How to Become a Beekeeper in BitLife

One of the objectives of the Honey, Honey challenge is to become a Beekeeper. On first look, many players may be confused that the job post may require educational qualifications like owning a degree in Biotechnology or agricultural engineering. But that’s not the case, as you can easily become a Beekeeper by graduating high school.  […]

How to get the Valorant Champions 2023 limited edition Collection bundle

With the Valorant Championship 2023 starting next week, Riot Games has released details regarding the much anticipated Valorant Champions 2023 limited edition collection bundle through their official Twitter handle. Since the 2022 bundle featured a Phantom, the developers have gone with a gold and purple theme Vandal that looks very similar to the popular Prime […]

How to respec in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

A lot of things have changed in Cyberpunk 2077 with the update 2.0, and one of the biggest changes is how your perks and attribute points work. Unlike in the previous versions of the game, you can no longer keep respecing your attribute points by spending some money, but there is one way to do […]

Can you Change Difficulty in Cyberpunk 2.0? Difficulty Levels Explained

Most role-playing games have a difficulty tuner, if not all of them. Cyberpunk 2077 is no different, as you can select from four different difficulty levels, which determine how hard the gameplay will be. In this guide, I’ve explained the difficulty setting and how to change it. How to Change Difficulty in Cyberpunk 2.0 To […]