Machinarium Walkthrough, Part 3

Tackling the arcade.

I’ve been addicted to point-and-click puzzle games since the 1980s, when LucasArts changed the face of RPGs with Maniac Mansion and, most memorably, the Monkey Island series. The genre has had peaks and troughs since but is still in rude health today.

Machinarium is a great example of the genre, mixing beautiful art, charming characters, and tricky puzzles. Read on for part three of my full Machinarium walkthrough. 

Machinarium Walkthrough, Part 3 - All puzzle solutions

Due to the length of Machinarium, I’ve broken the walkthrough down into several sections. This one (Part 3) covers from when you go up to the roof after fixing the lift with Berta’s help through to leaving the arcade. For links to earlier or later parts of the story, click through to my Machinarium walkthrough hub page

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Remember, you can get a hint about each scene by clicking the icon in the top-right of the screen (across from your inventory items). I’d also suggest saving the game each time you enter a new area. I’ve had some game-breaking bugs (playing on PC) on puzzles, which have meant I’ve had to reload the game, and it’s frustrating to have to redo sections just because the game bugged out. 

The robot on the roof

Image by Pro Game Guides

When you head upwards on the lift, you’ll be faced with a fan vent. Click it, and eyes will appear, along with what looks like a fan puzzle. I answered A (correct), which changed the anger to mixed, then C (correct), making it smile, and then B (correct), at which point the questions ended. But nothing happens

I’m pretty sure the questions are different each time, though, so don’t presume these are correct. Just go by the visual cues. Also, getting them right isn’t actually the answer. What you actually need to do is keep getting questions wrong. As you do, the robot seems to get angrier, and the fan spins faster. Eventually, the fan mechanism will break, and you can climb into the hole

The greenhouse

Image by Pro Game Guides

Once you’ve crawled through the pipe, you’ll find yourself in a greenhouse. Click the two Slide Drawers (a1) to add them to your inventory, along with the Stick (a2) in the plant pot. Walk over to the machine in the right corner of the room (a3). This controls the power to the devices here, so you need to get it working.

Image by Pro Game Guides

The light you’re currently working on will be lit yellow (b1), and you need to click a continuous path until all the lights on the panel above are green to make the switch itself go green. For the left light, click the bottom left button (b2), and you’ll have two arrows to choose from: up or right. Click the up arrow, and you’ll only have a single choice from then on. Click the yellow arrow each time until the whole board goes green (after you click the final yellow arrow in the middle). That’s the easy one done…

Image by Pro Game Guides

From now onwards, you need to work around the spaces that are lit red. For the second switch from the left, start by clicking the bottom-right square to the left of the red one (c1) and click to go left (c2). As with the previous one, once you’ve made this initial decision correctly, you’ll only have a single choice of which yellow arrow to click until you’ve completed the puzzle. For the third switch, start below the right-side red button (c3) and click the arrow below it (c4). Once again, you’ll not have any choices to make after getting this first decision correct.

The plant heater 

Note the light below the first three (c5) is now flashing. Click it, and the heater (a4) will activate. You can push the heater so that it aims into each plant pot, making each plant flower when you activate the heater (you need to push it into place, then activate the power switch (a3) each time). Once you’ve heated up the plant on the right where you got the stick (a2), walk up the stairs and use the stick on the now open plant here (a5) to prop its mouth open. You can now reach inside and take the Magnifier.

As you stand here, you can see a butterfly. It sometimes moves around the room but always comes back to this spot. Once it has landed here (a8), use the magnifier on it and note the pattern of red dots on its wings (see image below). 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Take the plant you got earlier from your inventory and add it to the empty plant pot (a7). Now, use the heater once more to make it grow. Once the sunflower has grown, go back and click it to get some Sunflower Seeds. Once you have them, head back to the power socket (a3) so that you can get power running to the projector (a6).

The projector

Image by Pro Game Guides

To get power to the projector, you essentially need to do the same with the three right switches (a3) as you did with the left. For switch four, click the space between the upper red buttons, then click the down-facing arrow, then the left-facing one (d1), then the up. No choices after that. For the fifth, start on the button one space diagonally in from the top-left corner (d2). From here, click the arrows facing up and then left. When you can choose between up and down, go up past your starting place (d3). 

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For the final switch, start from the middle button on the second column from the left. Click down and then left, then follow the only path available to complete the puzzle. Finally, click the bottom-right switch (d4) to turn on the projector. Add the magnifier to it, and then put in the slides marked one (I). Click through and you’ll see a slide showing the same dot pattern as the butterfly. Box two (II) gives you hints about the plants, including how to make sunflower oil

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Armed with this information, move across and click the panel on the door (a9). Click the buttons that match the butterfly wing pattern, making them turn red, then click the handle below to open the door (see image above) and head onwards.

