God of War Ragnarok All Main Quest list

God of War Ragnarok is truly a revolutionary game in its own right. It offers its players more than 50 hours of gameplay with an exciting main storyline and side quests. Through the main storyline missions, you will lead Kratos and his son through the nine realms of Nordic mythology to prepare for Ragnarok—the prophesized […]

How to get 175 Cooldown to use Stunning Shield in God of War Ragnarök

Thanks to the large amount of armor, weapon, relic, and amulet combinations available in God of War Ragnarök, you can easily tailor Kratos’ build to match your playstyle. However, some Amulet Enchantments require specific builds to be able to use. Case in point: the Fossilized Keepsake. It can slowly produce a stunning shield, but to […]