Fortnite Best Weapons and Guns List – Season 9’s Top Weapons in the Game!

Our Fortnite best guns guide lists the top guns in the game for taking on your opponent and securing victory!

Our Fortnite Best Weapons list features the best guns for you to use on your way to victory! These weapons are the top choice for when you have multiple options at your disposal. This list has been updated for Season 9 of the battle pass!

I'm taking multiple things into account when I consider the best guns in Fortnite. Damage is a big factor, but not the only one. You also need to consider firing rate, which is particularly important for spray heavy weapons like SMGs. Accuracy is also very important because the damage won't matter if you can't hit anything!

Season 9 Update

The Drum Gun makes a triumphant return to the list now that it was voted back into the game by the players. The Pump has been removed from the list because it was sent to the vault. The Combat Shotgun has been added in its place, and appears to be the favorite among the Shotgun options currently.

The Best Weapons in Fortnite

This list isn't ranked in any particular way, each of these guns is really good at what it does. No gun is great in every situation, explosive weapons are better in fort battles, sniper rifles are better in a long distance fight, assault rifles are better in mid-range fights and in general situations, and shotguns are the best for close range battles.

SCAR (Assault Rifle)

An accurate, mid-range, fast-firing assault rifle that does a good amount of damage. The only real negative about the SCAR is that it can be difficult to get your hands on if you aren't opening supply drops or getting lucky with chests or floor loot.

The SCAR and Suppressed version come in Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold) versions.

Drum Gun

Love it or hate it, the Drum Gun is one of the more dominant weapons to have ever been into Fortnite. The community voted it back into the game, and now it's back to spamming down walls and decreasing health totals. The ease of use with this weapon is what probably explains its popularity, you can pretty much replace your assault rifle with it because it's reasonable at mid-range and can deal a lot of damage quickly in close. With the Pump Shotgun being thrown into the vault, it is actually possible to now run a loadout that doesn't have a Shotgun.

The Drum Gun did get hit by a nerf, so it has definitely been taken down a peg or two. Some players prefer the Suppressed SMG over this due to its accuracy.

Epic & Legendary Infantry Rifle

The Infantry Rifle took some changes to get right, but now it's a very solid weapon to use in the game. In particular, the Epic & Legendary versions are very strong and can be used at a high level. They are now hitscan, and are very accurate and quick to give you first shot accuracy. I would still take a SCAR over them, but they are more than worth adding to your loadout.

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun is pretty far and away the better of the Shotgun choices. It fires quickly, has good range, and can deal some pretty good damage. While it's probably not as good as the Pump, players have come around to this weapon and it has found a permanent spot in many loadouts.

Flint-Knock Pistol

A bit of a surprise to me, but this pistol actually ended up being very good. The key is using it for movement, they operate kind of like the Grappler that would allow you to get back high ground if you got out built. Shoot the structure you are on and it will launch you straight up into the air giving you a chance to build up over your enemy. These also can do a ton of damage if you've got the accuracy to hit headshots. Keep in mind, that they do have a pretty big weakness in that they take forever to reload.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

The Heavy Sniper is just a super powerful weapon that does enough damage to finish someone in one shot to the body the majority of the time. If you think about it, most players are at around 150 hp (small shields or they might be at 75 shield and 75 hp). This gun does 150 to the body for an Epic and 157 with the Legendary. This means in most cases, you don't even have to aim for the head. This gun also one shots any structural wall, ramp, floor, or roof. Even if it's a fully constructed metal piece, you can still blow it away in one shot. If you are in duos or squads, you can easily time a shot with your friend to knock out a wall and then they can hit the kill shot. You can also surprise people with this in solos, and follow it up with another sniper or any weapon to deal damage or finish them off.

The Heavy Sniper Rifle comes in Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold) versions.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is one of your best options if you can get close to an opponent for a quick kill without too much struggle.

As a bit of a tip, try to shoot INTO a base rather than just shooting at the base. If you can land the rocket over the top of a wall you can destroy more of the fort and potentially kill your opponent. If you just shoot into a wall it can quickly be replaced and it doesn't do any damage. Another thing you can do is shoot a rocket towards a wall and then immediately shoot it out with another gun so the rocket has a chance to land on the interior of the base.

Another thing you can do with the Rocket Launcher is not show that you have it until you think you can get a clean shot with it. The rockets are pretty easy to block, but if they don't expect that you have it then you can get away a sneaky shot with it that they won't be able to block. Just make sure you don't accidentally blow yourself up!

The Rocket Launcher comes in Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (gold) versions.

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  1. gold storm scout sniper,gold deagle,gold heavy ar,gold bolt,gold semi bolt,gold guided missle,gold hunting rifle,gold tac smg,gold combat shotttttttay

  2. Hey Evident, I think the new Storm Scout Sniper Rifle should be added to the list. For one, it does decent body and headshot damage, and it has a magazine size of 6, so no need for constant reloading. It’s almost 100% No-scope accurate, and tells you where the next two storm circles will be, making it extremely useful in arena.

    1. I’ll consider it, you make a compelling argument.

  3. Since the pump is back I will use an smg but with the combat I’d think you wouldn’t need a smg over 2 healing spots

  4. R.I.P the Boom Bow. Yeah, it was kinda too overpowered, especially in large team LTMs. But it was really fun to use.

  5. Hey Evident, what’s your opinion on the Tactical AR?

    1. I’ve only played with it a bit in Wick’s Bounty so far, I think it’s pretty good. I don’t think I’d choose it over a normal Assault Rifle or the Drum Gun though.

  6. R.I.P pump shotgun 🙁

  7. wheres the suppressed smg ?

