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Best Minecraft Chicken Coop Designs

When building a chicken coop in Minecraft, the first question that players should answer is whether they are trying to build a manual or an automatic coop. Manual coops will require players to run through to pick up eggs occasionally, and other items dropped from the chickens, and while this may seem like a pain, […]

What level is copper found? | Where to find copper in Minecraft Guide

Copper is a new resource introduced in the latest update for Minecraft. But what level is copper ore found, and where can you find copper in Minecraft? Well, to start, you can find copper easily by simply digging down or walking into a cavern, as it spawns at even some of the highest underground levels. You can find […]

Best Minecraft Shaders for 1.18+ (2022)

Our Best Minecraft Shaders List looks at all the most popular shader options for the game! If you’re looking to give Minecraft some additional atmosphere or just want to make the game’s aesthetics more breathtaking, you’ll want a shader for your resource pack. We’ve picked the ones we feel work best based on their compatibility, quality of […]

All Minecraft Music Discs and How to Get Them

Music Discs were added to Minecraft all the way back in the Alpha version of the game. Several discs have been added since then, ranging from cheerful and pleasant songs to dark and ominous tracks. Listed below are all the Music Discs you can currently get in Minecraft! All Minecraft Music Discs and How to Get […]

How to find Lush Caves in Minecraft

Lush Caves are commonly sought in Minecraft after the release of version 1.18. These are beautiful new caves that are filled with content released in version 1.17 and 1.18, ranging from things like new ore to hanging plant growth. Some players even seek them out for the sole purpose of establishing a base in the […]