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All Armor and Armor Set Bonuses in Grounded

Check out all these Armor sets!
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Armor is pretty important to have when going against huge bugs and insects in Grounded. If you want to stay protected and get some pretty sweet perks, you will want to wear a full set of the same type of armor. We don't recommend heading out against spiders, ladybugs, beetles, and stinkbugs without some good protection, so start crafting some of these right away.

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Grounded Armor and Set Bonus Guide

Acorn Armor

Acorn Armor will give you the set bonus Uncrackable, which increases the number of times you can block repeated attacks. Each piece of the armor will give you a boost to your Max Health, which adds to your hp so you can survive more damage.

  • Acorn Face Mask - 1 Acorn Shell, 5 Mite Fuzz, 3 Crude Rope
  • Acorn Chestplate - 3 Acorn Shell, 6 Clover Leaf, 4 Crude Rope
  • Acorn Leg Plates - 2 Acorn Shell, 4 Sap, 4 Crude Rope

Acorn can be found around the large oak tree to the north on the map. Mite Fuzz drops from Lawn Mites, which can be found pretty much all over but also have a cave where you complete one of the objectives of the Mysterious Machine quest.

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Antlion Armor Set

The Antlion armor set will give you two bonuses. The first is Sizzle Protection, and the second is Quickdraw. Sizzle Protection gives the benefit of extra resistance and immunity toward the Sizzle status effect. Quickdraw makes it so you reload Crossbows and Bows in combat faster. Because of this, we recommend using the Antlion armor set for ranged-focus characters, but you should also check out the Bee Armor below before you make this decision.

  • Antlion Helmet - 5 Antlion Part, 3 Silk Rope, 1 Boiling Gland
  • Antlion Poncho - 3 Antlion Part, 2 Antlion Pincer, 2 Silk Rope
  • Antlion Spurs - 6 Antlion Part, 1 Antlion Pincer, 3 Bee Fuzz

Roly Poly Armor

The Roly Poly Armor set will give you two bonuses: Stun Block and Invincible Shielding. Stun Block increases the enemy stun gauge while Invincible Shielding provides a chance to repair an equipped shield while blocking. Because of this, we recommend using the Roly Poly Armor on melee and shield-focused characters.

  • Roly Poly Helmet - 5 Lint Rope, 3 Roly Poly Shell, 5 Pupa Leather
  • Roly Poly Breastplate - 2 Roly Poly Part, 4 Roly Poly Shell, 7 Pupa Leather
  • Roly Poly Legplates - 8 Roly Poly Part, 3 Roly Poly Shell, 6 Lint Rope

Red Ant Armor

Red Ant Armor has some interesting bonuses, including Hauling Strength. This makes it so you can hold more Grass Planks and Weed Stem when you are carrying thems around. It's a nice bonus if you're doing a lot of building or collecting of resources. The full set bonus is the HumAnt trait. This makes it so other ants will leave you alone while you are wearing this armor. So, if you want to head down into the anthill for some ant eggs, you might want to take this with you so you don't get bothered.

  • Red Ant Helmet - 1 Red Ant Head, 3 Red Ant Parts, 5 Mite Fuzz
  • Red Ant Arm Guards - 5 Red Ant Parts, 2 Acid Glands, 2 Mite Fuzz
  • Red Ant Knee Guards - 6 Red Ant Parts, 2 Crude Rope, 4 Mite Fuzz

You can find a bunch of Red Ants at the anthill located not too far from the first Field Station. Acid Glands drop off of Red Soldier Ants, which are found in abundance at the anthill.

Black Ant Armor

Black Ant Armor provides players with two buffs: Stun and Pincushion. Stun increases the enemy's stun gauge upon dealing damage. Pincushion adds a chance to reflect damage taken back toward enemies. Because of this, we recommend Black Ant Armor for those who want a melee-focused armor set with a bit of defense.

  • Black Ant Helmet - 1 Black Ant Head, 3 Black Ant Parts, 5 Bee Fuzz
  • Black Ant Arm Guards - 5 Black Ant Parts, 3 Black Ant Mandibles, 2 Bee Fuzz
  • Black Ant Knee Guards - 6 Black Ant Parts, 2 Silk Rope, 4 Bee Fuzz
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Bee Armor

Bee Armor will give you two bonuses: Bow Stun and Pollen Shot. Bow Stun increases stun caused by bows in Grounded. Pollen Shot gives your arrows a chance to cripple enemies. Because of this, we recommend using Bee Armor for ranged characters.

