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Scary Horror 2 – Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Get through Scary Horror 2 chapter 1 with the help of this in-depth walkthrough!

Scary Horror 2 is a point-and-click escape room game with an eery atmosphere that kept me playing for hours, but some of its puzzles were tough. If you've run into a tough spot, here's a complete Scary Horror 2 chapter 1 walkthrough to help.

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Complete Scary Horror 2 Guide, Chapter 1

Scary Horror 2 is an adventure escape mystery game divided into four separate chapters, and completing the first chapter will unlock the second one and let you progress through the game. Scary Horror 2 is riddled with environmental puzzles, and you'll need to keep an eye out for every detail in the room since any item can prove useful in advancing to the next room.


  • Use the bolt cutters (1) to cut the padlock (2), and take the hose inside the green locker.
  • Approach the green box (3) and solve the puzzle (Image 2) by arranging the blocks as follows:
    • Move block H to the left.
    • Move block G down.
    • Slide the red block to the right.
    • Move block E down.
    • Move block D to the right.
    • Move blocks A and C up.
    • Move block E up.
    • Move the red block through the opening.
  • Take the pipe clamp from the box and go back.
  • Approach the bathtub (4) and take the spoon at the edge of the tub.
  • Go back, approach the body/mannequin (5), and remove the plastic sheet.
  • Use the spoon to take out the plastic eye and take the key from the eye socket.
  • Go back, approach the pipe (6), and tie the hose to it.
  • Tap the hose again to lower it into the hole, and tap it again to go to the boiler room.

Boiler room

  • Tap the boiler (1) to burst the pipes.
  • Take the wrench (2) and inspect the bag (3).
  • Open the bag, use the key to open the lunchbox, and take the jackknife inside.
  • Tap the notebook twice to reveal a message, and take the paperclip.
  • Go back to the first room and approach the mannequin (4).
  • Use the paperclip on the jacket zipper and tap it to unzip the jacket.
  • Take the lightbulb inside the jacket and go back.
  • Approach the locker (5), use the jackknife to open the box on the bottom shelf, and take the boiler lever inside.
  • Approach the bathtub (6), unscrew, and collect the red valve using the wrench.
  • Go back to the boiler room and approach the boiler (1).
  • Add the boiler lever and slide the switches up (Image 3) in the following order: A, C, F, B, E, D.
  • Take the firebox key from the opened partition and go back.
  • Approach the pipes (7) and place the valve into the empty slot (8).
  • Turn the valves as seen in the hint (9) until the pressure gauge drops to zero.
  • Place the pipe clamp onto the pipe hole (10) and go back.
  • Go through the door (11).

Cage room

  • Take the piece of paper (1) and go to the vending machine (2).
  • Take the screwdriver on the vending machine buttons and go back.
  • Approach the puzzle (3) and rotate the pieces to make the picture (Image 2):
    • Turn pieces A, B, C, E, J, K, L, M, Q, S, and T once.
    • Turn pieces D, F, G, I, N, O, P, and R twice.
  • Take the butterfly net without a net and go back.
  • Approach the biggest cage (4) and take the net covering the cage.
  • Combine the net and the butterfly net without the net.
  • Return to the boiler room, move the box (5), and approach the vent grill (6).
  • Replace the broken light bulb with the one in your inventory.
  • Use the screwdriver to unscrew the vent grill and reveal a puzzle clue.
  • Return to the cage room and use the code 2631 to unlock the big cage (4).
  • Take the hand from the doll (7), move the boxes (8, 9), and take the small nail puller.
  • Go back and go to the boarded door (10).
  • Use the nail puller to remove the boards, open the door and enter.

