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How to Complete the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online

You got the set up, now to get the riches!

In our first article we showed you how to start the Cayo Perico Heist, from heading to the Music Locker to getting the Kosatka Submarine. Well, now it's time to show you how to get the money from it! Here is how to complete the heist.

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How to Complete the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online

Make Your Way to Cayo Perico

After interacting with the Planning Screen you will have a new waypoint that you will need to reach in order to meet two characters, Dave and Keinemusik (Keinemusik meaning No Music in German, which is funny as you just came from the Music Locker). Exit the submarine and use the dinghy request again from the Interaction Menu like before, and make your way back to land. This time you will be going to LSIA Private Terminal at Los Santos Airport at the bottom of the map.

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You will quickly find yourself transported to Cayo Perico after a brief cutscene with Dave and Keinemusik, except this time you are now with El Rubio. You will need to enter the driver's seat of the army jeep and drive him to his compound. Once there a little party will be in swing, when instructed to, leave the area without being spotted by anyone. When you are out of sight go left and steal a boat to travel to the other side of the island.

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Make sure not to be caught by any of El Rubio's guards or cameras. You will eventually find yourself on the outskirts outside of his compound. From there you will hear from your new friend Helmsman Pavel again, this time he will tell you that there is a communications tower that you can hack into so that you can find the vault with the help of CCTV cameras. The map will provide you with a general area to search for the tower, you will find it on one of the outlying areas at the edge of the yellow circle.

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Head up to the tower on foot, through the gate in front and climb up the ladder to reach a platform on the tower. The box will be on the right, approach it to be met with a prompt to start hacking the feed. When this starts you will have to complete a little puzzle first. There will be a panel inside the box with numbers showing. The aim is to wire the box so that the numbers on the sides add up to total the number at the top of the screen. Just simply connect the wires to the symbols that appear on the right of the box and alter them until they add up. The puzzle is randomized each time.

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Once you have hacked it, go through the different feeds until you find the one for the Basement Feed. This is where the safe is, turn your camera to the left and you will be able to get a nice shot of the open safe. After that continue cycling through until you reach the Office Feed, which is El Rubio's office. This will show you the finger print lock that he has in there which you will need to prepare for.

If you continue looking through the other cameras you may also be able to see bonuses such as weapons and money. It is also useful to look through them if you are doing this heist with friends, as you will be able to see what lurks at the different entrances so you know what to expect!

After the hacking, go to the North Dock where good old Helmsman Pavel will want you to take a picture of the water and send it to him. Continue on to searching the nearby warehouses and make sure to take note of what you see, as you can relay to Pavel what you would like to steal once you start the main part of the heist.

One thing that is absolutely essential are the Bolt Cutters, so make sure to go towards the water that is by the First Warehouse. You will find them just lying around on the edge, snap a picture and let Pavel know that these are to be picked up.

When you are happy that you have collected everything you need/want, go to the airfield. Pavel will need another photo but this time of the Control Tower. This is on the runway. After you have snapped that go back off of the runway to find the pilot waiting who will take you back to home sweet home Los Santos.

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Preparing for the Heist

Next you will have to grab all of the devices and gadgets needed to break in during the heist. These are dependant on how you want to approach the mission as well but you can collect them all.

For the stealth approach:

— Cutting Torch

For the loud approach:

— Demolition Charges

Mandatory Prep:

— Fingerprint Cloner

— Safe Code

As for the vehicle preparations, you can stick with the Kosatka Submarine if you would like, but it can be quite finicky. The Longfin option is a little bit cleaner and less time consuming if you are wanting to get through the prep stages quicker. Next are the preparation sections (we won't go into detail here). Just make sure that you definitely get the Fingerprint Clones and Safe Code.

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The Finale

In this instance we will be focusing on the Longfin, stealth approach as it gives you a few more options when undertaking the heist.

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When you are in your boat head back towards El Rubio's compound and go to where the warehouses are that you scouted before. Now you will have the tools necessary to break into the locked gates and grab some extra money and Cocaine bricks.

After this we recommend you go to The North Docks. This can actually be achieved alone if you are going solo. The gate there does not need two people in order to open it. So if this is a solo run for you then going there is a better bet to get some extra bulk for your bag.

The next stop after picking up some extras is the Drainage Tunnel, this is where your equipment will start to come in handy such as the Cutting Torch. You will also have some re-breathers equipped but you shouldn't have to worry about running out of breath once you get down there.

Once you are back in the compound make your way back up to El Rubio's office for some extra cash again and a key card for multiplayer situations. Along the way search for a key that's on one of the guards. Make sure to take care of the patrolling guards on your way there with some nice headshots. Suppressors will help with these as you don't want to alert anyone.

There is also a Juggernaut guard patrolling but he can be bypassed if you don't feel like dealing with him, he won't have the key. The guard with the key is randomized so it might take longer in some cases than others.

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When you have obtained the key make your way down the complex and down the stairs until you hit a gate, this is where you will use the gate key to get into the Underground Vault. This will lead you to the fingerprint reader which you will hack. To hack it match the jumbled up prints with the picture on the right hand side.

What item you steal from the vault is also slightly randomized, you will either have a necklace in a glass case, or you will have an object in the vault. When using the Glass Cutter for the necklace let it nearly overheat and then come off of the trigger letting it completely cool again.

After you have the item run for the main door and a cutscene will start as you exit the compound. After the cutscene you will see a guy stood next to a motocross bike, knock him out and steal the bike. Then make a bee line straight past the right hand side of the helicopter out front, keeping an eye out for the guard stood by it.

Continue straightforward up onto the hill, once you get to the cliff gently manoeuvre your bike down the drop onto a lower dirt patch. Then simply get off the bike and start swimming away from the island. You can catapult yourself straight off into the ocean using the bike but you will lose some money in doing so.

And that should see you with some riches from the Cayo Perico Heist! The potential pay out ranges between $1,000,000 and $4,570,600 - so doing the extra thieving about the island is definitely worth it.

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How to Complete the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online

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