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Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals – How to get and use them all

C'mon, only one thumb up?

When compared to Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail stands out for its wittier, sarcastic interactions. One hidden objective you can compete in the game is tracking down all of the Praise of High Morals Trophies, which stick their thumbs out at you as if to say, "You're great, and everyone hates you for it."

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Other than the joy of reading through these interactions, you can use Praise of High Morals Trophies in exchange for rewards. Here's how to get all of the Praise of High Morals Trophies, and where you can use them in Honkai: Star Rail.

Where to get all Praise of High Morals in Honkai Star Rail

Be aware that these trophies are generally handed out for being a goodie two-shoes. It is possible to miss some of these trophies by choosing the wrong dialogue options. We will try and note them when that is the case. Collecting over 20 Praise of High Morals trophy will award you with the Achievement Saint.

Water the Plant in the Base Zone

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On the left side of the balcony of the Base Zone in Herta Space Station is a Suspicious Plant you can talk to. If you water it with Pure Water, it will reward you with a trophy. Return again the next day after sever reset to check back up on the plant. It will give you a second Praise of High Morals.

Tap on the Curio Crystal

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Go to the northern Curio room on the first floor of the Storage Zone in Herta Space Station. You'll see a large display in the center of the room with a blue crystal. It's cracked. This time you should be brave and choose the dialogue options to tap on the crystal three times. Asta will text you telling you that you actually managed to fix the Curio and give you two Praise of High Morals.

Clean up after the litterbugs in the Master Control Zone

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There are three trashcans in the Master Control Zone of Herta Space Station with paper sitting just outside the cans. Interact with the three trash cans to pick up after some litterbugs only to find out it wasn't left behind by someone with terrible aim. It was all a test. You'll be awarded another Praise of High Morals.

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Return the Light Cone

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Remember where you obtained your first Light Cone in the intro of the story. Return there on the second floor if the Storage Zone and put a Light Cone back in it's place. You'll be approached by an old man who will ask you about that Cone. Tell him the truth, that it is neither of the options he suggests. He'll reward your honesty with two Praise of High Morals.

Hide in the Hotel Closet

Remember the dresser in the Hotel of the Goethe Hotel in the upper World of Belobog. If you were too busy during the Main Story, go back and interact with it. Unleash your inner five-year old and play pretend while hiding inside. You'll give Room Service a fright, but you'll receive a Praise of High Morals.

Repair the Robot

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There is a broken down robot just north of the Goethe Hotel Space Anchor in Boulder Town. You can purchase a Language Module for Ronald above ground in the Administrative District Shop nearby the Goethe Hotel. Bring it back to Fidora, the amateur mechanic. Return the next day after server rests and speak to the repaired droid. Teach it to behave appropriately in exchange for a Praise of High Morals.

Find and sell the Dazzling Rainbowite

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If you talk to a mysterious woman just outside the Goethe Hotel and choose to open the smaller chest, you'll obtain some Dazzling Rainbowite that you can sell to Balaway the Miner's Lamp for a Praise of High Morals.

Review the Grand Goethe Hotel

In the hotel room of the lower Goethe Hotel is a note card sitting on the desk. Fill it out with a shining five-star review and turn in back in to Gertie standing outside the front door for another Praise of High Morals.

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Be a proper postman or woman

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Image by Pro Game Guides

There are six red cylindrical mailboxes scattered around the Administrative District on Jarilo-VI. Interact with the three indicated above and always choose to push the letters in to receive three Praise of High Morals.

Fix the Dumpster in Boulder Town

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There is a large dumpster in the upper south portion of Boulder town with a loose spring. Choose the dialogue option to fix it to be awarded a Praise of High Morals.

Sell Dan Heng's Picture

Maybe this one isn't the most moral action, but it sure is funny. Head to the back of Boulder Town's fight club to find two of Dan Heng's fans talking in the corner. One of them will have a speech bubble above their heads asking Have you heard the news? After speaking to them, ask Dan Heng for a photo via text, then give it to the fans for free a trophy.

Choose not to dumpster dive

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There is another open dumpster nearby the Goethe Hotel in Boulder Town. If you interact with it, you'll be given four choices—take seven pieces of trash, take one beautiful piece of trash, take them all, or take none—refuse to steal any trash and you'll be awarded two Praise of High Morals.

Apologize for all the destruction you bring

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If you destroy two of the barrels inside this corner of the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone, you'll be confronted by a guard. Always choose apologetic options to be awarded a trophy.

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Protect the Public in Central Starskiff Haven

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There is a fairly inconspicuous box hanging out on the boardwalk in the north of Central Starskiff Haven. If you interact with it, you'll find out that it is a box of razors. Dispose of them properly for another trophy.

Shield someone's dignity

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If you interact with the table indicated above in Central Starskiff Haven, you'll notice a tablet left open. Someone's personal life is on full display. Opt to close the tablet to keep prying eyes away and you'll be awarded a Praise of High Morals.

Turn away from childish things

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There's another delivery box in the south of Central Starskiff Haven that you can open up. It's full of someone's prized toys and hobbies that they enjoyed prior to getting married. Opt to leave the items where they are rather than taking them, you'll be awarded another trophy.

Where to use Praise of High Morals in Honkai Star Rail

The instances where you can use Praise of High Morals are just as random as the events you find them in. Here are all the ones we know of. Frequently, using Praise of High Morals Trophies turns out more like turning them back in for misbehaving. We don't generally recommend loosing Praise of High Morals now, unless you really need the items.

Administrative District Fountain

You can use five Praise of High Morals Trophy at the Large Fountain in the Administrative District Plaza. Select Fish the treasure out of the Fountain five times to obtain Solid Water x 3, Soda x 1, Extinguished Core x 1, Trash x 3, Ancient Coin x 1

Boulder Town Dumpster

Remember that dumpster you fixed in the south of Boulder Town? You can choose not to fix it, and instead choose to Temper it. We don't recommend it, though! Doing so will remove a trophy from your inventory an award you nothing.

The Empty Suitcase

There is an empty Suitcase on the bridge of the cable car station in the basement level of the Administrative District. You could use one Praise of High Morals to rifle through someone's belongings. Or, you can always select the second option, insisting that you are only doing so to ensure there is not a bomb in the briefcase. Either way, you'll receive a Dazzling Golden watch, which you can return to Wallace above ground for 5000 Credits.

Leaving the Tablet open

Remember the Tablet you could close on the table in Central Starskiff Haven? If you choose to be a Nosy busybody instead, you can start scrolling and give away one Praise of High Morals. It will result in you getting some Strales and Credits.

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Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals – How to get and use them all

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