Halls of Torment Gold Farm Guide

Halls of Torment is a brilliant fusion of roguelite elements fused with Diablo-era graphics to produce an entertaining game I have spent much time playing. Gold plays a vital role in the game, just as it used to in all the games from which this one draws its inspiration from. Naturally, I immediately wondered about […]

Halls of Torment Tips & Tricks Guide

Halls of Torment is a very successful combination of old-school RPG graphics in the style of the original Diablo, with a roguelite element mixed in. Fans of Vampire Survivors will already know the basic principle of how this game works and what they need to do in general to survive… at least, that’s what I […]

Best Items for each class in Halls of Torment

I’ve fallen deep into the Halls of Torment, and I can’t get out. Okay, not really; my runs usually end in defeat, which frees me from the more difficult levels. That said, I’ve experienced victory, and this has taught me which items and classes to pair together. Items can drastically change a build, so it’s […]

Halls of Torment Tier List – Best Characters

Halls of Torment is a roguelite isometric-view fusion akin to the genre-defining Vampire Survivors and the famous ARPG Diablo made to captivate old-school fans like me. Bringing the Vampire-like gameplay into the retro realm has really paid off, as the game took the indie market by storm, bringing various classic character classes into the fold. […]