Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List – All Cards, Ranked

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There are so many great elements to Harry Potter Magic Awakened, such as getting sorted into your favorite House, interacting with other players, and, one of my personal favorites, playing Quidditch. But the most important aspect of them all is collecting spell cards. After all, you'll need plenty of spell cards in your collection to stand a chance in your duels and battles. If you're wondering which cards you should really be looking out for, we have you covered with a whole list of every card ranked in tiers!

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Cards Tier List

These are all the cards in the game, ranked from S-tier, being the very best and most useful cards, to C-tier, being the least useful cards. These rankings are based on our own personal opinion and experience, so you may find you have a different perspective. Take a look below and try them out for yourself.

SAvada Kedavra, Crucio, Sectumsepra, Lightning Storm, Stupefy, Kelpie, Obscurus
ABroomstick, The Monster Book of Monsters, Protego, Episkey, Whomping Willow, Side-along Apparition, Expulso, Fwooper, Acromantula Nest, Fire Crab, Blast-Ended Skrewt, Glacius, Troll, Bewitched Snowballs, Matagot, Aguamenti, Fire Crab, Wizard Chess Pieces
BThunderstorm, Erumpent, Atmosphere Charm, Phoenix, Golden Snitch, Orb of Water, Fiendfyre, Norwegian Ridgeback Egg, Baby Antipodean Opaleye, Protego Diabolica, Piertotum Locomotor
CHowler, Incarcerous, Winged Catapult, Swelling Solution, Portkey, Essence of Dittany, Protego Totalum, Acromantula Venom, Oppugno, Cornish Pixies, Centaur, Spiders

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened All Cards, Ranked

All S Tier Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Avada Kedavra

It really can't be much of a surprise to see this curse at the very top of our list. Yes, it may be a curse, but sometimes the darkest spells do the most damage in battle. Avada Kedavra damages the first enemy in line of sight and begins to stack. Although it isn't an instant kill right off the bat, it can instantly kill targets after it stacks up to four times.


Crucio is another Unforgivable Curse but also happens to be, unsurprisingly, one of the best to use in battle. Like Avada Kedavra, Crucio has one of the highest damaging attacks, attacking a nearby enemy with increasing damage each time, plus it's capable of stunning enemies that are not wizards.


Sectumsepra is very similar to Crucio, and in some cases, it may seem like an even better spell since it is capable of ricocheting to an extra enemy at once and has a repeating effect. However, it deals less damage than the Crucio curse, which is why it is just slightly outweighed.

Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm is pretty much an improved version of the Thunderstorm card. It attacks randomly with fifteen lightning bolts with a decent amount of damage, plus it increases damage even more whenever an enemy is defeated. After five enemies are defeated, it can then attack all enemies at once, which is what makes it such a high-tier card.


Stupefy is subjectively a great card, although some people may disagree. However, in my opinion, it can be very powerful and useful in battle for knockback and stunning, plus it only costs 3 MP to cast. It is capable of knocking an opponent backward, and if that opponent collides with another enemy, it can damage and stun both of them. This means hitting two opponents with one card and possibly stunning them and setting them up for following attacks.


Kelpie is a Legendary card, and for good reason. It casts an AoE and swims back toward the castor, potentially damaging anything that sits in its path. When it makes contact with an enemy, it will place its AoE at that spot and repeat its swim back. This can repeat up to three times before it is returned to the castor. Its repeating attacks are what makes it such a powerful card and well worth keeping in your deck.


Obscurus may seem out of place for S-tier because it is so different than the other cards in the rank, but it is not one you want to overlook. This card allows you to become invisible and, while so, inflict damage to a designated area and also reduce their speed in the process. That means you can avoid taking damage while you are also dealing damage out. It is a must for particularly difficult solo battles.

All A Tier Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened


Broomstick is similar to Kelpie in several aspects since it is capable of flying out and returning to the castor, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. It only costs 2 MP, which is why it is so useful of a card to utilize, but it doesn't quite deal as much damage as Kelpie, which is why it sits just a bit lower in the rankings.

The Monster Book of Monsters

The Monster Book of Monsters may seem like a low-tier spell, and it really doesn't deal as much damage as some of the others, but it becomes the most helpful for its knockback ability. This monstrous book charges forward at the enemies, pushing them all the way back with its charge and then damaging them. This is a must for keeping melee enemies at bay and why it rightly sits toward the top of A-tier.


Protego is one of the best supportive, defensive cards in the game because it is able to protect multiple allies at once in a target radius by placing shields on all of them. These shields could mean the difference between life or death in a battle, and being capable of protecting multiple allies at once is a godsend.


Another of the best healing spells is Episkey. Although this can only heal one ally at a time, it still performs the most healing out of any other supportive spells and only costs 3 MP to cast. When it comes down to it, however, Protego is just slightly more helpful because you can protect more allies at a time.

