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Fortnite Vault List (Updated for 8.11) – Currently Removed Items List!

Epic has created the Vault for Fortnite: Battle Royale. Items that they decide are bugged or not meshing with the current collection will be stored here to either be added again later or to continue to collect dust!

Our Fortnite Vault List Guide has a complete look at every item, weapon, and gun that has been temporarily removed from the game. We also take a deeper look at why the item or weapon was particularly problematic, and consider the likelihood of some of the items returning to the game in the future.

To help control the flow of the game Epic will periodically add items to the "vault" for various reasons. Either the item was obsolete, served its purpose, doesn't fit thematically with the season, or didn't fit in the game. The Fortnite Vault is where items go to rest, but could potentially return one day in the future!

Fortnite Vault - Removed Items List

Here's a list of the currently vaulted items in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Keep in mind that these items can be brought back into the game at some point, so while they are gone at the moment, don't be surprised to see one or two of these back someday.

Most Recent Additions

Impulse Grenades were removed from the vault in the 8.11 Patch.

Vaulted Guns List

Bolt-action Sniper Rifle - Vaulted in the 7.3.0 Patch

The Bolt-action has been a long mainstay of the sniper class of weaponry in Fortnite but finally hits the vault. It's not super surprising due to the relatively recent addition of the Suppressed Sniper which is nearly the exact same weapon in terms of damage.

Burst Assault Rifle: Common, Uncommon, and Rare - Vaulted in the 7.1.0 Content Update

While the the green and blue options for the burst assault aren't terrible, the gray version has been commonly joked about as one of the worst items you can get out of a chest weapon wise. We might've only needed the common one to hit the vault, but overall I'm fine with this change.

Burst Rifle: Epic and Legendary - Vaulted in the 7.3.0 Patch

Well, first they took out the lower quality versions and now they've removed the higher quality version. This is kind of a surprise, but the Burst Rifle is not a popular weapon and when you have people taking Rare Assault Rifle over the thing, it's probably not a good sign.

Crossbow - Vaulted in the 4.0.0 Patch

The crossbow has been vaulted in the 4.0 patch for Fortnite. This patch brought along Season 4 which came with a lot of big changes to the map. The crossbow was a pretty fringe weapon, only really used as a last ditch option or if you had no other gun available. The hunting rifle is much better, even without a scope due to the headshots being able to kill at any hp + projectiles arriving at their target faster.

Double Barrel Shotgun - Vaulted in the 7.0.0 Patch

An item that was loved and hated. The Double Barrel was extremely strong at very close range and rewarded you for stuffing the barrel into your opponent face and pulling the trigger. It also shot extremely fast, which could deal a ton of damage very quickly. It eventually suffered a nerf, and now in Season 7 has hit the vault.

Drum Gun - Vaulted in the 5.40 Patch

In the V5.40 content update the Drum Gun was added to the Vault! This is a surprise to many, but a welcome one to competitive players. The Drum Gun was looked at as a spray and pray styled weapon that allowed people to win fights they didn't really deserve to win. Due to the randomness of some of the spray, you could hit a bunch of headshots very quickly and rip through opponents. The Drum Gun also had a very large magazine, which made it great for spamming walls and continuing to put pressure on players. It was likely one of the best guns in the game, and the spray meta is going to likely be more balanced now that it's been removed.

Heavy Shotgun - Vaulted in the 7.3.0 Patch

I'm a bit surprised about this addition to the vault at this time, but I guess it makes sense. Now that the Pump Shotgun has versions in all rarities, the Heavy Shotgun is a bit redundant. However, it was a nice cross between the Pump and Tactical, so it did have a niche area where the gun fit. I'm interested to see the community reaction to this change.

Light Machine Gun - Vaulted in the 6.0.0 Patch

The Light Machine Gun was always kind of a fringe weapon, but it had its moments when the spam meta was popular and everyone was shredding walls down. One of the issues is that the gun was a bit too similar to the Mini Gun which made a lot more sense in the game.

Revolver - Vaulted in the 5.4.0 Patch

The Revolver has been added to the Vault in the 5.40 patch. It is not a great gun, but if you got into certain situations where you strung together a few head shots it was pretty fun to use. It is also really similar to the Hand Cannon, but not nearly as good. I believe this was a good vault choice overall, it makes the weapon pool stronger with its removal.

