Is High On Life canceled?

High On Life became an instant hit on Xbox and Game Pass, featuring the humor and aesthetics of the hit show Rick and Morty. Despite its popularity, High On Life has become an interest of scrutiny after the CEO of the developing studio, Squanch Games, came under legal attention and charges. This may leave fans wondering […]

High on Life Nipulon Boss Fight Guide

Nipulon is the penultimate bounty you need to acquire in Squanch Games’ High on Life. He is an alien that looks related to both 9-Torg and 5-Torg. As the penultimate bounty, he is a little more difficult to fight against than the bounties you acquired before him. After speaking with Helen, the Moplet receptionist you need to speak […]

High on Life Skrendel Bros Walkthrough Guide

In High on Life, you play a human teenager who is suddenly tasked with taking down the greatest alien bounties that space has ever seen. One of these many bounties is the Skrendel Brothers. These are a trio of cyclops brothers who each have their own fight before coming together to become one whole boss […]