Bomb Warrior Deck Guide – Counters, Deck Code, Mulligans – Rise of Shadows (RoS)

We're taking a detailed look at Bomb Warrior in the Rise of Shadows expansion!

Our Hearthstone Bomb Warrior Deck List Guide takes a look at this popular deck out of the Rise of Shadows expansion. It features synergistic cards that have released in the new expansion that seek to add as many bombs as possible to your opponent's deck! We've got a full deck guide below that has the most popular list for the archetype, mulligans, play strategy, card choices, and substitutions.

Warrior has been one of the more unpopular classes in recent months. It does have the Odd Warrior option, but it feels like that deck has been around forever. You can vary it up with the Fire Plume's Heart, but that's been around even longer. So, Blizzard appears to be pushing Warrior towards a bit of in-deck trickery with focus placed on adding as many bombs as possible to your opponent's deck and letting them draw themselves to death. Will this strategy work? Or will this be another Freeze Shaman that never gets off the ground and is never really supported again?

Bomb Warrior Counters

Bomb Warrior was pretty much thought to be the top deck in the early Rise of Shadows meta. As things have calmed down, a few decks like Tempo Rogue, Token Druid, and Mech Hunter have taken its place. Two of those decks are direct counters against Bomb Warrior.

Mech Hunter absolutely destroys Bomb Warrior. It is a very polarizing matchup, and you'll have a tough time beating the deck. Token Druid isn't as bad, but it's another counter to our list. If you want a slower option, then Khadgar Dragon Mage is also very good against the deck. The deck is able to create multiple large boards that Bomb Warrior can't really deal with. It is also too slow to really pressure the Mage, which gives it time to get to all its late game threats.

Bomb Warrior Deck List

Bomb Warrior has calmed down in popularity, but it's still a very good list for taking to the ladder!

2x - Eternium Rover2x - Loot Hoarder
2x - Omega Assembly2x - Augmented Elekk
2x - Town Crier1x - Captain Greenskin
2x - Slam1x - Zilliax
2x - Warpath
2x - Clockwork Goblin
1x - Rabid Worgen
2x - Omega Devastator
2x - Wrenchcalibur
2x - Brawl
1x - Darius Crowley
2x - Dyn-o-matic
1x - Blastmaster Boom
1x - Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

Deck Code


Bomb Warrior Gameplay

Bomb Warrior Mulligan Guide

We're looking for cheap minions in the early game to protect ourselves from more aggressive decks. If you know you're playing a slow deck, you can risk taking higher mana cards in your mulligan.

Always Keep

  • Eternium Rover - The main reason this card is in the deck is to protect us in the early game. So, we really want this in our hand when we start the game. It has good stats for a 1-drop, and it gains us armor which can protect us early on versus aggressive decks.
  • Town Crier - Not the greatest stats, but it's sturdy against any 1/1s we come across. The main strength of this card is that it pulls us out a Rush minion from our deck which is great for us because we've got some good ones in the deck.
  • Loot Hoarder - Good for a our turn two play, and will trade with any 3/2 minions that our opponent plays. We're just trying to get deeper into the game so we can start using our more powerful stuff, and this card will cycle itself and hopefully trade.
  • Clockwork Goblin - It's not ideal to keep a three drop, but in this case we don't have a lot of 1s and 2s that we can keep so it's usually best to just keep this. We do want this early so we can get a bomb into our opponent's deck to power our Blastmaster Boom.

Situational Keeps

  • Rabid Worgen - Best kept if we have a 1 or a 2-drop, but if you have neither you can still gamble on keeping it just to make sure you have something to play in the early game. This card is very likely going to get at least one trade, and we can hope our opponent will need to waste another card to finish it off.
  • Slam - If you know for sure you are going to need to take out some early game minion then it can be worth it to keep Slam. You can risk it particularly if you already have a 1-drop in your mulligan.
  • Wrenchcalibur - It's usually not a good idea to keep 4-mana cards, but if you've got a 1 and 2-drop or at least one card worth playing you can keep the weapon. This thing is strong, and it's best in the early game for taking down cheap minions. This one is also best kept if you are on The Coin.

Bomb Warrior Play Strategy

This is mostly a midrange deck with some ability to do some controlling things in the late game with some of its AOE. We're looking to keep the board under control, and add bombs to our opponent's deck in the early and mid-game. As we get deeper into the game, we will be able to start playing some of our more powerful cards.

