Last of Us 2: All Safes – Combinations & Locations

We're taking a look at where you can find all of the safes in Last of Us 2! We won't keep you in suspense on how-to open them either, because we've got the combinations for them all as well. If you're looking to stock yourself up with useful items to make your journey easier, then you're really going to want to seek these out and get inside of them!

Don't worry about getting the wrong combination if you accidentally input it incorrectly. There's no penalty for getting it wrong, and you can try over and over again. If you want to locate the combinations yourself, look around the area where the safe is located. You can find them written on boards, or on paper that is on the ground. You pretty much just need to explore the area thoroughly and you should come across it.

All Safe Combinations and Locations

I'm including a brief description of the safe location along with the combination. Describing exactly where you need to go is pretty difficult, so you will likely want to refer to the video listed below.

Safe #1 - Jackson: Patrol

Go through a crack in one of the walls, you'll then find a room with a safe in it.

Combination: 07-20-13

Safe #2 - Day 1: Downtown

Downtown to the south and east on Cherry Street you'll find a building area in the grass that you can enter. Go through the wreckage and down into some water. You'll eventually find an opening that leads into the Westlake Bank. There will be some enemies in here, so take them out however you want to. Find a room that's labeled "Safe Deposit Lockers" at the top. This is where you'll find the large vault safe.

Combination: 60-23-06

Safe #3 - Day 1: Downtown

Same area as the previous safe, but further north and to the west. Look for "Gate West" here and you'll find a partially opened gate. Shimmy through the opening and to your right you should find the safe.

Combination: 0451

Safe #4 - Day 1: Downtown

Towards the middle area where the highway was you'll find a building on 6th ave. There's a truck here with some boxes in the bed that you can climb on to. Go to the right on the cement area, and you'll find a new location to explore. You need to open up the heavy gate to get inside. There's enemies here so be careful. The area is a former court room, head out of that room and into the hallway. Go to the stairs area, there'll be a door you need help opening. Head down the stairs and through the hallway until you reach a room with windows. Break through the glass and there's a safe right under the desk. The code is written on the dry erase board!

Combination: 86-07-22

Safe #5 - Day 1: Capital Hill

Look for the Wellwish Store & Donation location. Once you head inside, go into the back and you'll find the safe.

Combination: 55-01-33

Safe #6 - Day 2: Hillcrest

In this area there's an Auto Parts & Repairs building. Move the green dumpster away from the door. There's at least a few infected in here, so prepare for them before you open it. Once you've taken care of them, the safe is right inside.

Combination: 30-82-65

Safe #7 - Day 2: The Seraphites

Once you're at this chapter, you'll come across a large apartment building. Run up the stairs, and then go out the window onto the platform. Jump across to your left and go through the window. There will be a safe in the closet of this area.

Combination: 10-08-83

Safe #8 - Day 2: The Seraphites

Look for the Weston's Pharmacy, which is at address 3855. Head inside and you'll find a hole in the wall between two shelving units. Crawl under there to find the safe in this room.

Combination: 38-55-23

Safe #9 - Day 3: The Flood City

Once you reach a gate that you can open by pulling down on a chain, you can head upstairs in the nearby stairwell. Once you enter the room, go to your right and you'll see a bunch of rubble. Crawl underneath it, go out the window and drop down to the water where the safe will be located.

Combination: 70-12-64

Safe #10 - Day 1: On Foot

Look for the MS: Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center building. Run around towards the back of it and you'll find a wall with a large crack in it. Crawl through the crack and you will find the safe.

Combination: 17-38-07

Safe #11 - Day 1: Hostile Territory

Find the Jasmine Bakery, you'll see a purple sign above it with some Chinese letters. Break through the window of the front and head into it. The safe is located right behind the front desk.

Combination: 68-96-89

Safe #12 - Day 1: The Coast

On a large green boat, you'll see a sign for a Sun Deck with a No Smoking sign underneath it. Climb up the stairs to the Sun Deck and then turn around to find the ship's helm. The safe will be located in there, you just need to hop up into it from the hole in the wall.

Combination: 90-77-01

Safe #13 - Day 2: The Shortcut

When you come across the large hole in the road with a good sized waterfall running down the other side you will want to turn to your left. There's a blue apartment building there that you can jump to. Breakthrough the window, head inside, and open up the bedroom door where you will find the safe.

Combination: 30-23-04

Safe #14 - Day 2: The Descent

Look for Orchards Juice Bar and head down the hallway near it until you find a gym area with glass walls labeled Hotel Blacray. Across from the desk near the glass room is a door that has a safe inside of it!

Combination: 12-18-79

Video of Safe Locations

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