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All Pixelmon Commands

Pixelmon is a modded version of Minecraft that brings the Pokémon to the game. The mod adds commands to Minecraft that apply specifically to Pixelmon to allow players and people running the servers to manipulate specific aspects of the game. The lists below provide the syntax and description of all the available commands. Related: How […]

How to fix the Oops your Microsoft Account Was Disconnected error in Minecraft

Minecraft is a highly popular game on multiple platforms, but to get the best experience and use cross play, you will need a Microsoft account. Unfortunately, some players have been running into issues, one of which causes your Microsoft account to get disconnected. This may leave you wondering how to solve the Oops your Microsoft […]

How to use Minecraft Biome Finder (2023)

The world of Minecraft is procedurally generated based on the seed you use. If you do not input a seed manually, one will randomly be assigned to your world. This will determine how your world is generated and the layout of biomes. As they are random, it can be difficult to find certain ones—this is […]

Top 10 Minecraft Farms to Build in 1.19 (February 2023)

Finding resources in Minecraft is almost always challenging, but getting them is much faster with farms. Minecraft 1.19 update has enabled the construction of various farms. Some require your full attention, while others are semi-automatic or completely automated. We’ve compiled the best Minecraft Farms to build in the 1.19 update. 10 Best Minecraft Farms in […]