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Hogwarts Legacy – Sebastian Sallow Questline Walkthrough

Here are all of Sebastian's quests in order.

We all have that one reckless adorable friend who always strays from their path and eventually falls into a pit of darkness. It is natural to want to help that friend, and Sebastian Sallow is a similar character you'll meet at Hogwarts. Regardless of which house you choose, you will interact with him quite early in the game and eventually learn of his tragic story. Sebastian's Questline revolves around the main narrative, and you can learn the Unforgivable Curses by completing his quests. Here are all quests in Sebastian Sallow's Questline in Hogwarts Legacy and how to complete them.

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All Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian Questline in order and how to complete them

Sebastian Sallow is a student of Slytherin House, and if you have chosen the same house, you'll meet him in the common room. Otherwise, you will come across Sebastian during the first Defense Against Dark Arts class. Sebastian has a set of 13 quests that you can complete in Hogwarts Legacy. These quests are unlocked as you progress through the game, and some appear after you finish specific main story missions. Here are all the quests in Sebastian Questline and how to complete them.

  • In the Shadow of the Undercroft
  • In the Shadow of the Estate
  • In the Shadow of the Bloodline
  • In the Shadow of the Study
  • In the Shadow of Discovery
  • In the Shadow of Time
  • In the Shadow of Distance
  • In the Shadow of the Mine
  • In the Shadow of the Mountain
  • In the Shadow of Hope
  • In the Shadow of the Relic
  • In the Shadow of Fate
  • In the Shadow Friendship

In the Shadow of the Undercroft

  • Required Level - 8

The Shadow of the Undercroft is a part of the main story quest where Sebastian Sallow introduces you to a new area. To unlock this mission, you must complete the Flying Class by Professor Kogawa. At the undercroft, Sebastian teaches you how to perform the Confringo spell, and you can start using it in combat.

In the Shadow of the Estate

  • Required Level - 15

The next quest in Sebastian Questline is In the Shadow of the Estate, which takes place in the Feldcroft region. You must complete Percival Rackham's Trial to unlock this quest. Sebastian will reach out through the Owl mail, so check it in-game. After traveling to Feldcroft, you learn more about Sebastian's sister Anne and his uncle Solomon. Later in the quest, Sebastian takes you to explore the cellar where Anne was cursed, and you will eventually discover Isidora Morganach's triptych. 

In the Shadow of the Bloodline

Sebastian's third quest is In the Shadow of the Bloodline, where he speaks to you and Ominis Gaunt about finding a cure for Anne. This takes place just outside the Slytherin common room. Sebastian believes that the answer is hidden in Salazar Slytherin's scriptorium. Remember that Sebastian will ask you questions about the Dark Arts, and you must give him positive answers. Ominis refuses to help initially but will eventually come around with a location for the Scriptorum.

In the Shadow of the Study

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  • Requirements - Suggested level 16

In the Shadow of the Study is the fourth quest in Sebastian's Questline in Hogwarts Legacy. During this quest, you must find a way to enter Salazar Slytherin's scriptorium. You must complete a Slytherin Lock puzzle to enter the final room. This is where you are given the choice to learn Crucio, the torture curse. You can cast a spell on Sebastian or ask him to cast it on you. Either way, the door for the scriptorium opens. Here, you will discover Salazar Slytherin's spellbook full of dark rituals and spells.

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In the Shadow of Discovery

After discovering Salazar Slytherin's spellbook, Sebastian calls you to the underground to discuss how to go forward. He speaks about the dark magic in the spellbook and intends to pursue it to find a cure for Anne. Remember, this quest may not appear until you complete Charles Rookwood's Trial main story quest.

