Best Warrior Decks for Scholomance (January 2022) – Standard & Wild!

Warrior is your weapon-based armor class that can do a bit of everything! From the slow-paced Control Warrior to the fast paced aggressive decks it has used in the past, Warrior has been a well-known threat to anyone who stands in their way! We'll be taking a look at the best Warrior decks you'll be able to play with in the Scholomance Academy expansion. The class got some particularly interesting stuff to play with in the new expansion. That means there's hopefully going to be some new options to bring into the Standard or Wild ladder!

Warrior is a class of polar opposites. On one hand it has featured a super slow and controlling style of play that would extend the game to fatigue. On the other hand, there have been decks that are super fast and could have you dead by turn four or five! Pirate Warrior in particular was infamous for this and had multiple metas where it dominated. On the slow side, Control Warrior was a common topic of discussion, with some players loving the slow grinding play style, and others hating have to play long drawn out games that took forever to complete. Then there's Patron Warrior which was one of the higher skill decks that has ever been in Hearthstone! If you mastered it, you could dominate most other decks. The archetype was eventually nerfed, and became a shell of itself soon afterwards. Overall, the Warrior class has many high points, with decks that were on either side of the spectrum.

Best Warrior Decks for Scholomance Standard

The best deck for Warrior in the Scholomance meta right now is the Big Warrior deck! Big Warrior is probably one of the most standout lists of the expansion right now and is doing quite well.

Big Warrior Deck

If you're a fan of Control Warrior then this is about as close to it as you're going to get right now. It follows a similar gameplan, where you are looking to stall your opponent in the early game. Where it differs is that we're seeking to get big threats onto the board and beat our opponent down with them. Typical Control Warriors would just try to outlast the opponents with tons of armor and fatigue. The key to the deck is in Commencement and Dimensional Ripper. These will pull or copy big minions from your remaining cards and throw them on the board. If you can last long enough, you should give your opponent quite a bit of trouble with big powerful minions they have to deal with.

Warrior Neutral
2x - Athletic Studies 1x - Archmage Vargoth
2x - Shield Slam 1x - Scrapyard Colossus
2x - Sword and Board
1x - Whirlwind
2x - Corsair Cache
1x - Execute
2x - Bladestorm
1x - Bulwark of Azzinoth
2x - Shield Block
1x - Kargath Bladefist
2x - Reaper's Scythe
2x - Brawl
2x - Commencement
1x - Deathwing, Mad Aspect
2x - Troublemaker
1x - Rattlegore
2x - Dimensional Ripper

Deck Code

Copy Code

Prior to Expansion: Pirate Warrior Deck

While not as strong as in other metas, Pirate Warrior still remains a popular option for the class.

Warrior Neutral
2x - Imprisoned Gan'arg 2x - Southsea Deckhand
2x - Sky Raider 2x - Bloodsail Raider
1x - Upgrade! 2x - Parachute Brigand
2x - Corsair Cache 1x - Ironbeak Owl
2x - Heroic Strike 1x - Southsea Captain
1x - Ancharrr 2x - Dread Corsair
1x - Livewire Lance 2x - Hoard Pillager
2x - Skybarge
2x - Kor'kron Elite
2x - Mortal Strike
1x - Arcanite Reaper

Deck Code

Copy Code

Prior to Expansion: Egg Warrior Deck

Egg Warrior was one of the best counters to Demon Hunter which gave it a high place in the meta. However, after many nerfs, Demon Hunter has gotten less popular which has exposed Egg Warrior a bit more and it is not nearly as good a pick to bring onto the ladder.

Warrior Neutral
2x - Inner Rage 2x - Serpent Egg
2x - Risky Skipper 1x - Teron Gorefiend
2x - Sky Raider
2x - Armorsmith
2x - Battle Rage
2x - Corsair Cache
2x - Rampage
1x - Ancharrr
2x - Bloodsworn Mercenary
2x - Bomb Wrangler
2x - Livewire Lance
2x - Warmaul Challenger
1x - Kor'kron Elite
2x - Bloodboil Brute
1x - Grommash Hellscream

Deck Code

Copy Code

Prior to Expansion: Galakrond Warrior Deck

If you've got Galakrond for a particular class, then you can usually throw in all of the synergy cards and fill in the rest to make a pretty solid list.

Warrior Neutral
2x - Risky Skipper 1x - Captain Greenskin
2x - Shield Slam 1x - Kronx Dragonhoof
2x - Sky Raider
2x - Armorsmith
2x - Battle Rage
2x - Corsair Cache
1x - Ancharrr
2x - Bladestorm
2x - EVIL Quartermaster
2x - Shield Block
2x - Wrenchcalibur
2x - Brawl
1x - Blastmaster Boom
2x - Bloodboil Brute
1x - Galakrond, the Unbreakable
1x - Deathwing, Mad Aspect

Deck Code

Copy Code

Best Warrior Decks for Scholomance Wild

Wild can be a bit difficult to predict, so here's a look at some decks that have been successful on the Wild ladder. You will find that the meta of Wild doesn't fluctuate as much as Standard does when a new expansion is released. This generally only happens if one Standard deck in particular is very dominant. Normally, you will notice that just the most powerful cards out of the set find their way into decks.

Wild Pirate Warrior Deck

Wild has all of those great Pirates that have been released over the years and they clump together very nicely in the Warrior class. This is far and away the best deck for Warrior in Wild, and is a fast and reliable option for anyone to climb the ladder.

Warrior Neutral
2x - N'Zoth's First Mate 1x - Patches the Pirate
2x - Sky Raider 1x - Sir Finley Mrrgglton
2x - Upgrade! 2x - Southsea Deckhand
2x - Corsair Cache 2x - Parachute Brigand
1x - Ancharrr 2x - Sharkfin Fan
2x - Bloodsail Cultist 2x - Ship's Cannon
2x - Skybarge 2x - Southsea Captain
2x - Wrenchcalibur 2x - Dread Corsair
1x - Leeroy Jenkins

Deck Code

Copy Code
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