Semi-Auto Sniper - Vaulted in the 6.21 Patch

This has always been the leper of the Sniper weapon class in Fortnite. It never felt very satisfying to use, even if you were landing shots you weren't getting eliminations and people would just immediately turtle up once they got hit. It also felt different when you fired it compared to the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle which made it kind of awkward. This is just another situation where the gun is just completely out-classed by the other options. The Hunting Rifle, Heavy, and Bolt-Action Sniper all have one shot capabilities where this one is more like a slow firing Assault Rifle.

Six Shooter - Vaulted in the 7.1.0 Content Update

The Six Shooter was basically a worse version of the previously vaulted revolver. Which is sad because the revolver was a pretty bad gun, but at times it shined when you had nothing else and you one shot a freshly spawned player. This one gun, however, didn't even have that capability. It was mostly added as part of the cowboy/zombie theme they had during Fortnitemares, and have overstayed its welcome at this point. Overall, it struggled to fit into the game next to the hand cannon which is the far superior weapon.

SMG - Vaulted in the 7.3.0 Patch

Now the newer version of the SMG has been added to the vault. I'm surprised by this one, but the they've unvaulted the Suppressed SMG to fill the void which does make up for it. A lot of competitive players actually preferred the Rare SMG to the P90, so players like that will likely be disappointed.

Submachine Gun - Vaulted in the 2.5.0 Patch

At one point, there was three different submachine guns in the game. The standard SMG, tactical SMG, and the suppressed SMG. The original SMG was not a whole lot different than the tactical version. The standard SMG had a slightly larger clip and did slightly less damage than the tactical version. This was honestly just a smart move by Epic to reduce confusion and simplify/tighten up the game. If people can barely tell the difference between two items then it's usually best to get rid of one.

Technically there's a Submachine Gun now in the game, but it's not the same as this version.

Tactical SMG - Vaulted in the 5.0.0 Content Update

One of the new favorites to use for shredding walls and replacing one of their shotguns. This has now been moved to the vault in favor of the new Submachine Gun. The Suppressed SMG is still in the game, so there are still two main choices in this slot that use light ammunition. The new Submachine Gun comes in three rarities, but only common, uncommon, and rare. The Compact SMG was eventually added to fill in the epic and legendary spots.

Zapotron - "Vaulted" in the 1.6.4 Patch

The Zapotron was a very short lived weapon that existed in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was quickly removed because Epic didn't feel it fit in with the current state of the game. This must still be the case because it has never returned in any shape or form. Here's how Epic described it in the 1.6.3 patch release:

The Zapotron can be used to fire electric blasts in short bursts, or charged up to release an enormous amount of damage! Fire sparingly, as Cell Ammo is extremely limited. This weapon is only available in Supply Drops.

Keep in mind that the Zapotron was never technically vaulted. The vault as a concept didn't exist at the time, and the weapon was just removed from the game.

Vaulted Explosives & Throwables List

BoomBox - Vaulted in the 7.3.0 Content Update

The BoomBox was not a bad item, but it annoyed quite a few people with its existence. It was not long for the game, and I honestly wonder if we will ever see it again.

Bottle Rockets - Vaulted in the 8.01 Patch

These were a short-lived item that you could throw on the ground and have deal some damage to a structure. They were interesting, but largely inconsequential overall.

Chiller Grenade - Vaulted in the 8.00 Patch

Chiller Grenades were more of a theme based addition to the game and made sense during Season 7. Now that we're onto Season 8, these make less sense and have been removed for now.

Grenades - Vaulted in the 7.4.0 Patch

These throwable explosives have been in the game since the beginning! They weren't always super useful, but they could be good in the beginning of a game or to knock down an opponent out of a fortified area.

Guided Missile - Vaulted in the 6.21 Patch

Back into the vault goes the Guided Missile. I have to say, it's one of my least favorite weapons ever added to the game. In the original version, it forced you to turtle up pretty heavily and slowed the pace of the game to a crawl when someone was launching these from an unknown bunker. When they came back they were a lot weaker, but still not much fun to use.

Port-a-Fort - Vaulted in the 7.0.0 Patch

The original item that was coveted by players who hate to have to build. The initial reaction to this was pretty funny. A lot of players looked at these as somehow dumbing down the game, but they largely were only somewhat useful in certain situations. It is important to note that while the Port-a-Fort has hit the vault, the Port-a-Fortress is still in the game.