In the Shadow of Time

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  • Requirements - Suggested Level 17

After completing Professor Weasley's Assignment, Sebastian's In the Shadow of Time quest will be available. You will visit the Feldcroft Catacomb with Sebastian to discover an ancient relic. You will need to find a way through the bone barricade during this quest and eventually come across the relic. However, Ominis shows up at the catacomb, and here you'll need to choose a side between him and Sebastian. Your character ends up convincing Ominis, and this is where you'll learn how to cast the Imperio spell to use it on Ominis.

In the Shadow of Distance

Sebastian calls you to the undercroft during In the Shadow of the Distance. He is more obsessed than ever with figuring out the relic's secrets and believes that dark magic will help cure Anne. Sebastian also sends a crest to meet up with Anne secretly at the spot.

In the Shadow of the Mine

  • Required Level - 22

Sebastian asks you to meet at the Overlook Mine in Upper Hogsfield to investigate the goblin camp there. This is where you will come up against several Goblin Loyalists and defeat them to get inside the Overlook Mine. Inside the mine, you need to investigate the rune symbol, and eventually, you will discover the second canvas piece of Isidora's triptych. After finding the item, you and Sebastian will return to the undercroft to discover Ranrok's mine located at Marunweem Lake.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

  • Required Level - 24 and Bombarda Spell

During In the Shadow of the Mountain, you must find the third canvas piece to complete Isidora's triptych. Remember that this quest requires you to learn the Bombarda Spell and complete Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial. Meet Sebastian along the coast of Marunweem Lake and continue towards the mountain. You will find plenty of Goblin enemies like Loyalist Warriors, Rangers, and Loyalist Assassins in the way, eliminate them quickly, and move ahead.

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After entering the Cavern, you need to search for the Runes. This is where you and Sebastian will face a giant Troll. While exploring the Cavern, you will discover certain manuscripts from Isidora's journal. The third and final triptych segment is located in the room with the cauldron. Here you'll find another journal parchment and an exit leading to the undercroft.

In the Shadow of Hope

Sebastian wants to speak to Anne without Solomon knowing and invites you to listen to them outside Feldcroft. Travel to the region and listen to what Sebastian has to say. He speaks about the dark sacrifice mentioned in the relic he found at Feldcroft Catacomb. Sebastian intends to revisit the catacomb to discover the relic's true secret and wishes for Anne and Ominis to be there. Before visiting the catacomb, he will send you an Owl, keep an eye out in the mail as this will start the next quest.

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In the Shadow of the Relic

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  • Requirements - Suggested Level 28

After completing Lodgok's Loyalty, Ominis will send you an Owl saying he is concerned about Sebastian. You both will visit the Feldcroft Catacomb to see what Sebastian is doing. You must fight through the inferius and repair the catacomb bridge to reach Sebastian. He discovers a way to use the dark magic of the Relic to cure Anne, but Uncle Solomon intervenes and destroys the relic.

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A fight ensues with Sebastian and your character fighting Solomon Sallow. After a while, Sebastian uses Avada Kedavra to kill Solomon. Anne reaches the catacomb too late and destroys Salazar Slytherin's spellbook before disappearing from the area. Sebastian exits the catacomb, and you need to follow him. After this, he teaches you Avada Kedavra, the killing curse. This is one of the most potent spells in the game but has a long recharge time.

In the Shadow Fate

Sebastian meets you and Ominis in the undercroft, where he learns that Anne had to bury Uncle Solomon alone. Ominis speaks about turning Sebastian in, and this is where you get a choice. You can choose to hand over Sebastian or protect him by convincing Ominis.

In the Shadow Friendship

After the Final Repository mission, Professor Weasley gives a speech regarding Professor Figg's death in the main hall. Once that's done, you must visit and interact with Sebastian at the undercroft. This is where Sebastian speaks about Anne being alone without her brother and that he repents for his actions.

Exploring dark magic wasn't his intention, as he only wanted to find a cure for Anne. Speaking to him in the undercroft completes this final relationship quest in Hogwarts Legacy Sebastian Questline.

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Hogwarts Legacy – Sebastian Sallow Questline Walkthrough

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