Best Full Desk Mousepads

Mousepads can be a pain point for many people, especially ones that either don’t seem to stay in place or just aren’t large enough for the amount of mousing surface they need. Thankfully large, full-desk sized mouse pads, or desk mats as they’re often called, have become commonplace. Obviously, exactly what size your desk is […]

Best Small Standing Desks

Standing desks aren’t all massive, motorized affairs that eat up your office space. Whether you’re after a converter to convert your existing desk or a completely new solution, there are many options available. For our purpose we’re considering any desk under the semi-standard width of 48 inches to be small, but we’ll notate individual widths […]

Best Small Mouse Pads

If you’re short on desk space, one of the first things you’re probably looking to cut is your mouse area. Out of habit, many of us use very large mousing areas, despite the fact that most higher end mice these days have adjustable DPI. This means it’s easy to tune your mouse to be very […]

Best USB microphones for streaming on Twitch & YouTube

Some would argue that audio quality is even more important than video quality when it comes to content creation. While viewers might be willing to put up with a slightly lower resolution, they’ll rarely put up with your voice being carried by a sub-par pinhole or headset microphone. Thankfully there are plenty of options available […]

Best Small Computer Speakers

Speakers and audio in general are touchy subjects for most people. We all have our minimum quality, maximum price, and preferred connections. This means that choosing a set of speakers requires hitting all your requirements ahead of time, which may be easier than you think given the wide array of great compact PC speakers out […]