Whomping Willow

We've all seen just how powerful the Whomping Willow can be in the movies, and that is still true for the card. Although the Whomping Willow is a grounded card, incapable of moving about the field, it still deals massive damage to enemies around it and can pull them in toward it, which works great for defense as well.

Side-along Apparition

Side-along Apparition is another useful supportive spell. It's not quite as hefty when it comes to healing, but it can pull an ally toward you, helping them escape a particularly dangerous situation and providing them with a little extra health.


Expulso is another card that may easily be overlooked because it is only Rare and costs very little MP to cast. However, these also make it a bit of a dark horse. Much like The Monster Book of Monsters, what makes it so great is its knockback ability. It causes a slight explosion in a designated area, knocking back enemies nearby it, and can deal some damage at the same time. This is super helpful for keeping enemies at bay and buying you some more time to cast more spells.


The Fwooper is another great card for stunning enemies, plus it is capable of targeting multiple enemies at once. It summons two of the Fwooper birds, allowing them to surround the targets and use their screams to terrorize them. However, if you're fighting other wizards, this will have no effect on them, which is why it isn't quite as high in the rankings.

Acromantula Nest

What makes the Arcromantula Nest so great of a card is its lastability. It is capable of summoning up to three tarantulas that deal damage, plus when the nest is destroyed, it leaves an AoE of venom on the ground, which also damages enemies. This can also be a great defensive maneuver as well, allowing you to distract the enemy long enough for you to cast more great spells.

Blast-Ended Skrewt

The Blast-Ended Skrewt is also a stationary card like Fire Crab and Whomping Willow but also has its own unique ability to help lower the MP of other movement cards that you have in hand to play. While this can be useful in certain situations to help you play out multiple cards at once, it is kinda expensive of a card itself, which makes it a little less convenient.


Galcius is another card that can be particularly useful for the defensive aspect. Although it doesn't deal that much damage, it can hit up to eight enemies in line of sight and freeze them in place for a short while.


We see the Troll very early on in the game, and it does stand as one of the better damaging cards, particularly with its third consecutive attack that can do up to 160% of damage. But with his heavy-hitting attacks also comes a bit of sluggishness which can put a damper on it, especially if your enemies have faster attacks.

Bewitched Snowballs

Bewitched Snowballs is honestly almost exactly like Glacius, but since it doesn't deal any damage, it is just a little bit less useful. However, it is still capable of freezing multiple enemies into place and keeping you defended and ready to set up another attack.


The Matagot card is another great card, similar to Sectumsepra, but of a lower scale. It is capable of damaging an enemy and then breaking off into another enemy when the enemy reaches 50% health. This is great for progressively breaking down multiple enemies and setting you up for success, but you'll need to follow it with another attack to really finish them off.


Aquamenti is very literally a watered-down version of Glacius. Although it doesn't freeze enemies, it sends out ten blasts of water that can increase in damage with each consecutive hit that it makes contact with.

Fire Crab

The Fire Crab is another stationary card, much like the Whomping Willow, which makes it great for attacking enemies in its vicinity. It isn't capable of turning around or moving, however, and unlike the Whomping Willow, it cannot pull enemies toward it, which is why it gets slightly outweighed.

Wizard Chess Pieces

The Wizard Chess Pieces sit just above B-tier because although it can be great for distracting and drawing enemies in, it is really just a mid-tier card when it comes to damage and other effects. It taunts enemies toward it, and when it is defeated, it turns into an AoE attack that draws enemies in and deals some damage.

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All B Tier Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened


Thunderstorm is almost exactly the same card as Lightning Storm. It just simply doesn't add up to the same amount of damage. However, in all other aspects, it pretty much acts the exact same. It casts 15 total strikes on random enemies, and if it kills five, it can hit all of them at once.


Erumpent is another kind of mid card. It can be great for stunning enemies as it charges out and prioritizes wizard enemies with its stun. So, it's great for solo dueling but really falls flat compared to other choices.

Atmosphere Charm

This is a lower-tier version of Thunderstorm and Lightning Storm, except there is only one cloud that is used, and it can only hit one target. However, it is a movable cloud that attacks any enemy near it and can reduce their healing when it hits them.


Phoenix is a Legendary card that is all about healing, and it is pretty great for healing. The Phoenix can be killed three times and still be resurrected for area healing before it is returned to the player's deck. The only downside to this card is that it is very expensive in MP and could potentially hinder you from dealing with the needed damage.

Golden Snitch

Golden Snitch is another supportive card, but it really is not entirely essential to your gameplay. It is capable of regenerating MP and movement for you and your allies. This is great to help make your battle smooth defensively, but since it is just used as support, it remains in the mid-tier B rankings.

