Best video game names for your pet (2022)

Are you more of a Tortimer or Jörmungandr type of pet owner?

Naming your pet is a right of passage that starts your years-long journey with a non-human friend at your side. For that reason, it can be quite an intimidating task to tackle. Why not name your pal after a video game? We've compiled over 200 zany entries featured in video games that you can dig through in your quest to find the perfect name for your animal.

Best Pet Names Inspired by Video Games

We don't know what type of animal you have as a pet. Since we don't, we made sure to gather animal names for all types that people may own. If you are an owner of a dog, cat, bird, reptile, fish, rodent, amphibian, or rabbit, we've got specific names laid out for your companion. Even if your buddy's specific type doesn't have their own section, we have a general pet names list to start you off!

Video Game Noun Names for All Pets

Cherry Muffy
Images via Nintendo

Names that are nouns are highly versatile and can work for any type of pet you want. You can name a snake Apple as much as you can call a bird Daisy. This is because nouns don't tend to have the same association rate that traditionally given names have for pets, like Fido for dogs.

We've compiled a list of all sorts of noun names from video games that can work for your beloved animal. This list is entirely unisex since nouns tend to not be gender specific. For the animal owner who doesn't have their pet represented below, this is the optimal place for you to still find inspiration!

NameVideo Game
AppleAnimal Crossing
AquaKingdom Hearts
AxelKingdom Hearts
BladeMortal Kombat
BossMetal Gear
CageMortal Kombat
CherryAnimal Crossing
Master Chief
ClementineThe Walking Dead
CloudFinal Fantasy VII
CrashCrash Bandicoot
FisherTom Clancy's Splinter Cell
IvySoul Calibur
JadeMortal Kombat
LightningFinal Fantasy XII
LinkLegend of Zelda
NookAnimal Crossing
PancakesThe Sims 4
PriceCall of Duty: Modern Warfare
Life is Strange
Pyramid HeadSilent Hill 2
RatchetRatchet and Clank
SonicSonic the Hedgehog
StormMarvel Vs. Capcom
TombLara Croft: Tomb Raider
WindrunnerWorld of Warcraft

Iconic Dog Names from Video Games

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Bella, Fluffy, Loki, Max, Sadie...the list goes on. You've probably heard all of these names for dogs before because they're the most commonly used ones. It's not always a bad thing to stick to the classics, but getting a canine friend is often the perfect opportunity to go crazy with naming. Check out our list below to find unconventional (with a few traditional entries) names for dogs, all of which are inspired by various video game franchises.

NameGenderVideo Game
AngeloMaleFinal Fantasy VIII
ArgosMaleFinal Fantasy XIV
BoomerMaleFar Cry 5
ChopMaleGrand Theft Auto V
DigbyMaleAnimal Crossing
DogmeatMaleFallout Franchise
General PepperMaleStarfox 64
HewieMaleHaunting Ground
K.K. SliderMaleAnimal Crossing
RushMaleMega Man
Tom NookMaleAnimal Crossing
AliceFemaleLast of Us Part 2
Dr. Jennifer
FemaleSuper Animal Royale
FayFemaleStarfox 64
IsabelleFemaleAnimal Crossing
MiraFemaleSilent Hill 2
RosieFemaleThe Walking Dead: Final Season
RileyM/FCall of Duty: Ghosts

Wolf Video Game Names that work for Dogs

Image via Nintendo

Obviously, dogs are not wolves. But they're pretty close genetically, which is why people love to name their dogs after their wild cousins. Our list of wolf-inspired names all come from video games across the board. While some are more basic choices like Fang and Wolf, we also found some interesting options like Treble and Zylo. We also took the liberty to not only include wolves but also werewolves.

NameGenderVideo Game
FangMaleAnimal Crossing
FenryrMaleWorld of Warcraft
LycanMaleDota 2
TrebleMaleMega Man
WolfMaleLegend of Zelda
Starfox 64
ZyloMaleShining Force
AudieFemaleAnimal Crossing
NailahFemaleFire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Sniper WolfFemaleMetal Gear Solid
VivianFemaleAnimal Crossing
SifM/FDark Souls

Fox Names from Video Games for Dogs, Cats, & More

Image via Nintendo

Foxes are more closely related to wolves and dogs than any other animal on this list. That being said, foxes are known for their sassy nature which can also be seen in cats. In general, you can apply fox names to any pet you may have or plan to have. This is especially true when you peruse our list of fox names that have a sweeping range of styles. You're sure to find one on this list that fits your animal naming vibe.

NameGenderVideo Game
HansMaleBloody Roar
Fox McCloudMaleStarfox 64
FoxyMaleFive Nights at Freddy's
KadenMaleFire Emblem: Fates
ReddMaleAnimal Crossing
ReynardoMaleStories: The Path of Destinies
TailsMaleSonic the Hedgehog
AhriFemaleLeague of Legends
CarmelitaFemaleSly Cooper
CorrineFemaleTales of Symphonia
Fara PhoenixFemaleStarfox 64
KrystalFemaleStarfox 64
XiaomuFemaleNamco x Capcom

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Iconic Cat Names from Video Games

Image via Nintendo

Cats are the beloved children of internet users everywhere. You would assume other media formats are just as obsessed, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Dogs and wolves are featured more prominently in video games, but cats still have their rightful spot in the limelight. Cat names in video games are found across all different genres, but there are definitely higher instances of representation within the fantasy genre. We compiled a set of the best video-game inspired feline monikers we could get our hands on.

