ability to customize the colors on your weapons. This was rumored a long time ago when a folder was found in the datamined files called "WeaponSkins". We didn't learn too much more after that, but now with the release of Season 7 we can add "wraps" to the various weaponry and even vehicles.

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How do Wraps in Fortnite Work?

Simple, my friend! Wraps can be earned by gaining levels in the paid Battle Pass. Once you've gotten a wrap, you will want to head to your locker where you can equip them!

Fortnite Wraps Menu

Notice that you can customize the wrap for a lot of different items. You can put a different wrap on your Vehicles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and Pistols. The wraps can not only be seen by you, but other players will see how you customized your weapons. This is also pretty nice to coordinate your favorite weapons to your favorite skins and cosmetics!

Cosmetics/Skins Pages

You can see all of the skins in every type on our cosmetics pages!

Wraps List

Currently wraps are only available through the Season 7 Battle Pass. There will likely be more available every season from now on, but don't expect these to hit the item shop anytime soon.

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