Fortnite Omega Skin Challenge – How-to Remove Armor, Full Armor & Pickaxe Skins!

If you are looking for what the ultimate outfit is for Fortnite Season 4, then it's the new tier 100 Omega skin!

The Omega skin is the Tier 100 unlockable skin in Fortnite Battle Pass Season 4! Learn all there is to know about this awesome looking skin with our guide below.

Fortnite Omega Skin Challenge

As with the Carbide skin, you can earn a bunch of awesome pieces of armor to go along with the Omega skin. At season level 25 you get a chest piece, level 35 are the leggings, level 45 grants the arms, 65 is the helmet, and level 80 gives you a super detailed lit up version of the full set! If you didn't purchase your way up to the Omega skin, then you will likely have reached these season level requirements by the time you get the skin!

Learn more about the tier 1 Carbide skin with our Carbide Skin Challenge Guide!

How-to Remove or Unequip Omega's Armor

Not a big fan of the armor on the Omega Skin? Well, you are in luck because you don't have to keep it equipped! You can unequip the armor by going to your locker, selecting the Omega skin, and pressing the following key on your particular platform of choice: PC - C Key, Playstation: Square Button, X-Box: X Button. Unfortunately, as far as we know you can only have armor on or off, you can't mix and match pieces. This might be something they add in the future, but for now it's all or nothing!

You can also check out the progression of the Omega armor below:

How-to Earn the Omega Onslaught Pickaxe

Once you've completed three of the Omega challenges (reached level 45) you will gain this awesome the awesome looking Omega pickaxe!

Omega Onslaught Pickaxe – Earned by Reaching Tier 100 & Season Level 45

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