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Fortnite Beginner Guide – Starter Guide for Beginning Players

If you are just starting out in Fortnite our beginner's guide will get you up to speed on all of the most important things you need to know to slay your enemies!

Our Fortnite beginner guide will get you started in this newly popular f2p game. This guide includes beginner's information on gun rarity, guns, healing, building, and finding loot. We also go through each phase of the game so you will know how to approach the early, mid, and late game stages of Battle Royale!

Fortnite can be a tough game to fully grasp early on when you are just starting out. You have to adapt to the gunplay, but the biggest thing you'll need to wrap your head around is the building. If you have just picked up the game, I would focus more on learning how to shoot straight and then slowly start integrating building into the game. If you want to work on getting a grasp on building, head to a forest-y area where no one will likely be (Wailing Woods) and hack down a bunch of trees. Use all of these resources to practice your building while switching back and forth to your weapons. Building up this muscle memory will put you well ahead of most new players and set you on a track to getting wins!

Fortnite Beginner Guide

Fortnite Gun Rarity

If you've ever played Diablo or World of Warcraft you'll be fairly familiar to rarity colors. Each color denotes the rarity of the particular item, and the more rare means the better it is. This is no different in Fortnite, each gun has a rarity assigned to it, however, one of the unique things about Fortnite is that some guns start in the middle of the rarity tier or don't make it to the end of it. For example, the Tactical Shotgun doesn't have a Common (Gray) version starts as an Uncommon (Green). It also doesn't have a Legendary (Orange) version of it! Here's a list of the rarities available, as well as how they stack up against each from Weakest to Strongest:

Common (Gray) > Uncommon (Green) > Rare (Blue) > Epic (Purple) > Legendary (Orange)

When it comes to the guns, if it's a higher rarity it does more damage for that particular type of gun.

Keep in mind that all items have a rarity assigned to them. This includes items that heal you (Bandages, Medkits) as well as traps and grenades. These types of items only come in one rarity, so there's no version that is better than another.

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Fortnite Battle Royale Gun Information

Most guns are pretty self-explanatory but I will briefly go over some of the strengths and weaknesses of each type.


If you have to grab one in the early game it's better than no gun, but generally you want to get rid of these asap. The suppressed pistol is a pretty good weapon, but ultimately just about every pistol is outclassed by shotguns or assault rifles.

While pistols aren't the greatest guns in the game, they still have their uses. Learn more with our Pistol Tips Guide!


The masters of close-quarters combat! If you're starting out the Tactical Shotgun is the more forgiving of the two options, but if you get good with the Pump Shotgun it does a ton of damage if you are landing headshots. This is always your best option if you know the fight is going to be up close and personal. You should generally always keep one with you even in the late game.

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Not the greatest, but up close they aren't that bad if you are aiming at your enemies face. You will want to get rid of these pretty quickly, but they are serviceable until you find a better gun to replace them.

Assault Rifles

One of the best all-purpose guns but can be a bit random. The spread can be somewhat problematic at longer ranges, but try to shoot in controlled bursts for the best accuracy. The SCAR is the best version of the Assault Rifle, and the Scoped Assault Rifle is one of the best mid-to-late game guns.

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Sniper Rifles

These take a bit of practice to get used to, but once you get the hang of it can be devastating for long distance shooting. Sniper Rifle's have "Bullet Drop", which means the shot does not instantly hit the target and will drop downwards the further the shot travels. If you're trying to hit a moving target at range you'll want to aim higher and in-front of them.

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Rocket & Grenade Launchers

Very effective at destroying forts, but can also just be used to take out an opponent that's close by. The Rocket Launcher takes sometime to get to its target so take that into account. Grenade Launchers have a limited distance, so the further away your target is the higher you'll have to aim it.

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Other Weapons

There are a few other options available to you if you are looking for advanced ways to destroy your enemies.


You can't throw these very far, but they make for good ways to destroy your opponent's walls/base. You can hold the throw button to get a path for where your grenade is going to land, this is very useful if you are trying to toss them inside a house or fort. You can't "cook" a grenade, so you can hold the throw button as long as you want.


You will find these scattered in your loot and for the most part you will be disappointed when you find them. There are a few different types of trap, but they can either be placed against walls and on the floor or ceiling (you can safely walk over your own traps without triggering them). One of the best ways to use them is to just place them on the ceiling in front of doorways (people will open the door and walk right into it). Traps are located at the very end of your building hotbar. You can switch between them in your inventory area.

Fortnite Healing and Health Recovery

With healing and shields, it's very important to know each of the strengths and weaknesses of each item. I've rounded up some quick information below, but to learn more we have a full in-depth guide on the subject: Fortnite Healing and Shields Guide!


