Hearthstone: The Void Singularity Decks & Deck Lists (Tavern Brawl)

Check out some powerful deck lists for The Void Singularity Tavern Brawl!

If you're looking for the best decks for The Void Singularity Tavern Brawl then we've got a full list of them! This brawl has your minions being destroyed immediately after you hit the next turn button, and their stats are sucked into a Void Singularity minion each turn. Either you create a new Void minion if you don't have one, or your minions will buff the one that's currently already on your board. The Void minion only receives stats, not the card text.

The Void Singularity Description

Beyond the Void's event horizon, all your minions become crushed into a single powerful entity of light. Build a deck and sacrifice your minions to The Void!

The Void Singularity Deck Lists

The decks you'll want to use tend to focus around deathrattle minions so you can gain stats while providing yourself with more of a board. The original deathrattle minion's stats are sucked into the void, but the minions it summons will spawn outside of it and last until your next turn. If you aren't being productive every turn, you will either want to destroy or stall your opponent's void minion before it gets too out of hand. This means Mage's freezing abilities are very strong if you are looking to counter the popular Hunter decks.

These decks all have posted a 75% winrate over this Tavern Brawl. Thanks to HSReplay for the codes.

Hunter: Deathrattle & Stats

2x - Arcane Shot2x - Glacial Shard
2x - Tracking2x - Mecharoo
2x - Freezing Trap2x - Ancient Watcher
2x - Hunter's Mark2x - Scarab Egg
2x - Deadly Shot2x - Deathspeaker
2x - Eaglehorn Bow2x - Humongous Razorleaf
2x - Kill Command2x - Carnivorous Cube
2x - Spider Bomb

Deck Code

Copy Code

Hunter: Mechs & Deathrattle

2x - Candleshot2x - Loot Hoarder
2x - Freezing Trap2x - Scarab Egg
2x - Hunter's Mark2x - Eggnapper
2x - Spider Bomb2x - Microtech Controller
2x - Savannah Highmane2x - Cursed Disciple
2x - Seeping Oozeling2x - Replicating Menace
2x - Rumbletusk Shaker
2x - Carnivorous Cube
2x - Mechanical Whelp

Deck Code

Copy Code

Mage: Freeze Mage

2x - Freezing Potion2x - Glacial Shard
2x - Breath of Sindragosa1x - Mad Scientist
2x - Ice Lance
2x - Frostbolt
2x - Research Project
2x - Arcane Intellect
2x - Forgotten Torch
2x - Frost Nova
1x - Ice Block
2x - Cone of Cold
1x - Cosmic Anomaly
2x - Fireball
2x - Polymorph
2x - Blizzard
1x - Pyroblast

Deck Code

Copy Code

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