In the early game we're attempting to defend the board and not allow it to get out of control. We have some decent early game minions with Eternium Rover, Town Crier, Loot Hoarder, Clockwork Goblin, and Rabid Worgen. Use these to trade and keep the board manageable. If those don't work and things are starting to get out of hand, then we've got some pretty strong AOE with Warpath and Brawl. Wrenchcalibur is also a strong early game card, and is a great target to be coined out. The more we're trading with the weapon, the easier we'll have it in the late game. This card also has the potential to add multiple bombs to our opponent's deck, and pairs with Captain Greenskin for even more bombs.

Once we're in the mid-game, we still have some pretty strong options. Darius Crowley can take down a minion and buff itself and force our opponent to use removal on him. Dyn-o-matic is a pretty good AOE option, especially with the amount of Mechs we have in the deck. Ideally, as we roll into turn seven we've gotten a couple of bombs into our opponent's deck, because this is when Blastmaster Boom can takeover the game. This ends up being a pretty problematic board for our opponent, and they might not have a way to deal with it all.

In the mid-to-late game is where we're hoping to get value out of Augmented Elekk. It's not a good early game card, but can be played in a pinch if you absolutely need to protect your face from a ton of damage. We're mostly looking to pair it directly with Clockwork Goblin or Wrenchcalibur. While this isn't a great early game play, you can sometimes play it on an empty board and hope your opponent can't deal with it. Then we play something that shuffles a bomb in the following turn to get value out of it.

By the late game we have hopefully added enough bombs to our opponent's deck that they start getting drawn for damage. Once turn ten hits, we've got Omega Devastator to deal with problematic minions, and Omega Assembly becomes a big value draw. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius can now shine as we will get value out of its hero power just about every turn.

Bomb Warrior Card Choices

Here's a bit of an overview on why each card is currently being used in the deck.

  • Eternium Rover - Solid early game card, that gives you some survivability.
  • Omega Assembly - Has potential to get you something early, or you can wait until the late game to get three cards out of it.
  • Town Crier - Really strong 1-drop that gets us a card from a pretty limited pool of Rush minions we've opted to put in this deck.
  • Loot Hoarder - Cycles through our deck and allows for trades in the early game.
  • Slam - We can combine Slam with a trade or an AOE spell we have and get a card. We need to get through our deck to the powerful pieces we have in the mid and late game.
  • Warpath - Good against token decks, but can also take down hardier boards with the Echo mechanic.
  • Augmented Elekk - Very good when combined with cards that add bombs into the deck.
  • Clockwork Goblin - We're looking to shuffle at least a couple of bombs into our opponent's deck to power up Blastmaster Boom. This is one of the cards that helps us with that.
  • Rabid Worgen - Good trade card that will likely get us a 2-for-1 in the best case scenario.
  • Omega Devastator - Good stats for the early game, and a great ability for the late game. This is a pretty versatile card, and works nicely in this deck especially with the Mech tag.
  • Wrenchcalibur - Strong weapon that will feed our Blastmaster Boom some bombs that we need to get him to maximum power. Great for taking out early game minions, and one of the main targets for using the coin on.
  • Brawl - More removal to keep your opponent from killing you before you fill their deck with bombs.
  • Captain Greenskin - Buffs our Wrenchcalibur and allows for more bombs. I don't think this is a required card for this deck and could be substituted pretty easily.
  • Darius Crowley - Great card for trading minions, and forcing our opponent to remove it before it gets too out of hand.
  • Dyn-o-matic - Some AOE for removing wide boards. The inclusion of this card largely will be determined on how well Paladin does in the future. If there's not a lot of low cost minions floating around, this card might not be necessary.
  • Zilliax - One of the most versatile cards in the game right now. It sees play in a ton of different decks, and I don't think that will stop soon.
  • Blastmaster Boom - The king of turn seven is back, and he's more powerful than ever. All you need to do is get two bombs into your opponent's deck to get a full board of minions in one card.
  • Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - Buffs your mechs and gives you a powerful new hero power. Warrior is one of the few classes that has a hero card still, so let's take advantage of that!

Bomb Warrior Card Substitutions

These are cards you can potentially run if you don't have some of the ones listed in the deck. Use your best judgement with how each one fits into the deck compared to the ones you are missing.

  • Upgrade! - Could be good for buffing our Wrenchcalibur or any other weapon we decided to run.
  • Shield Slam - If we want to go for a more control based build, we'd probably opt for some more protection with the bonus of card draw.
  • Seaforium Bomber - Solid bomb card with decent stats.
  • Supercollider - Very strong weapon that can help clear away annoying minions.
  • Archivist Elysiana - Strong card for late game situations where you and your opponent might be running out of gas.

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