NameGenderVideo Game
Mr. BigglesworthMaleHearthstone
World of Warcraft
Cait SithMaleFinal Fantasy VII
DustyMaleGravity Rush
MorganaMalePersona 5
RoverMaleAnimal Crossing
SocratesMaleOdin Sphere
AlvinaFemaleDark Souls
Katt MonroeFemaleStarfox 64
MaeFemaleNight in the Woods
MaoFemaleShadow Hearts
SelinaFemaleBatman: Arkham
KhajitM/FElder Scrolls
PalicoesM/FMonster Hunter: World

Wild Cat Names from Video Games

Image via Funcom

Maybe house cats in video games aren't your style? Some cat owners want a name that truly speaks to them and their feline buddies. If you're searching for a name that shows off your kitten's wild side, check out the list we've put together below. This safari-worthy list has video game names that derive from tigers, lions, lynxes, and everything in between. These names are ideal if you want a more exotic flair to your pet name.

NameGenderVideo Game
BarongMaleMegami Tensei
LionelMaleAnimal Crossing
PuraMaleCrash Bandicoot
RajanMaleSly 2
RunarMaleFinal Fantasy XIV
TigaMaleBreath of Fire 2
AavaFemaleDark Souls 2
BiancaFemaleAnimal Crossing
ManxFemaleShadow Fighter
MiyuFemaleStarfox 64
NeylaFemaleSly 2
ShinaFemaleBloody Roar
LeoninM/FMagic: The Gathering

Iconic Reptile Names from Video Games

Flick CJ
Images via Nintendo

If you have a snake, lizard, turtle, or somehow got your hands on an alligator, we've got some names for your scaly friend. Since there are many different types of reptiles that can be kept as pets, we've tried to make this list an assorted bunch of reptilian names. There are names on our table that come from large serpents, small turtles, and even bug-collecting lizards. Some of these entries may even qualify for multiple reptile types at once!

NameGenderVideo Game
FlickMaleAnimal Crossing
JörmungandrMaleGod of War
NoodleMaleSnake Pass
RykardMaleElden Ring
Solid SnakeMaleMetal Gear Solid
SpyroMaleSpyro the Dragon
AmandaFemaleStarfox 64
GayleFemaleAnimal Crossing
LeilaniFemaleAnimal Crossing
ArgonianM/FElder Scrolls
NagaM/FWorld of Warcraft

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Iconic Rabbit & Rodent Names from Video Games

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Your gentle rodent friend may be a hamster, chinchilla, rat, mouse, or something very similar. You may also own a rabbit, which many are surprised to learn is actually not a type of rodent. Names for rodents and rabbits tend to have similar themes, though, which is why we've grouped them together into one index. We've got plenty of rabbit names, but also ones for mice and rats. Check out this list to find a name for your fuzzy friend.

NameGenderVideo Game
BooMaleBaldur's Gate
ChadderMaleAnimal Crossing
ConkerMaleConker's Bad Fur Day
JazzMaleJazz Jackrabbit
JogurtMaleShining Force
Peppy HareMaleStarfox 64
PetriMaleAnimal Crossing
RobbieMaleSilent Hill 3
AliceFemaleBloody Roar
BerriFemaleConker's Bad Fur Day
BonnieFemaleFive Nights at Freddy's
CreamFemaleSonic the Hedgehog
FranFemaleFinal Fantasy XII
GretaFemaleAnimal Crossing
Lucy HareFemaleStarfox 64
NazrinFemaleUndefined Fantastic Object
PenelopeFemaleAnimal Crossing
Sly Cooper

Iconic Bird Names from Video Games

Image via Nintendo

Birds are definitely one of the most underappreciated types of pets, which is why we wanted to make sure to give your winged buddies plenty of attention. We took to researching games to see how many bird names we might discover. Thankfully, this was made easy by the abundance of bird and bird-like names in video games. Take a look at this list and see if your cherished pal may be suited for one of these high-flying titles.

NameGenderVideo Game
AvisMaleShadow of the Colossus
BlathersMaleAnimal Crossing
BrewsterMaleAnimal Crossing
DustMaleDarksiders 2
ExpressoMaleDonkey Kong
Falco LombardiMaleStarfox 64
GulliverMaleAnimal Crossing
ValorMaleLeague of Legends
AniviaFemaleLeague of Legends
CelesteFemaleAnimal Crossing
Dyna BladeFemaleKirby
KylaFemaleLittle Witch in the Woods
MamahahaFemaleSamurai Shodown
MedliFemaleLegend of Zelda
SenuFemaleAssassin's Creed: Origins
YuneFemaleFire Emblem
ChocoboM/FFinal Fantasy

Fish & Amphibian Names from Iconic Video Game Characters

Image via Riot Games

Whether you've got a single Goldfish in a bowl or a whole aquarium of exotic creatures, you still need to perfect name for your aquatic pet. Not all fish or frog names have to be inspired by only their literal types, but we did stick mostly to fish and frog characters. The few exceptions we've made are popular aquatic pals, like the octopus villager Marina from Animal Crossing. Check out our list below to give your fish a name other than Nemo.

NameGenderVideo Game
BobMaleEarthworm Jim
CroqueMaleAnimal Crossing
EnguardeMaleDonkey Kong
FizzMaleLeague of Legends
GlennMaleChrono Trigger
JohnnyMaleSonic Rush Adventure
NoodlesMaleMonster Camp
Prince FleaswallowMalePaRappa the Rapper
RoystenMaleBanjo Kazooie
ThanatosMaleEndless Ocean: Blue World
TortimerMaleAnimal Crossing
Cala MariaFemaleCuphead
MarinaFemaleAnimal Crossing
PuddlesFemaleAnimal Crossing
RutoFemaleLegend of Zelda
SushieFemalePaper Mario
WinkyFemaleDonkey Kong
NeptuneM/FResident Evil
TenorM/FOcarina of Time

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