Bandages are the most basic of ways to heal yourself back up. Each Bandage restores 15 health and you can only heal yourself up to 75 with them. You can only hold 15 bandages in a single item slot.

Med Kit

A Med Kit will restore you back to full health. If you find one of these, it's usually best to just replace your bandages with it. Med Kits are slow and take a full 10 seconds to use, so be sure you are in a safe spot if you are going to use them.

Slurp Juice

A Slurp Juice restores 25 health and gives you 25 shield over 25 seconds. If you have Bandages, it's always best to use them up to 75 health BEFORE using the Slurp Juice so you can get up to 100 health.

Mini Shield Potion

Mini Shields are relatively new to the Battle Royale but they are for quickly shielding yourself. You get 25 shield for each one and can only use them up to 50 shield. If you have these and a full Shield Potion then it's important to pop these first so you can go to the full 100 shield. These are more available than the standard Shield Potion, and they only take 2 seconds to consume!

Shield Potion

A Shield Potion gives you 50 shield, you can use two of these to get to the max 100 shield. These take 5 seconds to drink, so don't try guzzling one of these if you are in a firefight. There's no real reason to save these unless you have a maxed out shield, so use this right away!

Chug Jug

The big daddy of healing items, this will give you 100% hp and shields if you can manage to find the whopping 15 seconds it takes to drink one of these!

Fortnite Battle Royale Building - Walls, Ramps, and Floors

One of the biggest differences between Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (besides it being F2P) is the ability to build. On the surface, it might seem like this is only somewhat useful, but you'd be very mistaken. Building might be the most crucial element to success in Fortnite Battle Royale. You use it to get on top of mountains, make cover, reach chests, slow your drop rate from high places, and then usually to build yourself a nice fort at the end of the game.

If you're playing on PC the first thing you do is bind your building hotkeys to better keys (F, V, or Mouse 4 & 5 are popular ones). You will want to have wall, floor, and ramp easily accessible, because you will be using these ALL THE TIME. Practice building as much as possible to get better, because of any skill this is the most invaluable in Fortnite. If you are taking any type of gunfire that isn't right in your face your first instinct should be to build a wall or a ramp.

The Ramp Box

One of the most useful things you can learn how to build quickly is what I'm calling "The Ramp Box". It is literally just four walls and a ramp, but being able to throw this together in a few seconds is extremely helpful in a lot of situations. It gives you cover from all sides, and allows you to peak out and throw shots at your enemy. You can also continue to stack on top of it and grow it higher using the same exact design.

Fortnite Battle Royale Finding the Best Loot

Most loot is out in the open, but one of the best options for finding loot is in chests. However, the absolute best items come out of Supply Drops.


You will find these throughout the world and they make a signature alluring sing-songy sound when you are near one. They also glow yellow when they haven't been looted yet. When you go to open a chest it takes a second to open it, so it's not a good idea to try to open one when there's another person around.

Chest Locations

  • In houses you can find them most often in the Attic, Basement, or Garage. Not all houses have these areas.
  • Some chests will frequently spawn in the same spot. Here's a few examples:
    • Tomato Town: There's usually a chest in the cashier area of the Pizza restaurant.
    • Retail Row: On top of the large water tower is usually a chest.
    • Anarchy Acres: In the stables there's usually a chest either above one of the entrances, or in one of the larger rooms with all of the hay.
  • Check dog houses there will sometimes be spawns. It's usually just easier to break the dog house because it's sometimes hard to access the chest.
  • If you break the Silos at either farm there's sometimes a chest in them.
  • Christmas Season: You can usually find a few chests spawning around the Christmas trees during the holiday season.

Supply Drops

Supply drops are harder to get because they will drop in random spots all over the map! However, these have some of the best loot you can come across.

  • Before a Supply Drop is dropped you will hear a plane followed by a beeping sound.
  • You will be able to see it in the sky slowly dropping, it's a balloon with a box attached to it.
  • There will be a target and blue smoke on the ground exactly where it is going to drop.

It's usually best not to just rush towards the area where it's going to drop. If it's early in the game, however, then you are more likely to get one without being spotted. The later in the game, however, more players will be keeping an eye on where they fall. If you don't want to wait and scope out the area, it's usually a good idea to wall around the area where it's going to drop so you are protected from gunfire.

Fortnite Battle Royale Beginner Tips

I'm going to try and cover some of the smaller things that will help improve your game or are good to know if you are just starting out.