The sunflower oil

Image by Pro Game Guides

Place the sunflowers in the machine by the door (e1), place your oilcan on the drain (e2), then pull the handle (e3). I had to physically drag the handle up and down with the left mouse button held down to make it work, but after a few pumps, the can will fill with oil. Go back down and pick up the Can with Sunflower Oil once more.

While you’re here, walk across the bridge and talk to the robot policeman (e4). You’ll see it wants a battery to power its robot dog. There’s a pipe just to the right of the police robot (e5). Click it to slide back down to town, then head up the stairs right to go back to the clock tower.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Give the sunflower oil to the wheelchair robot (f1), and it will give you a Gaming Ticket. Also, pick up the white Bandages dropped on the floor next to the manhole cover (f2). Go up the stairs to the right (f3), over the bridge, and use the ticket in the machine (g1) to open the door. Head inside to the arcade (g2).

Image by Pro Game Guides

The arcade

None of the machines have any power as yet, so walk across to the cycling machine (h1) and get on. Once seated, you’ll see a new circular icon. Hold the left mouse button and move the mouse in a circular motion to peddle. Once the meter on the cycling machine (h2) hits the red section, the light on top of machine one (h3) will come on, and you’ll get off the bike seat. Move to machine one and click the controls (h4) to start playing.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Press the middle (fire) button to begin. It’s basically old-school Space Invaders, so you’re moving left and right to avoid bullets while shooting with the middle button. I found it much easier to do this by using left, right, and space on the keyboard. Once you get to 1,000 points, a Token will pop out of the machine (h5). You only have three lives, but you can keep trying until you succeed. Note that the red ships that fly across the top of the screen are worth big points, so always try to take them out.

Once you’re done, change the lever to machine two (h6), cycle again (h1) to get the second machine running (this time anticlockwise), and then select it (h7). Machine Two is a puzzle game with five levels. You control a blue dot, which needs to move boxes off the screen to complete each level. Complete them all, then collect the second Token (h8). If you’re struggling with any of the levels, here are the solutions (there is no time limit, and you can press X at any time to reset a level).

All puzzle machine solutions

First puzzle

  1. Down, right, up, right, right.

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Second puzzle

  1. Right, down, right, then move the large red to the left.
  2. Up, right, right, then move the white box to the bottom-right corner.
  3. Move back into the big red box and move it into the center space.
  4. Move up, right, and down into the small red box, moving it right into the white box.
  5. Move the small red and white boxes up together into the top-right corner.
  6. Move the small red box into the large red one by going left and down.
  7. The door opens. Move the pair of red boxes out by moving right twice.

Third puzzle

  1. Move down into the white box, move it right, then go up to push the big red box into the top-right corner.
  2. Go down and into the small red box, pushing it into the bottom-left corner. 
  3. Move out and up into the top white box and take that into the top left corner. You should now have a box in each corner.
  4. Move the small red box up one into the middle-left space, then the bottom-right white one into the bottom-middle space. 
  5. Go into the small red, push it up one, then move it and the white box there to the middle-top position. 
  6. Move the small red from center-top to center-bottom, then move the white box there to the right.
  7. Move up into the large red box with the small one to open the door, then move down and right to exit. 

Fourth puzzle

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  1. Push the large red box to the top-left corner.
  2. Enter the small red box and move it to the bottom-right corner, then move into the white box into the space next to it (see image above).
  3. Move the large red into the bottom left space, then the white one space to the left to sit in front of it.
  4. Move the small red box one space left, freeing up the bottom-right corner.
  5. Move the white into the large red, moving it to the top left corner, then dump the white in the bottom right corner. 
  6. Move the large red into the bottom left corner, and move into it with the small red, which opens the door. Move up and right and exit.

Fifth puzzle

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  1. Go up into the white box, move it to the top-right corner, then go down into the small red and move it to where you started.
  2. Head into the large red and move it into the bottom-left corner, then move back into the small red box and move that to the bottom-right space.
  3. Move the white from top right to top left, drop down into the large red, and move it one to the right. 
  4. Go across to the small red and move that one to the left. You should now have red-white-red across the three central lower spaces, with the other white in the top-left spot (see image above).
  5. Move the large red to the bottom-left corner, going up from there into the white and moving it right one space. Drop into the other white and move it to the top-right corner.
  6. Move into the left-side white box and take it into the top-left corner, dropping down into the large red and moving it right one space. This should leave the whites in the top corners, with the reds in spaces two and four across the bottom (see image below).
  7. Move the small red left to next to the large red, then go up into the white on the right and move it to in front of the exit. Get into the small red, move it into the white blocking the exit, and move them both up into the top-right corner.
  8. Move the small red left and drop into the large red, opening the door. Move right and out.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The third machine is broken, so if you try to cycle and get it working, the bulb above it will break, but nothing else happens. With the two tokens you’ve earned, it’s time to head back to the clock tower.

For the conclusion of the game, check out my Machinarium Walkthrough, Part 4 right here at Pro Game Guides!

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Machinarium Walkthrough, Part 3

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