Genshin Impact – When is the Next Banner Coming?

Information about the next banners coming to Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact uses a gacha system, and with every update, which is normally every six weeks, HoYoverse brings two or more new banners to the game. These new banners may feature a few new characters or a rerun of existing five-star characters—but a new banner is always in the works. This article will inform you when the next banner for Genshin Impact is coming and who will star in it.

Current Event Wish | Alhaitham | Xiao | Current Banner Version 3.4 first half

The first half of Version 3.4 runs from January 18, 2023, to February 7, 2023, and features concurrent banners, featuring the new five-star Dendro sword user Alhaitham and a rerun of five-star Anemo polearm user Xiao. They're accompanied by the new four-star Dendro polearm user, Yaoyao, as well as Yun Jin and Xinyan.

Five Stars in the first banner of Genshin Impact 3.4



Four Stars in the first banner of Genshin Impact 3.4

Yun Jin



All pictures are clickable and will take you to more character information. This includes all Talent and Skills, along with Ascension and Talent materialsif available.

Upcoming Banners for Version 3.4 second half

Genshin Impact has confirmed that the second half will feature concurrent rerun banners between two long-awaited characters: five-star Hydro bow user Yelan and five-star Pyro polearm user Hu Tao. Their accompanying four stars are currently unknown.


Hu Tao

All pictures are clickable and will take you to more character information. This includes all Talent and Skills, along with Ascension and Talent materialsif available.

Please take this information with a grain of salt, as HoYoverse has yet to reveal the official banners in the next update.

All pictures are clickable and will take you to more character information. This includes all Talent and Skills, along with Ascension and Talent materials, if available.

Epitome Invocation | Light of Foliar Incision | Primordial Jade-Winged Spear | Current Banner Version 3.4

This Epitome Invocation banner is featured alongside Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato in the first half of Version 3.4, which runs from January 18, 2023, to February 7, 2023.

  • Five Stars
    • Light of Foliar Incision (Sword)
    • Primordial Jade-Winged Spear (Polearm)
  • Four Stars
    • The Flute (Sword)
    • Rainslasher (Claymore)
    • Lithic Spear (Polearm)
    • The Widsith (Catalyst)
    • Sacrificial Bow (Bow)

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Standard Wish Banner | Wanderlust Invocation

If the Character Event Wish does not interest you, then the Standard Wish Banner may have someone for you! After 10 pulls, you are guaranteed at least a Four-Star or above item. Here are the Five-Stars you can pull:


All pictures are clickable and will take you to more character information. This includes all Talent and Skills, along with Ascension and Talent materials.

Fate Tracker

You now have an option if you want a system that can keep track of your Wishes and when you should be guaranteed your next Five Star. This Google Doc lets you know all of this (a thank you to DQueenie13 for creating it)!

Type in your correct details into the sheet, such as if the banner was featured, how many rolls since your last Five Star, and how many Primogems and Fate you currently have. It'll then calculate all the details, the odds of getting a Five Star, and how many rolls are left to get a guaranteed one.

  • Primogem/Fate Tracker + Rolls Calculator
    • You need to save a copy to use this. When on the page, go to File, then Make a Copy to do this. This will be a copy for you in your own Google Docs.
    • For questions, message DQueenie13 on the Genshin Impact Wiki page or through their Discord, zebra#4539.

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Genshin Impact – When is the Next Banner Coming?

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  1. Many banners youll get him soon!!!

  2. Cant wait for chasm!!!

  3. What are the banners with Xingqiu on them. I want him so baddd T-T

  4. is childe gonna have a rerun again ? i want him so badly and dont know

    1. I believe all Five-Stars will, but when is completely unknown. There’s rumours of a Ganyu rerun coming, but many leakers have already said it’s not happening yet.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this info it’s very helpful ✌

  6. When a character gets a rerun is that character will be on a character event wish or on the standard wish? And pls just one more thing do u know when kazuha is going to get a rerun?