    1. I don’t think it’s one of the best, it’s not as good as the P90.

  8. Drum Gun is back….

    1. This will be updated once Season 9 hits, but the Drum Gun will very likely be on the list.

  9. My optimal loadout: Gold compact; gold pump; deagle (its still an absolute monster) 6 mini shields/3 big pots, depending on what I find; gliders.

    1. Note: I will take a heavy AR over any ar in the game, but I’m good with a deagle, so I use that instead.

  10. Hello!!!
    My favorite guns are the silenced smg, the hunting rifle, and the boom bow!!! Doesn’t mean they are the best guns though. Just fun to use.

  11. Hey Evident, please update this page. There have been major changes to some of these weapons that made them weaker, and the newer weapons so far have been powerful (Epic & Legendary Infantry Rifle, Boom Bow, Flint-knock Pistol, etc.)

    1. Thanks, I added those weapons you mentioned. I generally am slow to update stuff like this because it doesn’t get all that many views.

  12. Nope heavy sniper is the best gun according meh

    1. Agreed I use it as a shotgun

  13. my favorite weapons are pump, scar, sniper, and rocket launcher

  14. Minigun is under rated I think liek to be fair it like melts ppl ouve it Nd d heavy snipernis gud but takes to long to reload Nd scar are deadly Nd new pumps r deadly Nd deagles are gon pure shiteeeee

  15. The best guns to me are scar, pump, mini gun, and rocket launcher. They all are good and if you use them wise you can complete demolish your enemy’s. 10/10 best guns to use.

  16. The best gun is a shotgun to me and than a scar

  17. they are all good but my favorite one is heavy sniper.

  18. P90 is trash and Heavy Ar is best gun. How about Heavy Shotgun. Farther-range shotgun. Heavy Shotgun and Heavy Ar (Best Combo ever).

    1. The P90 is not trash

      1. Heavy Shotguns got vaulted.

  19. Why has the hunting rifle been removed? It’s still a good weapon.

    1. It is still good, it’s just not as good as it was due to the power of the Hand Cannon and the more frequency of finding other snipers.

  20. Balloons are op when mixing with rocket launcher. You can get easy kills. Easily jump over some one and while in air shoot a rocket at them then they’re dead, if not, they had shield so just shoot another one!

  21. Gold scar. Gold pump. Purple suppressed pistol. Slurp juice. Gold heavy sniper.
    Hands down is the best setup for three reasons. The pistol you can fire very fast and does fine damage. The slurp helps for surviving the storm, getting shield, and does 75 health/shield. The heavy sniper is at the end so you can get from your ar to your sniper (console). AR, Shotgun, Fast firing weapon, Healable, Sniper

  22. Scar hunting P90 For life brothers

  23. I think they should add a limited time game mode where you can use all the removed weapons & items from Fortnite (excluding reskins of weapons), such as the LMG, Dual Pistols, Guided Missile, Crossbow (Field Hunter version), C4, Drum Gun, Jetpacks, Zapotron and more! Though this would be very buggy so maybe nerf some of the weapons. They should also add the bouncer in this mode as well.

    1. Nice idea bro you should suggest it

      1. Some of those vaulted weapons are already in playground

  24. Should the Heavy AR (AK-47) be added? People are saying its a pretty good weapon so I think it should be added.

    1. We try to wait a bit and see how it goes before adding anything to the list usually.

  25. Also u should add the double barrel shotgun gun instead of heavy shotty and it sucks blue rpgs aren’t in the game or drum gun hit someone in face wit shot gun then spray wit the drum gun

    1. Double Barrel isn’t nearly as good as it was prior to the nerfs. It’s still good, but it’s more for competitive play these days.

  26. The new crossbow is good! Tons of damage to the cube monsters!

    1. It’s a temporary weapon though, not sure it should be on the list.

  27. i think the brust ar is best followed by heavy shoutgun next heavy sniper

  28. The best gun is the Supressed AR. It’s not the SCAR.

    1. I like the scar and supressed scar, but here’s the thing: A normal scar can kill a person in 3 hits, a suppressed scar cannot. I simply favour the AK because I’m really skilled with potshots, which makes the AK supreme. Also, at more than 50 meters, an AK will kill someone in 3 hits, but a scar will not, due to enormous range dropoff.
      Also, suppressed sniper is the best suppresed weapon, and the best sniper (except for the hunting rifle, but apparently, it has been vaulted).

    2. The suppressed scar does as much as the blue ar 33 damage the scar does 36 damage

  29. I don’t like mini guns and love hunting rifles.

    1. Miniguns are better for shooting down huge strong bases. So I have to agree. But the blue regular smg is pretty good

  30. To be honest i hate the drum gun and a lot of people will react to this as: ‘What do you mean bro!’
    But here’s why.
    Everytime i decide to swich my pump smg for pump drumgun i hit my first pump shot, switch over to drum gun and my aiming point is litterally on target and few bullets hit.
    For me the drum gun feels like one of the more rng based guns like LMG or Minigun.
    I prefer an normal SMG even though it does a little less damage.

    1. I see what you mean. The drum gun has a huge problem:
      When you are spraying with it, the reticle dot in the middle of the screen bounces around, and makes it feel like having aim assist, but really bad. (aim assist must be removed, it is too OP. Console players never actually earn kills most of the time, except for top ranked players).

      Suppressed sniper Scar
      Heavy ar

    3. All of your opinions are true, and I agree.

    4. the drum gun was a beginner friendly gun – its easy to get kills even if ur aim is terrible

    5. I don’t like the drum gone that much because it takes away all of your AR ammo