  • Bee Face Mask - 5 Bee Fuzz, 2 Web Fiber, 1 Berry Leather
  • Bee Shoulder Pads - 4 Bee Fuzz, 1 Bee Stinger, 4 Berry Leather
  • Bee Shin Guards - 4 Bee Fuzz, 4 Web Fiber, 4 Berry Leather

Clover Armor

This is the easiest armor to get in the game, and you can get it very early on. Each piece will give you the Fuller perk, which means your hunger will reduce a bit slower. If you compile a full set of this armor, you will get the Moist bonus. Moist will makes so you don't need to drink as often and your thirst shouldn't need to be replenished as often as usual.

  • Clover Hood - 4 Clover Leaf, 1 Crude Rope
  • Clover Poncho - 6 Clover Leaf, 3 Crude Rope
  • Clover Shin Guards - 3 Clover Leaf, 2 Crude Rope, 2 Sprig

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Grub Armor

If you want to have additional maximum stamina, get each piece of Grub Armor. Grub Armor's set bonus is called Optimized Offense. It increases max stamina, which makes it great for offensive characters (or travelers who love to sprint).

  • Grub Goggles - 3 Grub Hides, 1 Raw Weevil Meat
  • Grub Vest - 5 Grub Hide, 2 Grub Goob, 4 Dry Grass Chunks
  • Grub Leggings - 4 Grub Hide, 4 Dry Grass Chunks, 2 Mite Fuzz

Grub and grub hide can be found in multiple places, largely dark and muddy areas. One reliable spot is at the oak tree to the north. Weevil Meat is found from Weevils that run around pretty much everywhere. We recommend looking for Weevils in normal grass areas. Mite Fuzz drops from Lawn Mites, which can be found pretty much all over.

Koi Fish Armor

Koi Armor gives players both Perfect Block and Dazzling Riposte as Armor bonuses. Perfect Block extends the time players have to perform Perfect Blocks in Grounded. Dazzling Riposte, on the other hand, increases the amount of damage players do toward enemies after preforming a Perfect Block. That said, if you want an armor set for a tank, we recommend using Koi Armor.

  • Koi Scale Helmet - 2 Koi Fish Scale, 2 Eelgrass Strand, 2 Lilypad Wax, 3 Silk Rope
  • Koi Scale Chestplate - 5 Koi Fish Scale, 3 Eelgrass Strand, 3 Lilypad Wax, 2 Sunken Bones
  • Koi Scale Greaves - 3 Koi Fish Scale, 2 Eelgrass Strand, 2 Lilypad Wax, 3 Sunken bones

Ladybug Armor

Ladybug Armor is a pretty strong set, and it will give you additional blocking strength for each piece you are using. This is useful if you're going to attempt to melee down the bigger bugs in the game. Learning how to get perfect blocks is the best way to take these guys down in an efficient manner. If you can put together a full set of Ladybug Armor, you'll get the Scarlet Embrace set bonus, which will passively regenerate your health!

  • Ladybug Faceplate - 1 Ladybug Head, 2 Ladybug Parts, 3 Berry Leather
  • Ladybug Chestplate - 2 Flower Petals, 4 Ladybug Parts, 4 Berry Leather
  • Ladybug Shin Guards - 5 Ladybug Parts, 4 Berry Leather, 4 Flower Petals

Ladybugs roam all over the place in general, so just listen for them pounding around wherever your traveling. Berry Leather can be obtained through crafting by using Berry Chunks. These can be found at the berry bush on the southeastern side of the map next to the house. Flower Petals are dropped from flowers which spawn on the banks of the river/pond to the north.

Spider Armor

Each piece of Spider Armor increases your Attack Stamina. And if you collect the whole set, you will get the bonus Hyperstamina, which will increase the speed of your Stamina regen.

  • Spider Hood - 2 Spider Fangs, 3 Spider Chunks, 2 Berry Leather
  • Spider Shoulder Guard - 5 Spider Chunks, 3 Berry Leather, 4 Silk Rope
  • Spider Knee Pads - 4 Spider Chunks, 4 Silk Rope, 2 Berry Leather

Spiders are pretty much everywhere. You can reliably find Wolf Spiders near the oak tree. Orb Weaver Spiders spawn north of the first Field Station and Ice Caps Mint Container. There's also a lot of spiders around the berry bush where you'll can get Berry Leather.

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All Armor and Armor Set Bonuses in Grounded

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