    1. It is an character event wish. The Standard wish hasn’t changed I believe. Oh, that won’t be for a very long time. I thought Kazuha was still on at the moment?

  7. sorry if im late but do you know when diona will be on a banner again?

    1. That’s a good question! It has been a while for Diona, when all three that released with her have reappeared. Hmm, I think for Inazuma they’ll want heavy hitters to appear first, like Ganyu. But you honestly never know!

  8. Do you know when xiao is gonna get a rerun?

    1. Sadly not, but I think Xiao and Ganyu will be the next reruns we get. But that is pure guesswork!

  9. do you know when the next xiao banner guys i really want him

  10. Is diluc gonna have a rerun PLS

    1. I think he will, but not for a while. Only because he’s one of the five you can get from the Standard Wish Banner.

  11. Do you think Venti’s banner will return again (I really want venti lol)

    1. Not for a while! Due to already having a rerun, there’s a lot of other Five-Stars that are going to have a rerun before Venti comes back haha.

  12. When will Keqing and Ganyu have a rerun?

    1. Keqing not for a while, but you can get her in the Standard Banner if you wanted to try. Ganyu, we believe, will come sooner rather than later. But this is purely speculation!

  13. Me who got Diluc instead of the 5 star I want “Keqing”

    Like honestly if I got Keqing I would use bennet and Xiangling as an exchange for diluc and then Sucrose for better elemental reactions and I will have an overpowered main DPS.

  14. hello; I was wondering if there is any chance Zhongli will have a second rerun, even in the far future; a friend of mine wanted him very badly but didn’t get him.

    1. It will be another 6 months till his rerun(‘: usually that’s the schedule Genshin goes with for each character.

    2. Yes, there is a chance Zhongli will have another rerun. He was just removed, so it might be a while until he returns. Hope that helps!

  15. Do you know when the hu tao banner will return? I didn’t get her on the last banner

    1. In all honestly, you’re probably looking at past 1.8.

  16. Will xiaos banner be released? Bcs i really wants him.. since a while ago

    1. As far as I know it’ll be Klee, Hazuha, Albedo, then another new 5 star, then Xiao! So he’s coming, albeit in the distance(‘:

      1. You think Xiao will come before Ganyu? It really is interesting who will be the next rerun haha

    2. I think so. But when I have no idea sadly!

  17. HI! Do you know when there will be a Xiao rerun?

    1. Not yet sadly, but if I hear anything at all, the article will be updated asap!

  18. Hi! is there any chance that venti will come back again?

    1. Not for a while I believe. He’s already had a rerun.

  19. Do you think childe will ever be rerun? I want him so bad but I didn’t get him on this roll, I lost the 50/50. Can characters have more than one rerun is what I’m asking. Also any projections for when ganyu will be rerun? Thank you!

    1. He will in the future but not for a while, I think, due to him already having a rerun. Ganyu, I think we’ll see a rerun pretty soon (hopefully), but it seems that Klee and Zazuha are setting the stage for 1.6. So Ganyu maybe 1.7? It really is hard to predict!

  20. hihi, is yanfei a 4 star char? and if so it would make me so happy omg

    1. She is at the moment. It’s doubtful she’ll be bumped up to a 5-Star due to Eula. But everything is from the beta, so things are subject to change!

  21. They need to stop making cryo and pyro character and make dendro finally. Like, their playstyles aren’t even unique anymore.

    1. They need more Hydro! There are only four in the game!

  22. Hello!! Do you by any chance know if there is going to be a Klee and Albedo rerun?

    1. I wish I had that information, but sadly I have no idea! It’s hard even to guess, as they had a Tartaglia Rerun before a Zhongli one. No method to their madness!

      1. So is the next banner going to be zhongli?

        1. Eula or Yanfei and Zhongli will be first, we have no idea which one until the 1.5 livestream preview!. That is what the rumours are saying.