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TV room

  • Take the handkerchief (1) and approach the mannequin
  • Take the triangular key from the mannequin's breast pocket and go back.
  • Approach the shelves (2) and put the jars in their correct positions (Image 2).
  • Take the key card from the opened wall partition and go back.
  • Tap the arrow button (3) to go to the other part of the room.
  • Approach the electrical box (4) and unlock it using the triangular key.
  • Connect the wires (Image 4) and pull the lever to turn on the operatory light.
  • Go back, move the white cloth (5), and take the doll head underneath.
  • Go to the chair and put the doll head and the hand from the doll onto the doll.
  • Tap on the straps to release them, collect the doll, and go back.
  • Approach the table (6) and take the sternum expander next to the doll head.
  • Go back to the first room and approach the bathtub.
  • Use the butterfly net to get the red Coce button (7) and return to the cage room.
  • Press the arrow button to view the second part of the room.
  • Approach the cupboard (8) and move the symbols (Image) to their positions as follows:
    • Move the eye symbol up.
    • Move the cog symbol down.
    • Move the padlock symbol left.
    • Move the key symbol down,
    • Move the knife symbol right.
    • Move the padlock symbol up.
    • Move the key symbol left.
    • Move the cog symbol right.
    • Move the eye symbol down.
    • Move the skull symbol right.
    • Move the moon symbol down.
    • Move the star symbol left.
    • Move the skull symbol up.
    • Move the eye symbol up.
  • Once the drawer opens, take the medical scissors and go back.
  • Go to the phone booth (9) and open the phone book inside.
  • Add half of a page with a phone number to the phone book to reveal the phone number 131-31-9X.
  • Dial the number, but dial 10 instead of X.
  • Collect the coin from the phone and go back to the other side of the room.
  • Approach the vending machine (10) and put the Coke button into it.
  • Put the coin into the vending machine and press the red button to get a plastic bottle.
  • Go back to the TV room and approach the mannequin.
  • Use the medical scissors to cut the stitches and place the sternum expander to open the cavity.
  • Take the punched card inside the mannequin and return to the other side of the cage room.
  • Go to the firebox (11), use the firebox key to unlock it, and take the fire extinguisher.
  • Place the bottle of Coke and the doll on the traps (12).
  • Open the door and enter.

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Fire in the hallway

  • Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fires.
  • Take the forceps (1) and approach the wall to the left (2).
  • Take the sticker from the wall and go back.
  • Inspect the briefcase (3) and clean the firefighting foam with the neckerchief.
  • Open the briefcase using your keycard, take the book, and go back.
  • Approach the clock (4) and place the punched card inside.
  • Set the time to quarter to three (2:45) and take the round handle.
  • Go back to the room with traps and approach the firebox.
  • Place the round handle on the small door and open it.
  • Take the icebreaker inside and go back to the TV room.
  • Use the forceps to take the red ball from the jar on the right.
  • Approach the bookshelf (5) and place the red book on the shelf.
  • Arrange the books to make a symbol (Image 4).
  • Take the piece of paper with the name Dr. Kilstomery underneath the bookshelf and go back.
  • Approach the table with candles (6) and take the paper.
  • Go left (7) and approach the filing cabinet (8).
  • Add the Dr. Kilstomery nametag to the middle cabinet and arrange the names in the following order:
    • Top cabinet: Dr. Montgomery
    • Middle cabinet: Dr. Schroeder
    • Bottom cabinet: Dr. Kilstomery
  • Approach the padlock and input the numbers 91 into the top row and 21 into the bottom row to unlock it.
  • Open the middle cabinet and take the scalpel inside.
  • Open the top cabinet, take the sleep gas cylinder, and go back.
  • Approach the table (9) and use the scalpel to cut the bandages and open the head.
  • Take the cigarette lighter from the head and go back.
  • Go back to the TV room, and go back twice to reach the boiler room.