Port-a-Fortress - Vaulted in the 7.20 Content Patch

The humongous structure creating throwable is now in the vault. While this was a useful item, in a game where your inventory is severely limited, it just wasn't good enough to warrant a long term spot. You'd likely see this item in the early game, or in LTM's where players were playing more for fun.

Quad Rocket Launcher - Vaulted in the 7.20 Content Patch

A bit of a controversial item, not widely used by the greater population of players but was equipped quite often in pro scrims when it was found. It was very powerful for destroying structures and getting quick damage onto players.

Remote Explosives - Vaulted in the 6.0.0 Patch

Seems like Epic had a hard time balancing these. They were pretty weak at first, but then they made changes to how explosives worked and they became extremely powerful. They were at times one of the best items in the game and could take out structures while damaging people very easily. They then reduced the power again slightly and they seemed fairly tolerable. In the end, it looks like they couldn't find the sweet spot for them and added them to the vault.

Shockwave Grenade - Vaulted in the 7.0.0 Patch

This is an interesting one for them to vault. Now both the Impulse and the Shockwave Grenades are in the vault. I always thought the Shockwave was pretty interesting, but this might mean they have plans for a new item along the same lines as these. At this point in the game, however, there's so many movement based items that they might no longer be necessary. Shockwaves could launch you through structures and gave you immunity to fall damage, where Impulse would give you neither of those bonuses.

Smoke Grenade - Vaulted in the 3.3.0 Patch

This addition to the vault was a bit of a surprise and happened in patch 3.3 on March 15th, 2018. The smoke grenade is a pretty unique item in the game, and while not always useful, had usefulness as a way to escape or confuse an enemy. It wasn't long for the game, so I imagine we'll see it again at some point, or at the very least re-imagined as a slightly different item.

You can make the argument that Stink Bombs are the natural evolution of the Smoke Grenade.

Sneaky Snowman - Vaulted in the 8.00 Patch

These were not in the game for long, but they were a fun little item that I wouldn't be surprised to see again when winter rolls around.

Vaulted Traps & Placeables List

Bouncer - Vaulted in the 6.0.0 Patch

Bouncer was a surprise when it hit the vault in the Season 6 patch. It was a nice way to take back high ground and save yourself from people taking down your builds. The latter part of this became fairly obsolete now that Glider re-deployment has been added to the game and is going to be a permanent gameplay addition.

Ceiling Trap, Spike Trap, & Wall Dynamo - "Vaulted" in the Small Shield Potion Update

Once upon time in Fortnite, there was multiple versions of traps. These included the Ceiling Trap, which obviously would attach to the ceiling. It also included the Wall Dynamo, which would obviously attach to the wall. Finally, there was the Spike Trap which would be attached to the floor. These traps were essentially all combined into the trap we have today which is the Damage Trap.

These are very unlikely to return, the combination of these traps made the design a lot simpler. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see traps that do something other than damage you.

Chiller - Vaulted in the 7.0.0 Patch

This was Epic's foray into a different type of trap. It made some pretty fun clips early on, and allowed you to do some interesting things. You could slap on the ice cube and glide down a hill or down a ramp and propel yourself quickly forward. The problem, however, was they were largely only useful for meme-ing on people. Better players actually made sure to avoid picking them up, because the regular traps that deal damage are just so much better. We'll see if Epic has something else in-store for these, or if they will be gone for good.

Jump Pad (Directional), Jump Pad (Up)

Believe it or not, there were two "jump pads" in the game at one point. One would jump you in the direction you were heading when you hit the pad, and one would jump you upwards. These were eventually removed from the game and combined at a later date to create the Bouncer.

Vaulted Vehicles List

All Terrain Kart - Vaulted in the 8.00 Patch

With Lazy Links being earthquaked off the map, I guess it was time for the ATK and the actual first real vehicle to be thrown into the vault. These were good for squads and quite fun to use early on, but they were outclassed by the quadcrashers and especially by the X-4 Stormwing. Will these be back? I wouldn't be surprised if they end up back in the game somehow, but there's likely other squad based vehicles to be made in the future.

Shopping Cart - Vaulted in the 8.00 Patch

These stayed in the game for a surprisingly long time even when they were barely ever used. While they were a good first venture into vehicles for Fortnite, they ended up being pretty bad overall when all the other vehicles got added. They were super slow and you basically got destroyed if you tried to use them. I would be surprised to see these back in the game without a major overhaul.

