God of War Ragnarök – Applecore Mines walkthrough and puzzle solution

Explore The Applecore and find Tyr.

God of War Ragnarök features all Nine Realms to explore, many of which contain dungeons to complete. The first realm you tackle is that of Svartalfheim, and your quest for saving Tyr and defeating Odin will take you to The Applecore.

The Applecore in Svartalfheim is a long dungeon with a few collectibles and puzzles to solve. You cannot complete a few spots, as you need a tool or power to progress there. You will need to return at some point to do this. Here is how to complete The Applecore in God of War Ragnarök.

How to complete The Applecore in God of War Ragnarök

Before entering the mines, you come across a runic shrine. Ignore this for now, as you cannot interact with it yet. Upon entering The Applecore, defeat the Wretches that appear and take the cave on the left. Go through the tunnel to enter a central chamber and defeat the enemies there. Loot the room and hop into the boat to proceed further into the mine. Disembark and make any purchases or upgrades needed from Sindri.

How to raise the claw in The Applecore in God of War Ragnarök - Puzzle Solution

Have Atreus shoot the door to reveal the first claw puzzle in The Applecore. Enter the small room and look through the gap in the stone. Have Atreus shoot the obstruction to get the water flowing again. Return to the main chamber and throw your axe at the marked location to freeze the trough and move the water wheel.

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Grapple across using the raised claw. Continue, grabbing the chest along the way, and have Atreus shoot the glowing door. Crawl through the tunnel to the next chamber. Once you leap the gap, defeat the enemies that appear. After, go to the right path to discover a lore marker. Turn around and follow the tracks up the left path.

Turn left at the gold ore and throw your axe at the bomb beside it to clear the path. Take the newly opened path to find a room full of enemies and treasure. You can use the left side of this arena to climb up and defeat the enemies up top. There will be a collectible in this area, so make sure to grab it. Return to the main chamber, and you will need to solve another claw puzzle.

How to raise the second claw in The Applecore in God of War Ragnarök - Puzzle Solution

Turn right from the claw and jump down. Climb the chain there and use the Blades of Chaos on the trough to turn the object. This will cause the water to start flowing. Go back and throw your axe at the trough above the water wheel to get that one moving too. Grapple across, and you will reach the lift.

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How to raise the lift in The Applecore in God of War Ragnarök - Puzzle Solution

While stationary, the lift is easy to get moving. Simply throw the axe at the trough to your right, and the lift will drop down. Take the lift up and exit, but don't go through the doors just yet. Instead, stop the water flow with your axe and lower the lift again. Jump on the roof of the lift and release your axe to ride the lift up and discover a chest. Drop down and go through the door.

Continue to your left, and you will come to a circular room. Defeat the enemies that spawn, grab the relic from the caved-in miner, and defeat the new enemies. Once the room is clear, enter the narrow gap and continue forward. There will be a few gaps to jump across; make sure to go down the path before reaching the chains and zipline to find a collectible. Then, return and have Atreus clear the zipline, then pull the chains to raise it. Zipline across.

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How to raise the third claw in The Applecore in God of War Ragnarök - Puzzle Solution

After ziplining across, you will need to raise a third claw. Take the left path, jumping across the gap, and send Atreus up. He will reach a crank. Use your axe to freeze the trough between you and command Atreus to turn the crank. This will drop ore that combines together and blocks the trough. Continue forward and freeze the trough at the water wheel to raise the claw. Grapple across to the moving platform and have Atreus clear the ore to progress.

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Before entering the door, turn to your left and collect Odin's Raven. Also, cross the narrow walkway and lift the metal door. Return to the wooden door and enter it. Go through the chamber and enter the low crawling tunnel. You will find yourself in a small chamber with a large barred door.

How to open the barred door in The Apple Core in God of War Ragnarök - Puzzle Solution

Have Atreus shoot the glowing bits on the door and go to open it. Several Einherjer will spawn—defeat them and return to the door. A cutscene will play as Kratos opens the door, revealing Tyr imprisoned inside. Free Tyr and give chase when he runs.

From here, the path is mostly linear, though there is some loot you can collect while pursuing Tyr and Atreus. Eventually, you will catch up to the pair and convince Tyr to join you. All that is left to do now is follow Tyr and Atreus out of The Applecore. Make sure to check the short side paths, as you can collect more loot. Once you arrive at the lift, activate it to exit The Applecore.

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God of War Ragnarök – Applecore Mines walkthrough and puzzle solution

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