Back to the boiler room

  • Approach the vent (1) and use the lighter
  • Collect the transparent tape and go back to the dentist's room next to the TV room.
  • Approach the filing cabinet (2), open the bottom drawer, and rearrange the photo pieces (Image 3).
  • Use the transparent tape to assemble the photo and take it.
  • Go back to the burnt hallway and approach the photo wall (3).
  • Place the photo onto the empty space and move the photos to their correct positions (Image 5).
  • Go through the secret entrance (4) to discover a secret laboratory.
  • Take the empty glass bottle (5) and approach the freezer (6).
  • use your icebreaker to break the ice and press the green button to thaw the ice.
  • Open the freezer, take the corrugated hose, and go back.
  • Approach the box to the right (7) and place the red ball inside the puzzle.
  • Draw the line without interruption (Image 6) and take the non-sharpened pencil underneath the puzzle.
  • Approach the cube (8) and arrange the pieces to create three circles.
  • Take the vial of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and go back.
  • Approach the chemistry table (9) and place the H2O2 bottle onto the table.
  • Sharpen the pencil using the pencil sharpener (10).
  • Go back to the TV room and approach the rat cage (11).
  • Combine the sleep gas cylinder with the corrugated hose and place the sleep gas cylinder and hose into the rat cage.
  • Use the forceps to take the key from the cage and go to the room with the dentist's chair.
  • Approach the chair and place the sticker on the chair.
  • Use the pencil on the sticker to reveal the code 681537, and take the sticker.
  • Go back to the burnt hallway and approach the door at the end of the hallway (12).
  • Use the code 681537 on the keypad to unlock the door and enter the morgue.

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  • Approach the table (1), take the instruction leaflet, and go back.
  • Take the paper (2), inspect it, and go back.
  • Approach the green panel (3) and arrange the numbers in the following manner:
    • 5+6+9=20
    • 7+8+4=19
    • 1+3+2=6
  • Collect the empty spray bottle behind the panel and go back.
  • Approach the sink (4) and take the fire glove sitting at the edge of the sink.
  • Tap the water tap and use the empty glass bottle to fill it up with water.
  • Go back and approach the table (5).
  • Use the key to open the box (6) and take the insulating tape.
  • Go back and then press the arrow button (7) to go to the crematorium.
  • Go to the projector (8), take the note inside, and go back.
  • Approach the white cabinet (9) and input the code 8697 into the padlock to unlock it.
  • Open the cabinet and solve the puzzle by swapping the tokens (Image 4) in the following order:
    • Slide token A to the right.
    • Slide token D to the right.
    • Slide token B to the bottom right.
    • Slide token A to the left and then to the right.
    • Slide token C to the left.
    • Slide token D to the right.
  • Look at the paper inside the red puzzle and go back twice.
  • Go to the secret laboratory and approach the green tube (10).
  • Arrange the symbols in the correct order (Image 6) and collect the film reel inside the tube.
  • Go back and approach the table (11), and place the luminol recipe page into the notebook.
  • Place the empty spray bottle onto the table, open it, and pour the chemicals from the page into the bottle.
  • Tap the spray lid to close the spray bottle and shake the bottle by moving it quickly across the table.
  • Take the luminol solution and go back to the crematorium.
  • Attach the film reel to the projector (8) and press the green button to start rolling.


  • Approach the boxes (1) and move them to reveal a secret door.
  • Approach the door and solve the puzzle by turning the inner circle to the correct position (Image 2).
  • Next, turn the hands on the four circles to point to the correct symbols (Image 3) and unlock the door.
  • Enter the door, grab the stick (3), and approach the boxes (4).
  • Tap on the box to open it and collect the hook inside.
  • Use the insulating tape on the glass shard (5) to create a glass knife, collect it and go back.
  • Use the hook to attach the minecart (6) and approach the button panel (7).
  • Collect the spray hose (8) and look at the wires (9).
  • Insert the wires into the correct sockets (Image 8) and go back to the panel.
  • Press the buttons, move the switches in order, and positions A-G (Image 9) to move the minecart.
  • Go back to the morgue and approach the sink (10).
  • Add the spray hose to the tap and turn the water on.
  • Collect the plastic organs and go to the scale on the table (11).
  • Place the plastic organs onto the scale so that the scale measures 1.784 kg (Image 11).
  • Take the glass eye from underneath the scale and go back to the secret door behind the boxes.
  • Go through the passage behind the minecart to reach the cafeteria.


