Galaxy Scout to be released into the item shop tonight (July 31st, 2020!)

If you weren't able to participate in the Android only tournament that gave you a shot at winning the Galaxy Scout skin, then you will have your chance to purchase it in the July 31st/August 1st shop! This information was leaked a bit early by the Samsung Galaxy Store, which was shared by iFireMonkey on Twitter:

A follower of mine @daryann___ DMd me showing that the Samsung Galaxy Store has sent out a message about the cosmetics being in the item shop tonight a bit earlier than intended.

You will get a chance to purchase the Galaxy Scout Outfit, Stardust Strikers, Celestia Glider, and Star Scout Wrap. A few of these cosmetics will be grouped together in a Galaxy Pack Bundle that will hopefully be at a reduced cost so you can get the majority of the set for a deal.

This set will be available to everyone, you don't need to own an Android device or have a Samsung Galaxy phone. You do not need to own the previously released Galaxy skin either, these should be available to all and purchasable with V-Bucks!

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