General Tips

  • Wear headphones and don't play music. Listening for footsteps and which direction shots came from is extremely important.
    • This is only if you are serious about the game, if not just do what you want and have fun!
  • If you're on a slower computer make sure to drop your video quality down. The more frames you get per second the better off you are going to be.
    • In the Video Settings: Turn off Anti-Aliasing and put Textures, Effects, and Post Processing down to low. Turn off Vsync and Motion Blur, you can also Show FPS to see what other settings might help increase your frames.
  • Change key-binds so you can build faster. I mentioned this in the building section, but this is really important! You need Walls, Ramps, and Floors at a moments notice.

The Party Bus

  • It's pretty hard to avoid crowds of people when you drop out of the party bus. The map is actually pretty small and there's 99 other players dropping. Watch the path of the party bus and look for a spot that requires a bit of time to reach to reduce how many people you encounter initially. Unfortunately, some spots just attract a lot of people regardless of distance.
    • Some spots that are usually pretty quiet are: Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, Moisty Mire, and Flush Factory.
      • Spots like these are usually quieter because they don't have that great of loot.
    • There's also some unlisted spots on the map that are worth checking out. Between Tomato Town and Retail Row is a shipping area that usually doesn't see a lot of action.
  • Once you've engaged your glider and are approaching your final destination, you will need to start looking around you to see where other people are going to land and make note of it.
  • When nearing your destination look to land as quickly as possible! Landing on a roof and breaking through is usually a good strategy. Most houses have an attic space that isn't always accessible to the house below. This area usually has items/guns and maybe even a chest.

Early Game

  • If you get a good gun immediately, you should go take out anyone that is close to you as fast as possible. This is why it's important to know where people landed, because you can go try to kill them before they get a gun.
  • Don't just use your eyes, use your ears! Chests make an unmistakable angelic sound that you will undoubtedly recognize when you hear it. Chests are the best things to find when looking for early loot, so always make sure you open any you come across.
    • If you're indoors then chests are usually in the attic area. Make sure NOT to break the floor directly below the chest, because if you do the Chest will be destroyed!
    • If you and an enemy are next to each other let them open the chest (while beating them with your pickaxe!). You can sometimes grab the gun before they can and take them out for their troubles.
  • Be on the look out for small green boxes. These are Ammo Boxes, and a lack of ammo can be a common problem early and later in the game.
    • If you go into a garage there can be an Ammo Box on the shelves that are usually inside of it.
  • If you get a shield potion or slurp juice be sure to drink it right away if possible. There's no real reason to save it (unless you are maxed on shield & health), and it clears your inventory for more weaponry. Your shield maxes out at 100, which is two shield potions.
  • Get resources as quickly as possible! I can't stress this one enough, but if you are starting to run towards a new circle try hacking down trees along the way. You will be surprised how often you need more resources.
    • This is also why being aggressive and killing people is important, you can collect their resources which makes it easier for you in the late game.
  • The storm doesn't do that much damage in the early game, so while you need to pay attention to when the circle is going to close you shouldn't be panicked about it.

Mid Game

  • Be very aware of where the next circle is going to be. You don't want to be caught out in the storm, but you also don't want to rush and overexpose yourself.
  • At this point there will likely be drops happening, this is a good chance to get really good loot. However, it's best to scope it out from afar and let anyone nearby make the first move. If your luck holds you'll be able to take them out and get the loot.
    • If you do intend on grabbing the drop then make sure you wall around it. There's a blue target on the ground exactly where it's going to land so build a box around that spot.
    • If there's a tree or anything in the path of the drop it will land on it.
    • If you have a lot of ammo and just want to hurry the drop along you can shoot the balloon to make it drop faster.
  • It might be tempting to camp, but this is rarely a winning play. If you don't have a good amount of ammo and resources you are going to struggle in the late game.
  • The storm in the mid-and-late game starts to do quite a bit more damage so don't find yourself caught out by it.

Late Game

  • This is where you will want to start looking for a way to get well into the circle and build a fort if this is your style of play.
    • Build the fort tall so you can get a good look at your surroundings.
    • Try not to peak your head out of the fort if you don't have to. You can usually look around without peaking and in the late game most players have a Sniper Rifle or Scoped AR.
  • Try to make note as much as possible of where each person is, you can tell how many people are left in the game under the mini-map (this number includes you, so subtract by 1!).
  • If you've got one then this is where Rocket and Grenade Launchers are extremely powerful. Take out your opponent's structures, and if you have enough ammo use them to blast your opponent. You don't need that great of aim to 'splode someone.
    • Grenades are also good, just be careful not to get caught out in the open trying to chuck them.
  • More aggressive players might try to utilize the jump pad to flank around you. Always be aware of the skies even when you think you are safe, a player is pretty much silent when they are gliding.

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