X-4 Stormwing - Vaulted in the 8.00 Patch

Boy were these a controversial topic. Most competitive players hated these because they would disrupt fights and lead to a lot of third partying. At first they were really overpowered, but after a few nerfs they seemed to become more tolerable. While pro players were pretty unanimous about these, a lot of more casual people seemed to really enjoy them. So, while they are gone for now, I won't be surprised to see them end up back in the game at some point.

Vaulted Consumables & Miscellaneous List

Grappler - Vaulted in the 7.20 Content Patch

The 7.20 put two pretty big entries into the vault. One was the Quad Launcher, and the biggest one is the Grappler. This was an extremely useful item that allowed you to take back high ground at a moments notice. With this gone, it's going to be a lot more difficult to recover your position if you lose out in a build fight.

Jetpack - Vaulted in the 4.4.0 Patch

The Jet Pack was moved to the vault in the v4.4 patch. While it was an interesting item and made for some dynamic plays, it was also made out-building your opponent less important which felt kind of bad. We'll see if the jetpack makes a return in the future, but for now it will hold a place in the vault.

Shadow Stones - Vaulted in the 7.0.0 Patch

These don't really fit with the rest of the items because they weren't collectible, but they were listed anyway. Shadow Stones allowed you to turn semi-invisible and kind of glide around the map. If you could get up in the air, you could phase forward and travel pretty far while doing so. These also allowed you to phase through structures and potentially get the jump on people. The problem for these though, was that once you came out of invisibility it took a while to actually pull out your weapon. So, if you tried some tricky plays to try and get the jump on someone, they could usually just shoot you in the face.

Mythic Items Vault List

Infinity Blade - Vaulted During Season 7

The Infinity Blade has been added to the vault according to Epic in an unrelated patch. It was the first of the "Mythic Weapons" that are being experimented with. They are off to an unfortunate start with these, due to the sword being overpowered. Here's the statement from epic:

Heya folks, We messed up and rolled out the Infinity Blade overpowered / without good counters, especially in the end game. The Infinity Blade has been Vaulted and we are re-evaluating our approach to Mythic items. Thanks for calling us out on this!


The other problem with the sword is that it was released only a couple of days prior to the big Winter Royale tournament. It had a pretty big affect in the tournament, and was widely criticized in the pro scene. Epic will hopefully test items like this a bit more thoroughly in the future to avoid situations like this one.

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    1. Interesting, I didn’t think about those. I believe they aren’t in the game anymore, but they didn’t show up in the patch notes being officially vaulted.

    1. Stop with the vaulting!
      Bottle rockets were added very late in season seven they got removed in two weeks at least that’s what I’m sure about

  1. This is not an item but they did have team killing in the first week of Fortnite BRs release. Then they got rid of it.

  2. Bring it all back, if you can use it, then have at it, because different people were better with different loadouts. Quit taking out the useful things.

    1. I think on April Fools Day, they should add EVERY vaulted item back into the game (yes, even the Zapotron) it could be a game mode, and I know “classic” game mode has SOME vaulted guns, but not ALL of them. Also, it’s on April Fools day so it wouldn’t be FOREVER they would have this game mode, It would just be one day. hope you like this idea! Have a good day!

  3. Evident, i liked the last layout ( of the guide ) better ;-; The one where there were…. names of the weapons and when u click on em, you go to the actual guide ( about that weapon )

  4. I want the drum gun to be back. You kkow what epic make a game mode where every vaulted gun got brought back i want to be old ninja and double revoulver and diuble sniper

    1. It wasn’t added to the vault, it was just removed from the game. I guess i’m going to have to add it just because people keep making this mistake.

    1. The jet pack was in the regular game and was vaulted, which is why it’s on the list. Port o Fort was not unvaulted, the Port o Fortress is still in the game though.


  6. I loved the drum gun(still love it) if i had to choose between a legendary scar,heavy ar i would still use a green or blue drum gun

  7. This is all sad. My three favorite guns were added to the Vault. They are the Tactical SMG, Revolver, and the Drum gun. I wish they kept the unvaulted mode in so i could play it more. I wish fortnite was back to normal.

