Honkai Star Rail Echo of War Guides: All Locations, Team Comps, and more!

Remember how tough that fight was? Now you've got to do it all over again!

Out of all of the challenges we faced in Honkai: Star Rail, Echoes of War were some of the toughest. These are revamped versions of epic bosses that we already defeated during the main story with scaled enemy and level stats. Fighting these bosses again at higher levels was worth the trouble, though. They are the only way to acquire materials to unlock Bonus Abilities. Here is a comprehensive guide to the Echo of War Challenges in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Honkai Star Rail Echo of War Challenges

Echoes of War can only be challenged up to three times per week. You are challenged to fight in at least two per week on the Battle Pass. You'll unlock them after facing the final boss at the end of the Jarilo-VI Chapter of the Main Story.

You also have a chance to obtain Relics, four-star Light Cones that can also be purchased at the Forgotten Hall Shop, or Lucent Afterglow pieces, which is the currency used to purchase Light Cones from the Forgotten Hall Shop. The higher the level of challenge you try, the better your rewards will be. Subsequent levels open as you raise your Equilibrium Level. At any level, you'll need to spend 30 Trailblaze Power to claim rewards.

Honkai Star Rail—Destruction's Beginning Echo of War

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The Destruction's Beginning Echo of War can be found at the end of the platform in the Supply Zone of Herta Space Station. You'll be fighting the Doomsday Beast all over again. If you defeat it, you'll be able to claim Destroyer's Final Road, the unique Trace Material.

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Destruction's Beginning Echo of War Team Comps

As long as they are leveled properly, your initial team of March 7th, Physical Trailblazer, Asta, and Dan Heng, are enough to tackle this fight. Almost any characters of the Physical, Fire, Ice, and Wind elements will work. Fire element characters do have a slight advantage, as all three parts of the boss are weak to Fire. Here's another example of a four-star character team you could use:

  • Natasha, Herta, Asta, Hook

Other Five-Star Characters can also be thrown into the mix, like Gepard or Himeko. Just make sure that you have at least one Preservation or Abundance character on your team to help you survive the fight.

Destruction's Beginning Echo of War Tips

The first stage of the fight will be rather uneventful. Use your fire characters to inflict Weakness Break on the enemy, then destroy all three parts, and finally the head when it falls.

When the boss revives for the second phase, start saving your damage-dealing Ultimate Skills. Only use them after the boss initiates a move called Cataclysm Precursor. If you inflict Weakness Break on all three parts of the monster before its next turn, you'll prevent a devastating attack. Defeat all three parts again, then destroy the head to win the fight.

Honkai Star Rail—End of the Eternal Freeze Echo of War

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The End of the Eternal Free Echo of War can be found in the large plaza on Everwinter Hill of Jarilo-VI. You'll be facing Cocolia, Mother of Deception, once more. If you defeat her, you can claim the Unique Trace Material Guardian's Lament.

End of the Eternal Freeze Echo of War Team Comps

If you pulled Seele from the first Character Event Warp, you'll have a natural advantage in this fight. Otherwise, your viable options for DPS characters will be limited to a few: Himeko, Hook, Arlan, Qingque, and Serval.

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Cocolia can deal some serious damage. If you drew Bailu from the Gacha, you are in luck. If not, you can make do with the Fire Trailblazer for survivability, but we recommend using March 7th or Natasha in addition to help. Here's an example of a free-to-play character team comp that we use for this fight:

  • Natasha, Fire Trailblazer, Asta, Serval

End of the Eternal Freeze Echo of War Tips

This is another two-phase boss fight. Your biggest advantage will be the Engine of Creation, which you can use to deal additional attacks to Cocolia. During the first phase, you should use these extra attacks and your Ultimate skills liberally.

Similarly to the Destruction's Beginning Echo of War, Cocolia will have a devastating attack called The Creation's Prelude. As with the previous boss, save your Ultimate Attacks and the extra Attack from the Engine of Creation to inflict Weakness Break on Cocolia before her next turn arrives. Natasha's Emergency Button Ultimate, which heals the whole team, should be saved in case you fail to Break Cocolia after she launches The Creation's Prelude.

Honkai Star Rail—Divine Seed Echo of War

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The End of the Eternal Free Echo of War can be found at the very depths of the Scalegorge Waterscape. Here, you'll be going head-to-head with a stronger Phantylia the Undying. This battle is much easier compared to the first Phantylia fight for the simple fact that you're not forced to use Jing Yuan anymore. He was a handicap!

Divine Seed Echo of War Team Comps

If you have Welt, he is one of the best options to bring to this fight. His skill will slow down all your adversaries and will multi-hit Phantylia once she's alone. Our number one pick would actually be Blade though, simply because of his continuous AoE damage. However, as a self-sacrificial unit, he's more of a "go big or go home" kind of guy. You need a fast healer or shielder on your team so he doesn't accidentally perish from one of Phantylia's AoEs.

If you don't have both, like me, I'd say that Sampo's a fun character to bring in their stead, despite his lower rarity. He's naturally fast and one of the best DoT inflicters in the game. He's even great against other enemies not weak to Wind. After all, Wind Shear does not discriminate.

Just keep in mind that your main DPS should only be one of two element types at this stage: Imaginary or Wind. Phantylia is the only enemy weak to Lightning, and the lotuses are a much bigger threat than she is. Jing Yuan absolutely sucked in the first fight because his element was Lightning.

Here's an example of an accessible team comp that you can use for this fight:

  • Fire Trailblazer whose speed is at least 121, Sampo, Natasha, March 7th (which we recommend you swap for a borrowed Welt or Blade)

Divine Seed Echo of War Tips

Please never (ever!) manual battle this stage. As an enemy drunk on Abundance ambrosia, Phantylia and her adds have high HPs and defenses. Turn on auto-battle and be sure your team is tanky enough to survive her attacks. It'll take a long time to clear it, especially on higher Equilibrium Levels, but it will be cleared. Be patient!

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