Minecraft Dungeons: How to Get Emeralds Fast – Money Making Guide!

If you're looking to get rich in Minecraft Dungeons then you're going to need to know how to obtain a whole bunch of Emeralds! We'll be taking a look at some of the best farming methods you can attempt in our Minecraft Dungeons Money Guide. These strategies will hopefully have you swimming in Emeralds like Scrooge McDuck!

Emeralds can be spent in town at the Blacksmith or the Wandering Trader. The Blacksmith can be paid with Emeralds to craft you a random piece of gear that will be appropriate for your level. The Wandering Trader will craft you a random artifact that matches your level. Either of these gives you additional ways to obtain loot that will be usable for your character. Yes, you will likely get stuff that isn't worth using, however, you can also get real lucky and manage to pull something powerful.

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Emerald Farming Methods

First things first, you'll be doing a lot of farming of mobs to obtain Emeralds. So, you will really want to get yourself a Diamond Pickaxe. Why? Well, because it has the unique perk of finding more emeralds on it.

While this will help, you will also want to hope that your Diamond Pickaxe comes with the Prospector enchantment. This gives you additional ability to find Emeralds on fallen enemies. Level one of this enchantment gives you a 100% increase, 2 gives you 200%, and the maximum level 3 upgrade will give you a whopping 300% addition to Emeralds dropping off of enemies. Having a weapon with these stacked on it will significantly boost your ability to obtain Emeralds in the game!

Farming the Pumpkin Pastures

Get your Diamond Pickaxe or a weapon that has the Prospector enchantment on it and head to the Pumpkin Pastures. This starts The Last Hearth mission, which you will want to start doing. You can pretty much sprint your way through it until you get to a castle. An event will start where it will block you from continuing. You need to complete a quick battle of mobs that spawn. Once you've completed that, you will be given a "Lower the Drawbridge" objective. This is where we're going to be doing our farming.

This objective wants you to hit switches to drop the drawbridge down. We do NOT want to do this! Groups of monsters will spawn in this area that you can slay and repeat over and over again until you've collected all the Emeralds you want. Each time you kill a group, another will spawn shortly afterwards. As long as you've got your weapon equipped with the buff to finding Emeralds, you should be getting quite a few for each batch of monsters you slay. This is a very simple, but effective way to gain a bunch of money early on in the game.

AFK Emerald Farming

Believe it or not, you can do an AFK farm in Minecraft Dungeons. To take it to the highest level, you would have to use some kind of additional program that auto hits keys for you, but that wouldn't be too difficult to accomplish. This uses the same Pumpkin Pastures area as the above method, so I won't be surprised if this area gets nerfed or changed after release. So, take advantage of it early if it hasn't been fixed yet!

First thing you will need is some Tasty Bone artifacts to equip. You would ideally have three of these so you can summon three wolves to aid you in battle. These will take care of most of the monsters that spawn, so your character won't have to do much. However, you will get attacked eventually, but we have a solution for that. You will want to find armor that you can enchant with Thorns. If you give max this out to three tiers you will return 200% damage to any attacker that hits you. That means they will kill themselves eventually for having the audacity to hit you.

You can set yourself out with just those things and you will likely survive for a while. You won't die all that fast because the wolves take care of the enemies pretty quickly. Unfortunately, you won't survive forever! If you want to go full AFK mode, you will need to find yourself an auto-clicker or program that will automatically push buttons for you. Another thing you will want is the Health Synergy enchantment on your armor. This will regain you 5% of your health (max tier) whenever you activate an Artifact. So, set up your auto-clicker to use your Artifacts and health potion every 45 seconds or so. Once you've got that enabled, you won't ever die and will continually gain experience and Emeralds while you're off doing something else!

These are the currently known Emerald farming methods in Minecraft Dungeons! There will likely be other options to come in the future, so we'll update this guide with any others that become available. At the very least, find yourself a weapon with a couple of Prospecting enchants to increase your currency collection! Let us know in the comments if you've got a good money gaining strategy that you'd like us to cover.

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