Orb of Water

We all saw how epic the Orb of Water was when Dumbledore used it in the Order of the Phoenix, but you may be just a little disappointed when you try to use it in your own battle. This card if purely just for stunning enemies and is really only helpful when using it against non-wizard enemies since it will only ground wizards.


Fiendfyre is a Legendary card, but it is only really great in the right circumstances, which is why it falls lower in the rankings. Fiendfyre requires twelve units to be defeated before it can start attacking three units simultaneously. However, the best part about it is that it grows and increases its attack with each enemy unit that is defeated.

Norwegian Ridgeback Egg

This legendary dragon may seem like a heavy-hitting attack card, and it can be. The reason it falls lower in the rankings is that it first requires the dragon to slowly heal up to full HP to hatch out of its egg—only when it hatches can it send out three fireballs at random enemies.

Baby Antipodean Opaleye

The Baby Antipodean Opaleye is just like the Norwegian Ridgeback, only it doesn't need to hatch. While this may seem like it makes it better of a card, it actually doesn't since the Antipodean only hits one unit. The only advantage it has is its AoE.

Protego Diabolica

Protego Diabolica creates a blue ring of fire that will inflict enemies inside and is capable of manifesting dragons that will attack the enemies farthest away. The downside to this card, and why it isn't further up in our rankings, is that the enemies must be inside the ring to receive the most damage, so it will only work very well for countering stationary casts like the Whopping Willow or Fire Crab.

Piertotum Locomotor

This is probably one of the least useful Legendary cards, and that is because it is only really meant for drawing enemies in with its taunt and to help defensively. Defensively it can be pretty by helping you receive less damage.

All C Tier Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened


Though the Howler in the movies was all simply about embarrassment, this Howler is capable of so much more. The Howler is sent to a target's location and gives the target damage, stun, and uncontrollable movements. This can be very helpful in fitting situations, particularly from a defensive standpoint, since it really won't deal quite as much damage to take down an enemy.


Incarcerous is one of the better low-tier defensive cards. Especially if you're just getting started out, this can be a great way to stun enemies and buy yourself more time to build up your MP and cast another spell in succession. It only lasts for a very limited time, however.

Winged Catapult

Winged Catapult is pretty much exactly as it sounds. This summons a little mini catapult with wings that flies out and begins shooting back toward the summoner. Once its shot has made contact with an enemy, it will fire out two more shots directly at that same target. This seems pretty hefty, but the damage is minuscule compared to other attacks like this, such as Kelpie or even the Broomstick.

Swelling Solution

Swelling Solution is an all-out support card, which is why it only makes it so far in the rankings compared to cards that deal damage. However, in terms of its support, it could really come in clutch. This card throws a bottle of Swelling Solution into a target area. Any allies inside will increase size, movement speed, and attack speed, which could really help you get the upper hand in your battle.


Portkey is a lower-tier version of Side-Along Apparition. It pretty much has the same ability, teleporting allies and shielding them, but it isn't quite as useful when compared to the other card. It can come in use when trying to help out an ally that is in a particularly dangerous scenario.

Essence of Dittany

Essence of Dittany is a low-tier healing card; like most other cards in C-tier, it can be great for starting out but easily gets beat out by other cards in the future once you can acquire them. It will periodically heal players standing in the target area, but this means you must stay put in that area while waiting for the heals, and since it only happens periodically, it could mean death before then.

Protego Totalum

Protego Totalum is very much like the Protego spell since it is able to cast a shield around you and block some damage. However, it can only be cast on you. Because of this, it is honestly only useful during solo battles and will only protect you for a limited time.

Acromantula Venom

Acromantula Venom is a great starter defensive card. It casts an AoE venom on the ground that damages and slows the enemies that step into it. Although it probably wouldn't save you from being damaged, it can buy you more time and is more useful when you're just beginning your Hogwarts journey.


These were used to express Hermione's wraith, and they can express yours too by summoning these six ferocious canaries to charge at the nearest enemy and damage them. They don't deal knockback, and their damage is not that great, so it remains a lower-tier card compared to other similar ones.

Cornish Pixies

The Cornish Pixies is another annoyance card that is great for when you're first starting out but is easily out-damaged and outweighed by cards the more you progress. It summons three flying Cornish Pixies that attack the closest enemy, but, like the Centaur and the Spiders, they don't last very long.


The Centaur card is just one step up from the Spiders. Much like it, it isn't very useful in battle since it doesn't really provide much damage and tends to die fairly quickly. However, it is capable of ranged attacks which can be decent for some supportive damage.


The Spiders card is one of the most basic casts in the game. Yes, they can be great for a little distraction, but they work more as a brief annoyance that deals a tiny bit of damage than for anything else of real value.

This concludes our rankings of all the Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards. Let us know if you agree with our tiers or what you would do differently. Also, let us know your favorite cards to use in the comments below!

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List – All Cards, Ranked

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