All Harry Potter Games, Ranked (2023)

With Hogwarts Legacy being the hottest title out there on the game shelves right now, what better time to look back and rank all the Harry Potter games that have appeared on our screens? We’ve enjoyed more than two decades of wizarding titles now, going back to the original release of the 2001 film Harry […]

Best Wizard-Themed Name Ideas for Hogwarts Legacy

As a new fifth-year Hogwarts student and harnesser of ancient magic, it’s only fitting that your Hogwarts character should have an equally magical name in Hogwarts Legacy. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites to help you create your ideal magical realm. Hogwarts Legacy first name ideas “Female” Names “Male” Names Gender-Neutral […]

Best Games with Multiple Endings

Finishing a game is one of the most satisfying feelings for any player. However, there’s always that bittersweet feeling of “what now?” after defeating the final boss. The utilization of multiple endings aims to remedy the emptiness, especially for titles that genuinely invoke a sense of connection between players. There are many games with multiple […]

Frostpunk tips and tricks

In Frostpunk, the environment is your enemy. Through waves of bitter cold, several of your citizens will grow sick and die. Food is scarce, and warmth is nowhere to be found. By making tough decisions and preparing for the frost ahead, you can prevent your people from succumbing to the ice. Your first attempt at […]