  23. Thank you admin for great info.
    When does jean rerun start? I really need her.

    1. Hey thank you for the kind comment, you’re very welcome! I wish I could tell you, but I have no idea. Once 1.5 begins we should have some more information!

  24. When will Ganyu banner come back, wasn’t able to get her back during January D:

    1. Probably not anytime soon sadly! I always missed her!

  25. will xiao banner come back and the other 5 stars banners?
    i need xiao i waste RM100 ;-; xiao come home

    1. Same I don’t care really about hu Tao, xiao is more important to save for next time

      1. Finally someone who doesn’t beg for Hu Tao.

    2. It will eventually but probably not any time soon! I think when update 1.4 drops, Xiao will become a booster character in a banner.

      1. By not anytime soon do you mean not this year, or just later this year?

        1. I wish I could tell you. I’m surprised we got a rerun of Venti so fast. So it really could be any time! If we go off Venti, he was the Banner when the game launched, then in 1.4 he’s the banner again. That’s half a year give or take.

  26. 3 questions,
    1. when will klees banner have a rerun?
    2. is the favonius warbbow good on ganyu?
    3. is it worth it to asced you world to lvl 6?

    1. i think klee’s re run is september of this year

    2. Happy to answer, though this is all purely my own opinion.
      1. She will do, but I have no idea when. There’s a lot of other characters that will probably get a banner before Klee, especially ones who are Five Star.
      2. It depends on what build you are going for, if you are after Ganyu to be Cryo-focused, then the Fanonius Warbow, equipped with the Blizzard Strayer set is a really good build for her.
      3. Once again it depends on the level of your team that you are using. The benefits of higher world levels are, higher enemy levels to get their third-tier loot easier. LVl 90 Artifact Domains become unlocked with give a guaranteed Five Star Artifact. Also you can level up characters up higher, along with their Ascension.

  27. Will there be another xiao banner??

    1. Probably not for a while! He’ll most likely come around as another boosted character, like Diona, and Xinyan did, but I reckon it’ll be months away maybe.

  28. is venti banner coming back in genshin impact 1.4

    1. There is a slight rumour about that. If Hu Tao doesn’t appear as the third character for 1.3. Then I would say it’s a 75% chance that Veni will have his own banner, like Keqing. If Hu Tao does appear, then I would say there’s a 33% chance. But having three banners per update makes a lot more sense than two, due to people have characters they want to pull again to get the Stella Fortuna.

      I’m intrigued where miHoYo will take it.

  29. So how current, or I should ask, where did the rumour come form that Mona will be the January 16th – February 5th banner? I really wanna roll her and saving up (which I already have for 1.2 in hopes of getting her or that update’s banner character instead) for it now will basically almost guarantee me getting her and I don’t wanna potentially miss Ganyu on false hope since I’d rather Mona.

    1. It came before the 1.1 update went live when the first leaks were starting to appear for 1.1. In all honesty, I wouldn’t put too much hope into it, as the rest of the leaks we had up didn’t come true. We only have that rumour up because it’s a rumour.

      I honestly wouldn’t hold out for a Mona banner to come on that date. I think Mona as a 5 Star character will come eventually as all 5 Star characters will. I would recommend attempting to get Ganyu and then save up for a Mona banner to appear.

      1. “Well, apart from the Keqing banner, which actually came early and included Mona.”
        Uhm… what Keqing banner??

        1. You’re right, actually. I think I lost my mind. I’ve been seeing so many leaks over the past months, I was adamant there was a Keqing Banner.

  30. If any of this information was correct, you should really not be mentioning their name. Let alone putting their user id. Cover it. Least you can do so they don’t get sued by mihoyo.

    1. That is not how leaked information works. The user in question talks about leaked information; they are not the leaker themselves – there is a massive difference between them. Also, that user is where I got my information from; it’s respectful to give credit. They can be asked to stop, but they cannot get sued.