All Mobile Suits in Gundam Evolution

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Gundam has become a worldwide phenomenon since its release in 1979. Unfortunately, it hasn't seen too much success in the gaming sphere. Gundam Evolution is looking to change that with its competitive gameplay, fan-favorite mobile suits, and free-to-play model.

All Gundam Evolution Units

Marasai (UC)

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Hailing from Gundam Unicorn, the Marasai is a mid-range fighter with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

  • Main Weapon: Fedayeen Rifle
  • G Maneuver: Sea Snake (Shock)
  • Active Skill 01: Fedayeen Rifle (Beam Blade)
  • Active Skill 02: Sea Snake (Ensnare)

Gundam Exia

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The lead Gundam in Gundam 00, the Exia is a melee specialist.

  • Main Weapon: GN Beam Dagger
  • Sub Weapon: GN Sword (Rush & Slash)
  • G Maneuver: Trans-Am
  • Active Skill 01: Quick Step
  • Active Skill 02: GN Sword & GN Short Blade (Spin & Slash)
  • Active Skill 03: GN Beam Saber


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Just because it's a Gundam knockoff doesn't mean it can't hold its own on the battlefield.

  • Main Weapon: Beam Spray Gun
  • G Maneuver: Homing Mine
  • Active Skill 01: Shield Bash
  • Active Skill 02: Detonator Bomb
  • Active Skill 03: Repair Grenade


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What the Guntank lacks in aesthetic, it more than makes up for in combat potential.

  • Main Weapon: Bop Missile
  • G Maneuver: Launch Core Fighter
  • Active Skill 01: Rush
  • Active Skill 02: Cannon
  • Active Skil 03: High Speed Recovery

Turn A Gundam

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Coming from its titular series, the Turn A Gundam is a technological marvel that makes good use of its surprising mobility.

  • Main Weapon: Beam Rifle
  • G Maneuver: Moonlight Butterfly
  • Active Skill 01: Nanoskin
  • Active Skill 02: Overhead Throw

Dom Trooper

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Providing heavy fire, the Dom Trooper can lock down any location and hold it.

  • Main Weapon: Giga-Launcher DR1 Multiplex (Projectile)
  • Sub Weapon: Giga-Launcher DR1 Multiplex (Beam)
  • G Maneuver: Screaming Nimbus
  • Active Skill 01: Adhesive Sensor Mine
  • Active Skill 02: Armor Gun


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A hybrid unit capable of transforming, the Asshimar pesters foes with its ability to quickly zip around the battlefield.

  • Main Weapon: Large Beam Rifle
  • Sub Weapon: Charged Shot
  • G Maneuver: Punch
  • Active Skill 01: Transform
  • Active Skill 02: Napalm Grenade

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GM Sniper II

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A long-range support mobile suit, the GM Sniper II can expose foes and pick them off safely from a distance.

  • Main Weapon: Sniper Rifle
  • G Maneuver: Sensor Visor
  • Active Skill 01: Jump Booster
  • Active Skill 02: Vulcan Pod
  • Active Skill 03: Recovery Gun


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A support unit through and through, the Methuss can buff allies' energy and health by attaching support cables.

  • Main Weapon: Arm Bean Guns
  • Sub Weapon: Repair Cable
  • G Maneuver: Energy Cable
  • Active Skill 01: Transform
  • Active Skill 02: Twin Shot
  • Active Skill 03: Gun Turret


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Nearly as iconic as the Gundam itself, the Sazabi is piloted by famed pilot Char Aznable.

  • Main Weapon: Beam Shot Rifle
  • G Maneuver: Funnels
  • Active Skill 01: Homing Boost
  • Active Skill 02: Beam Tomahawk
  • Active Skill 03: Enemy Search

Gundam Barbatos

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The Barbatos is a legendary Gundam with nearly unparalleled melee prowess.

  • Main Weapon: Mace (Sweep)
  • Sub Weapon: Mace (Smash)
  • G Maneuver: Alaya-Vijnana System
  • Active Skill 01: Boost Jump
  • Active Skill 02: Long Sword

Zaku II (Ranged)

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The Zaku is a mass-produced mobile suit that embodies the fighting spirit of the Principality of Zeon.

  • Main Weapon: Zaku Machine Gun
  • G Maneuver: Heat Hawk Smash
  • Active Skill 01: Smoke Discharger
  • Active Skill 02: Cracker Grenade

RX-78-2 Gundam

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The Gundam that started it all, the RX-78 is iconic and Gundam Evolution's take on it pays homage to this classic suit.

  • Main Weapon: Beam Rifle
  • G Maneuver: Super Napalm
  • Active Skill 01: Gundam Shield
  • Active Skill 02: Hyper Hammer

Pale Rider

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The Pale Rider is a good all-rounder with plenty of versatility and should be agreeable with many new players.

  • Main Weapon: Bullpup Machine Gun
  • G Maneuver: Hades
  • Active Skill 01: EMP Grenade
  • Active Skill 02: Hand Grenade
  • Active Skill 03: Repair Pod

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All Mobile Suits in Gundam Evolution

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