Fortnite: For the Gnomes Telescope Locations

Epic seems to be getting sneakier with some of their releases, because there's another hidden quest that can be found after the 12.30 patch! One was teddy bear related, and this one is Gnome focused. We're taking a look at where to find all of the Gnome Telescope Locations in the For the Gnomes! challenge.

How to Start For the Gnomes!

This is a bit different than the Ted Offensive Challenge. You don't need to start it out by going anywhere, you just need to locate one of the Gnomes that is looking through a telescope!

All Gnome Telescope Locations

There's five locations in all, and they are all around Weeping Woods!

Location #1

This location is pretty far north near a curve in the river.

Location #2

You can find this location south of the first location, it's at the base of the large wooden bridge.

Location #3

Go west from location #2 and you'll find this near some large trees.

Location #4

Continue west from location #3 and look for some large boulders to find another gnome telescope.

Location #5

The final location can be found north and to the west of the river.

Credit to randomChievos for the screenshots, check out their video below:

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