Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

If you're looking to really stomp through Minecraft Dungeons then you're going to need to find weapons and armor with powerful enchantments. What are the strongest of those? Well, we'll explore this topic in our best Minecraft Dungeons enchantments guide!

Enchantments are one of the largest factors to what will determine how strong you are in the game. Finding the perfect ones for your gear is probably the thing you will find yourself spending the most time doing. You can find good unique items, but they won't always have the enchants you want. The other issue with these is that they might not even have all three slots available on the item! So, knowing which ones you should choose is pretty important.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

Here's our list of the best enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons! These aren't in any particular order, because they'd be very hard to rank due to the fact that a lot of them are only good with particular weapons and armor.


Has a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it.

One of the greatest difficulties in Minecraft Dungeons is taking damage and regaining health. The reason for that is because your Health Potion has a very long cooldown, so if you're playing on harder difficulties you will be taking damage pretty regularly. So, to combat that you will need someway to gain health back. Radiance is one of those ways, because it will heal you and nearby allies at random. This enchant works particularly well on fast attack weapons, because you have a lot more chances to trigger it to regain health. The higher you increase the tier on it, the more health you will regain!

Radiance is particularly good on a weapon like Fighter's Bindings that attacks at super speed!

Critical Hit

Gives you a chance to inflict critical hits dealing triple damage.

Triple damage on any weapon is pretty insane! That's an absolute ton of damage, which is obviously quite useful for tearing up enemies. This is good on pretty much all weapons, and can be used to cover up weaker ones that have powerful perks.

Cool Down

Reduces the cool-down time between uses of your artifacts.

If you're running a build that uses artifacts frequently then getting one or two Cool Down on your armor can be a good investment. This would mean you could keep certain buffs up at all times, something like Death Cap Mushroom would be good because you'd be able to use it over and over and keep the buff up. Gong of Weakening and Light Feather would also benefit heavily from this. You could continually debuff enemies, and stun lock them with Light Feather by using it over and over again!


Defeating a mob heals you a small portion of the mob's max health.

Leeching is similar to Radiance, but is better on a weapon that kills mobs more often in one hit. Pretty much a slow but strong weapon will work well because you won't be able to activate Radiance as often with it. As mentioned previously, you will frequently find yourself at low health and without a potion to use. This happens quite often when you're playing solo, so having either Leeching or Radiance is a must!


This effect pulls mobs in range towards the weapon's impact point.

Gravity is great in combination with an AOE based weapon. What this does is pull mobs inward towards you so they can be easily hit with AOE damage. Pairing this with the Swirling or Shockwave enchants is especially strong. You can also use this with a weapon that deals AOE on hit, something like a hammer which pounds down and hits multiple mobs.


The last attack on a combo performs a swirling attack damaging nearby enemies.

As mentioned in Gravity, this enchant works very well for AOE-ing down packs of mobs. You can pair it with stuff like Gravity to pull mobs inward, Leeching to gain health, and Radiance for healing as well! This is another enchant that would be good with the very powerful Fighter's Bindings Unique weapon. It works very well with fast attacks, because the combos will finish faster to trigger the swirling effect.


Find more emeralds on fallen enemies.

This one might seem like an odd inclusion to the list, but it has a very specific purpose which makes it quite useful. This enchantment is quite useful on a weapon that would be used for farming emeralds. With it maxed out you will get a 300% increased chance at finding emeralds. This enchant also stacks, which can be added to a weapon three times for a total of 900% increased chance for the emeralds. If you can, you'd like to have this on at least one usable weapon so you can go farming for cash!

Soul Siphon

When you hit an enemy, gain a 10% chance to grant you a bunch of extra souls.

This is another enchant that kind of requires you to pair it with certain other things. You'd only want to use this if you have artifacts that are going to use the Souls you collect. The Harvester and the Soul Healer! The Harvester deals a huge amount of damage in a circle which will usually take out anything around you. The Soul Healer gives you the ability to consume souls to gain back health.

Anima Conduit

Each soul you absorb grants a small amount of health.

Anima Conduit really requires that you utilize a souls build or you have the Soul Siphon enchant. It's another option for regaining health that isn't Leeching or Radiance. So, if you're running a soul build without the Soul Healer artifact, then Anima Conduit would fill in well!

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Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

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