All Hogwarts Secrets and where to find them in Hogwarts Legacy

Time to expose Hogwarts Secrets in exchange for loot!

Hogwarts holds plenty of puzzles to solve around the castle and grounds, each requiring critical thinking and adept spell use. Hogwarts Secrets, in particular, are challenges you can complete around the castle that grant you special appearances, legendary gear, and access to those unique collector's chests. There are three Secrets in total, and here is a guide on everything you need to know about how to complete each one in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete all Hogwarts Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy

The Hogwarts Secrets are in a few different locations around the castle and do require you to use specific spells or have access to unique areas. You may have to wait to complete each as you progress through the main story. Here's how:

How to solve the Viaduct Bridge Hogwarts Secret in Hogwarts Legacy

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This Secret is located on the bridge connecting the Library Annex to The Great Hall. You can find it by using the Viaduct Courtyard Floo. On this bridge, you'll need to light up the braziers lining the sides of the bridge and turn the dials to the proper numbers to open up a secret entrance.

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At the far end of the bridge, locate a vent on the ground. You'll notice the symbols on this vent match up to the symbols on each of the braziers. This will tell you what numbers each of the braziers need to be switched to. However, be sure to light up each brazier first in order to turn the dials. You can do this by using Incendio or Confringo.

These are the numbers you need to match to each symbol:

  • Triangle: I (1)
  • Circles with wand: II (2)
  • Triangle with crosshair: III (3)
  • Diamond with crossed wands: IV (4)

Once you switch the dial of each brazier to the proper number, the vent will open up and reveal a ladder you can climb down. This will lead you to a secret area underneath the bridge where you can collect your Legendary chest and collector's chest.

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How to solve the Clock Tower Hogwarts Secret in Hogwarts Legacy

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This Secret is located in the Clock Tower above, where the dueling club meets. Take the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo. In this main dueling area, you'll notice the symbols on the ground underneath the pendulum.

To solve this puzzle, you'll need to unlock four doors, each with a matching symbol to the ones hanging above. To open the doors, you need to freeze the pendulum with Glacius while it is lined up with a symbol. The doors are spread all around the Clock Tower, so you'll need to locate each one as you unlock them. You'll have to work quickly so your Glacius doesn't wear off before you can reach the door. The easiest way to complete them is to move from left to right and complete each symbol one by one.

Clock Tower Hogwarts Secret Door One

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The first door has a unicorn-like image on it. Past the closed gated storage area, you'll find the door to the left. Freeze the pendulum on the matching unicorn-like symbol, and the door will be unlocked for you to enter. There will be a collector's chest inside.

Clock Tower Hogwarts Secret Door Two

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The second door is on the second level of the pendulum and symbols. Unlock the level one door just right of the closed gated storage area and ascend the staircase. Then walk around the left-side corner, and you'll see it. You can freeze the pendulum when it is lined up with the matching symbol from over the railing behind you, and the door will open. You can enter and find an eye-chest to unlock.

Clock Tower Hogwarts Secret Door Three

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The third door, matching the two serpents symbol, is located on the next level. Turn around, facing away from the pendulum and symbols, and head into the right staircase leading further up into the tower. You'll reach another level with another view of the pendulum and symbols over a railing. Just off to the right side will be some wooden steps leading down to the door. Freeze the pendulum as it passes the matching symbol, and you can enter through to collect two more collector's chests.

Clock Tower Hogwarts Secret Door Four

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To get to the last door, you'll need to ascend some more stairs. Turn around away from the pendulum to locate another staircase entrance and ascend the stairs until you see a wooden door. Enter through the door to reach an outdoor area. The last door will be directly in front of you. Freeze the pendulum on the symbol matching the door, and you can enter inside to finally reach your Legendary chest and finish the challenge.

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How to solve the Headmaster's Office Hogwarts Secret in Hogwarts Legacy

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This is perhaps the easiest of the Hogwarts Secrets but will require you to first complete Niamh's Trial and have a level three Alohomora. This means you'll need to progress through the main story and collect some Demiguise moons to upgrade your Alohomora spell.

To solve this Secret, you'll need to gain access to the locked metal door across from the Headmaster's Office. You can find it by using the Trophy Room Floo and then navigating through and to the right, where there is a gated staircase. Continue up the staircase and spiral stairs all the way up to the hallway, where you can find a bunch of statues and the Headmaster's Office entrance. The metal door is on the right at the end of the hall.

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To find the key, you'll need to enter the Headmaster's Office and find the level two door beside the telescope on the left side of the room. Unlock this door, then navigate through the outdoor area and up another set of stairs to the level three-door. Once you get through this door, you'll find the key on the edge of the desk inside, as shown in the image above. Return back to the metal door by retracing your steps, and you can now open it using the key. The Legendary chest is underneath the stairs, and you will find some collector's chests and a field guide page at the top.

Don't forget to check in your Challenges Menu as you complete each Secret to claim your appearance rewards. You can collect three different unique outfits: Secret Solver's Bathing Costume, Tailored Tailcoat, and Fashionable Dress Robes.

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All Hogwarts Secrets and where to find them in Hogwarts Legacy

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