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All Hogwarts Legacy Map Icons, Explained

Which way, again?

While the map in Hogwarts Legacy may look incredible, its functionality is another matter entirely. I found the Hogwarts Castle map, in particular, to be difficult to navigate due to its 3D structure. With multiple floors, nooks, crannies, and secret passageways, I needed all the help I could get to get around the castle. I can save you some trouble and explain all the Map Icons in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy's Hogwarts Map Icons

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The Hogwarts Castle Map is three-dimensional and beautiful but not terribly functional unless you understand its icons. Here are all the icons on the Hogwarts Map and what they mean:

  • Flag Icon: This denotes one of six sections of Hogwarts Castle. They are listed on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Floo Flame Icons: These icons look like a bowl of burning fire. The icon will be lit green if you have reached the Floo Flame once, unlocking it as a fast-travel location. If the icon is gray, you still need to unlock this teleport point. These can also be found on the Hogsmeade and World Maps.
  • Door Icon: These icons represent exits from Hogwarts Castle to the larger world.
  • Quest Markers: These are the shield icons with a small dot in the center. A Grey shield indicates the location of a side quest. A yellow icon indicates the location of a main story quest. These can also be found on the Hogsmeade and World Maps.
  • Sun Icon: Once you've progressed further in the game, you'll see a sun icon nearby the Owlery. Selecting this icon will allow you access to Floo Flame Icons for the Room of Requirement and the Map Chamber once you've unlocked them.

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Hogwarts Legacy's Hogsmeade Map Icons

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Your Hogsmeade Map in Hogwarts Legacy is, thankfully, a bit more functional than the castle map. Here are all the icons on the Hogsmeade Map and what they mean:

  • Parchment Icon: This is an icon for Tomes and Scrolls, where you can purchase Conjurations.
  • O and Wand Icon: This is an icon for Ollivanders, where you will purchase your wand.
  • Golden Snitch Icon: This is an Icon for Spintwitches Sporting Needs, where you can purchase and upgrade a Broom.
  • Potion Bottle Icon: This is an icon for J. Pippin's Potions, where you can purchase recipes, ingredients, and extra potions if you do not want to brew them yourself.
  • Wheat Icon: This is an icon for the Magic Neep, where you can purchase plant seeds, fertilizer, and extra herbs for your potions.
  • Scissors Icon: This is the location of Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium. Here you can change your character's looks, from hair to scars and everything in between.
  • Top Hat Icon: This is an icon for Gladrags Wizardwear. Here you can purchase additional pieces of clothing and gear.
  • Unicorn Horn Icon: This is where Brood and Peck are located. You can purchase animal byproducts for crafting here.
  • Star Icon: This is a generic icon to denote points of interest like Zonko's Joke Shop or The Three Broomsticks. You can highlight these icons for more description and to set a waypoint.

Hogwarts Legacy's World Map Icons

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The World Map of Hogwarts is expansive, particularly to the south. The map will fill in with color as you explore further. You should already recognize Floo Flame Icons from the Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade maps. Here are the other icons you'll find on the World Map:

  • Coat of Arms Icon: This is an icon showing the location of Hogwarts Castle in respect to the larger world.
  • Hog Icon: This is the location of the town of Hogsmeade.
  • House Icon: Small house icons indicate a Hamlet. This is where you'll find a cluster of houses and potentially a vendor or two.
  • Leaf Icon: These indicate the location of a Merlin Trial, which you can take on to increase the number of gear slots available. Don't forget to stock up on Mallowsweet before you go.
  • Spiderweb Icon: This shows the location of a spider's den.
  • Tent Icon: This indicates the location of a bandit camp. You
  • Cave Icon: These icons mark the location of a Treasure Vault.
  • Wizard in Robes Icon: This shows the location of a Battle Arena, such as the Dark Arts Battle Arena in the Forbidden Forest.
  • Pawprint Icon: These indicate the location of a magical beast den, such as Puffskeins.

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How to switch between maps in Hogwarts Legacy

There may be times when you are in Hogwarts Castle and need to fast travel somewhere in the larger world. To navigate between the three different maps in Hogwarts Legacy, move your cursor over and highlight either the left or right red bar at the top of the screen. Select the map you need to switch maps.

What's the difference between white and black flags in Hogwarts Legacy?

You may sometimes notice a Flag Icon on the Hogwarts Map turn from white to black, or a black flag might appear next to the map name on a red top bar. Black flags indicate that there is a side quest available to you in this area that you have not started yet. If all of the six Flag Icons on the Hogwarts Castle map are white, that means there are no more side quests available for you at the castle. The flags can also appear on the bars to swap between maps.

How to use Hogwarts Legacy's Waypoint system from the map screen

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Unfortunately, looking at the 3D images will tell you very little about how to get from one point to another, so use the waypoint system frequently! To do so, highlight almost any icon on any of the three maps, select it, then press the indicated button shown above to Track Quest and place a waypoint to that location on your current map and, more importantly, on your mini-map on the main game screen.

Looking for more help in Hogwarts Legacy? Check out How to access the Dark Arts Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy here at Pro Game Guides.

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All Hogwarts Legacy Map Icons, Explained

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