Harvestella Crop Prices List

At least 50% of gameplay in Harvestella is devoted to farming. As a farmer, players will want to make sure they are earning a profit, so it’s important to keep crop prices in mind. Some crops in Harvestella are worth huge amounts of grilla, while others are dirt cheap. How much do crops cost in […]

How to beat Hydolanzer in Harvestella

At the end of the pathway in the Higan Canyon is where players can finally find the first boss of Harvestella. Hydrolanzer is shown to be responsible for the issues with the Autumn Seaslight. This boss definitely packs a punch, but fortunately, players get to grind up a very useful job on their way to this fight. […]

How to break big rocks in Harvestella

When you’re a farmer looking to make a massive amount of Grilla, you utilize all available space to grow crops. Every obstacle to farming is a personal vendetta that you must destroy to enable agriculture. Nothing comes between you and your hustle, including pesky rocks obstructing your farm plots. Here’s how to break big rocks in […]

How to unlock jobs in Harvestella

Harvestella combines action RPG with the farming simulator genre to create a unique experience. Typical of Square Enix JRPGs, you can learn various jobs or classes that give you new skills and playstyles. As you must unlock these throughout the game, you may wonder how to get every job in Harvestella. All jobs and how […]