  8. Epic,
    Can you please add some of them to creative and playgrounds? Maybe make a new mini game like disco dominations, but only with drum guns

  9. R.I.P Tommy gun (drum gun but this sounds better to me) you were my favourite weapon right next to the Dual Pistols.
    I’ll never be able to truly meme ever again

  10. Why did you have to take out all these stuff from Fortnite they were all good stuff (sentence involves drum gun) like right when you buffed the drum gun/Tommy gun you guys took it away real quicky and why the revolver to the revolver was a very good gun I mean I do like the six-shooter, but it shoots so fast and the accuracy is kinda bad. So if you get this message please bring back the Drum gun and revolver.

  11. Epic Games bring back everything in fortnite that you took out and make adjustments to the high powered thing and if there are any skins, emotes, or anything else bring it back including tomato town every one loved tomato town like i said just make adjustments.

  12. I remember when the game was full of SMG’s and saying that was kind of to much, but now I regret saying that they vaulted my favourite two SMG’s the tac sub and the drum gun now we are left with one trash SMG and one good one I hate the normal SMG. 😭😢

  13. please may you bring out all the stuff i like. like the drum gun, the smg, the jetpack, crossbow,bouncer and inpolse granade

  14. And I don’t see why they removed the revolver either. It wasn’t underused, it wasn’t OP. People didn’t ALWAYS use it. So why?

    1. It was way underused, hardly anyone used it. The only time most people used it is when there was no other gun available.

  15. I can’t even lie, they need to bring back the Drum Gun and Bouncers. I see kinda why they vaultedbthe drum filing, but BOUNCERS? Really Epic??

    1. pistol aint useless they can br op unlike the drum gun i feel like deleting the drum gun was an amazing idea only default skins used it it was not a weapon for pros some other spray and pray crap

  16. It wasn’t removed, but double shotgun removal was a fat RIP. It may have been for the better, but it was iconic, and really fun to use. Now there is pump SMG spray and pray method, which is honestly the most annoying meta ever.

  17. Tbh i’m upset about the revolver , it wasn’t very practical but it was a nice little item to have around and poke fun at. It didn’t break or contradict the meta in any way if anything it should’ve gotten a buff not get removed.


  19. They really was out here being dumb and vault the drum gun. Vault P90s🤦🏾‍♂️ I swear if they make a new smg instead of bringing back tac smgs I’m gonna scream

  20. Guys chill fortnite removed those for a reason,they removed it because you guys loved it so much that when you kept using it you were getting better with that item/weapon so you should really be careful on what gun you use and how to use it in a careful way.So it won’t get removed.🎮🔫/⛏

    1. Why not I liked the design but let’s face it real life crossbow bolts travel really fast and I thought that would be the same case in Fortnite but no they effed it up. Still like the game though

      1. Zapotron was a WAY to op sniper (150 base damage). Fun fact about the Zapotron, you could only get it out of asupply drop.

  21. Anyone else upset about the shotgun nerf AND the Llama nerf. i know i am i used to use the Llamas for there 500 mats because 1. im lazy and 2. im forgetful so the 500 mats were really helpful to me now that they get removed i actually need to set a reminder on my phone to tell me to get mats (before you make fun of me i got a medical condition)

    1. I never passed up a pump over a tac, now it’s just a shit idea to carry any close range weapon but a tac sub

  22. That’s dumb. No offense but let’s say you were in the military and you put down a landmine, then you were shot, your landmine wouldn’t just disappear, it could still kill someone

      1. The trap should not disappear. Really, you should watch out for them. I always check the walls and ceiling before entering a building.

        1. I agree with the idea of traps staying when the person who placed them dies, it helps you to be aware of your surroundings and to realize that the whole reason they are watching you is to see if you walk in to there trap, NOT TO SEE YOUR TERRIBLE DANCE MOVES

  23. can you take ou the pump because when i was so close to my enemy and i hit the in the head or body it would do 30 or less damage.

    1. Hell no man pumps are great plus you have ask epic games that plus why would they take it out in my proference its the best shotgun

    2. The reason you’re shotgun did 30 damage is because you’re so inaccurate. In case you haven’t noticed shotguns shoot multiple pellets at a time so if only to of the pellets hit because your aim was off by a bit it will do less damage.

      1. I’m gonna have to agree with Venturion because he’s right almost all of the pellets from a shotgun blast need to hit your opponent in the head or else its just not going to work (its happened to me and still does)