  • Take the hairspray (1), approach the present (2), and unwrap it to reveal a puzzle.
  • Slide the glass eye into the empty socket and match the eye colors to close all eyes.
  • Take the luminous fluorescent stick from the box and go back.
  • Approach the red toolbox (3), open it, and take the wire inside.
  • Take the batteries from the radio inside the toolbox and combine the stick with the wire to create a rebar with a hook.
  • Go back to the crematorium and approach the furnace (4).
  • Use the fire glove to open the furnace and use the rebar to pull the magnet.
  • Use the water bottle to cool the magnet and collect it.
  • Go back through the secret door behind the boxes and use the magnet to collect the lockpicks (5).
  • Return to the cafeteria and approach the balloons (6).
  • Pop the balloons using the glass knife, take the electronic key card underneath, and go back.
  • Approach the cake (7) and spray the hairspray on the candles to get a can with fire.
  • Use the can with fire to burn the bugs and go back.
  • Press the arrow button (8) to move to the other part of the dining room.
  • Take the UV flashlight (9) and combine it with batteries.
  • Approach the cleaning cart (10) and take the can of grain from the bucket.
  • Open the door using lockpicks and take the metal brush inside.
  • Go back and approach the food counter (11).
  • Use the can of fire to burn the roaches in the mixer and take the olive oil inside the batter.
  • Go back to the minecart room and approach the cylinder (12).
  • Clean the cylinder using the metal brush to reveal a puzzle.
  • Solve the puzzle by rotating the pieces to form connected lines.
  • Take the crowbar and go back to the morgue.
  • Approach the table (13), spray the luminol solution, and turn off the lights (14).
  • Light the table using the UV flashlight to reveal the message DEAD.
  • Go back to the cafeteria through the minecart room and approach the keypad (15).
  • Use the electronic key card to turn the keypad on and type in DEAD.
  • Light up the diodes in the correct order (A-Q) to unlock the door and enter.

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  • Approach the security guard's desk (1) and take the red bandana to reveal a clue underneath it.
  • Go back, approach the padlock (2), and unlock it using the code 3467.
  • Use olive oil to grease the metal door hinges, open the door, and enter.
  • Take the wire cutters from the jacket and open the wooden cabinet with the crowbar.
  • Take the letter S with a magnet from the cabinet and go back.
  • Approach the table on the right (3) and move the blocks to the empty spots to solve the puzzle:
    • Move block A up.
    • Move block B left.
    • Move blocks C and D down.
    • Move block E right.
    • Move block F down.
    • Move block G right.
    • Move block H down.
    • Move block I right.
    • Move block J up.
    • Move block H down.
    • Move block K up.
    • Move block C down.
    • Move block O right.
    • Move block M up.
    • Move block N left.
    • Move block O down.
    • Move block P up.
    • Move block Q left.
    • Move blocks R, S and T right.
    • Move block E down.
    • Move block U left.
    • Move block V right.
    • Move block J down.
    • Move block W left.
  • Retrieve the cake knife and return to the cafeteria.
  • Approach the cake (4) and use the cake cutter to cut the cake.
  • Use the bandana to wipe the jewel case inside the cake and take the CD.
  • Go back to the security room and approach the desk (1).
  • Insert the CD and move the keys to the padlocks by pressing the arrows in the correct order:
    • Up, right, down, down, left, down, down, up, left x3
  • Take the key from the unlocked safe and go back.
  • Approach the door (5) and use the key to place it into the lock.
  • Match the teeth on the key to the ones on the lock and go through the door to reach the rooftop.


  • Take the brick (1) and approach the crate (2).
  • Use the crowbar to remove the nails, open the crate, and take the garden shovel inside.
  • Go back and approach the grill (3) and use the wire cutters to remove it.
  • Use your luminous fluorescent stick to light the vent and take the elevator button inside.
  • Approach the dovecote (4), open it, and feed the pigeons using your can of grain.
  • Take the headless mom doll on the floor and return to the cafeteria.
  • Approach the fan (5) and use the piece of brick to stop it from spinning.
  • Take the cogwheel behind the fan and return to the rooftop.
  • Approach the box next to the gap (6), place the cog inside, and arrange the cogs to draw a bridge across the gap (Image 3).
  • Go across the bridge.

Congrats, you've made your escape!

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Scary Horror 2 – Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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