Best XP Farm Designs in Minecraft (1.20+)

Farming XP has never been this easy!

XP orbs are obtained by performing certain activities in Minecraft, such as breeding, trading, mining, defeating mobs, completing advancements, fishing, and more. At first, I wondered what they're used for, since they don't directly impact my character. However, I soon found that they can be used for upgrading equipment through enchanting or by using an anvil to repair, rename, or combine enchantments on equipment. This guide will cover the best farm designs you can build to earn XP faster.

Top X XP Farm Designs in Minecraft 1.20

- Simple XP Monster Farming Room in Minecraft 1.20

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Ingredients:
    • x1 Slab
    • x1 Trapdoor
    • x1 Barrel
    • x1 Hopper
    • x1 Torch

This simple XP Monster Farming Room in Minecraft 1.20 only requires a couple of resources and can be built relatively quickly. You can make this Farming Room in any cave where you find a Monster Spawner. To build this simple yet effective XP farming room, follow these steps:

  • From the Monster Spawner, measure a four-block distance in every direction. There should be a four-block gap between the Spawner and each wall.
  •  Measure and clear a three-block distance from the Spawner to the ceiling.
  •  Measure and clear a three-block distance underneath the Spawner. After you are finished shaping the room, the Monster Spawner should sit in the center of a 9x9x7 room.
  •  Put a slab on the Monster Spawner so the mobs can't spawn there.
  •  Use a water bucket to put a water source into each of the four corners of the room. There should be a single dry block right below the Spawner.
  •  Dig a hole ten blocks deep right below the Spawner.
  •  Dig out an AFK room at the bottom of the hole. It can look like anything, but I like digging out a small, three-by-three-block room.
  •  Place a Hopper right on the room's entry, as shown in the image below.
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • Place a chest in the block left of the position where you placed the Hopper.
  • Place a trap door right on the arching block on the entry to your room, preventing one-block mobs from entering the chamber.
  • Destroy all light sources in the spawning chamber.

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Ocean Trapdoor farm without spawner in Minecraft 1.20

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Ingredients:
    • x64 Trapdoors
    • x2 Chests
    • x2 Torches
    • x4 Hoppers
    • x2 Slabs

You will need a considerable amount of block resources to build this trapdoor farm in Minecraft 1.20. It works by naturally spawning mobs in the dark chamber on top of the pillar. The mobs should then fall through the trapdoor and into one of the trenches, with the water carrying them away and into the central pillar through which they fall onto the hoppers below. Here is how you can build it:

  • Start by going up 100 blocks from the bottom of the lake or an ocean.
  • Build a small four-by-six platform. This position is where your AFK place will be.
  • Build an outline with eight blocks that looks like the picture below:
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Raise the columns from this outline to be 22 blocks high. You should end up with a pillar with a two-by-two block hole inside.
  • Return to the AFK platform and place your two Chests down on the entry.
  • Place four Hoppers behind it.
  • Put Slabs onto the Hoppers.
  •  Put two Slabs on the top blocks just above the chests so that single-block mobs can't escape.
  • Put two torches on each side of the entry to prevent mobs from spawning there. You should end up with a build looking like this:
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Now go back to the top of the pillar and extend its outline by eight blocks in each direction. You aim to build an eight-by-two block plus sign.
  • Build a wall two blocks high around the plus symbol. The cross should extend eight blocks in all four directions.
  • Connect the top of the walls making a bit platform. The result should look like this.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Build a wall two blocks high around the entire platform.
  •  Use the Bucket to place the water source on each end of the trench. It should all pour down into the hole of the pillar. If you did this right, there should be no empty blocks.
  •  Put Trapdoors down at the edges of the trenches.
  •  Place Slabs onto the edges of the spawning chamber. You can make a roof on top of it if you want to. Just be sure to cover it with Slabs completely to prevent mobs from spawning on top of it. Your XP farm should look like the first image when you are done.

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Quick Auto Smelter XP Farm in Minecraft 1.20

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This simple yet effective smelter works wonders for quickly smelting items and cooking meat. You can use it in combination with any product farm, and it also gives you XP when you use it, leveling you up very quickly. Building this contraption is extremely simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Start by placing a Double chest on the ground.
  • Place two Hoppers behind the double chest.
  •  Place two Furnaces on top of the Hoppers. To place them, just press Shift to crouch.
  • Place two levers at the front of the Furnaces.
  • Place two Hoppers on the back of the Furnaces.
  • Place two Hoppers on top of the Furnaces.
  • Place another Double chest on top of two Hoppers in the back.
  • Put another Double chest on top of the two uppermost Hoppers.

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Best XP Farm Designs in Minecraft (1.20+)

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