All Minecraft Cheat Codes & Commands List

So many commands!

If you are looking for some cheats for Minecraft, we got a full list of Minecraft Console Commands & Cheats that will be useful to you for all platforms. These are extremely good to know because you might find yourself wanting to switch modes quickly finish a tedious task. These commands will work on your PC, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile versions of Minecraft.

How to use Console Commands in Minecraft

First, when creating your world, make sure to check the Allow/Activate Cheats option. The button to press now depends on the platform you are playing the game on. Here's a list of what you'll need to press to access the console command menu:

  • Xbox: Press right on the D-Pad.
  • Nintendo Switch: Press the right direction button on your Joy-Con, or right on the D-Pad of your Pro Controller.
  • PC/Mac (Windows 10 or Java): You can press T or you can press the forward slash (/) key.

If you're on a PS4, you can't enter commands. You can only change a few options, and you must have host privileges.

Minecraft Flying Command - How to fly in Minecraft

There is no direct command in Minecraft that will make you fly. You can change the mode of the game using the "/gamemode creative" command, and this will allow you to press jump twice to get you up in the air. If you want to fly even faster (on PC), you can go into Spectator mode. This requires you to press "F3 + N" at once and gives you the ability to fly around freely and go through walls. You can scroll your mouse wheel up or down to increase or decrease the speed. This is the fastest way to get around other than using the teleport command.

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Minecraft Console Commands & Cheats List

Here's a list of a bunch of commands that you should find useful in the game. It might be worth trying out a new Minecraft Seed before testing these commands on your main world.

  • /weather [Type]
    • This will change the current weather. You can use clear, rain, or thunder as your different types. To use the command, type /weather followed by the type of weather you want to change your world to.
  • /atlantis
    • This command will change the amount of water in your Minecraft world.
  • /effect
    • You can use this command to add or remove status effects.
  • /fog
    • You can use this command to add or remove fog in your game world.
  • /instantmine
    • This command will make it so you one hit mine all blocks.
  • /falldamage
    • This command will either enable or disable falldamage on your game.
  • /freeze
    • The Minecraft freeze command will stop all monsters in your area. To use the freeze command, type /freeze into chat or console.
  • /duplicate
    • With the item in your hand, type /duplicate into the chat or console, and the game will copy the item and give you another one in your inventory.
  • /locatebiome [biome name]
    • To use the locatebiome command, Simply type in the command and scroll through the different biomes until you locate the one you want to find. You can then select it, and you will be given coordinates to the nearest matching biome.
  • /help
    • If you want some additional information on a certain commands, use the help command.
  • /event
    • This command triggers events, use it by typing /event followed by the name of the event you want to trigger.
  • /fill
    • You can use this command to fill parts of your Minecraft world with a certain block.
  • /enchant
    • The enchant command can be use to enchant items in Minecraft. To use the enchant command, type /enchant [Player] [Enchantment Type] [Level] into chat or console.
  • /superheat
    • The superheat command smelts all items that can be smelted in your inventory.
  • /waterdamage
    • This command enables or disables water damage.
  • /firedamage
    • This command enables or disables fire damage on your server.
  • /experience
    • The experience command can be used to give yourself or another player experience. To use the command, type /XP or /experience followed by player name and then the amount of XP.
  • /difficulty
    • To use the difficulty command in Minecraft, type /difficulty followed by: easy, normal, hard and peaceful.
  • /gamemode
    • Type /gamemode and then the type of gamemode to use the command. You have four different options: adventure, creative, spectator, and survival.
  • /give
    • To use the given command, type /give followed by player name, item, and then the amount of the item you want to give.
  • /kill
    • To use the /kill command, type /kill followed by player name into chat or console.
  • /list
    • To use the command, type /list and a list of players will appear.
  • /dropstore
    • This command will store all of your inventory items into a chest that spawns.
  • /instantplant
    • This command makes plants grow instantly to full size.
  • /ride
    • This command turns any mob near you or one that you are facing into a mount.
  • /locate
    • To use the locate nearest structure command in Minecraft, you must type /locate and then the name of the structure you want to find. For example, if you want to find a village you would type /locate village.
  • /seed
    • This command will output your current seed number. To use the command, simply type /seed into chat or your console.
  • /summon
    • This command is similar to the give command, but you are able to summon an entity like a monster or animal instead. It will summon whatever you choose right where you are at, or you can add a position. To use the command, type /summon followed by the name of the monster or entity you want to summon.
  • /itemdamage
    • This command disables item damage on your server.
  • /camerashake
    • This command will shake your camera.
  • /deop
    • This command will remove operator status from players.
  • /tp
    • The teleport (or "tp") command is very useful. It will teleport you or someone else to a specific coordinates. To use the command, type /tp name of the player and then the x y and z cordnaites you want to teleport to. The Y coordinate will determine what block height you end up at. If you want to just teleport to your current height, you can use "~" in that spot instead of a specific number. This can also be used in either the X or Z spot if you want to maintain your current coordinate of either of those options.
  • /set time
    • To use the set time command in Minecraft, players must type /time set followed by a number or time of day. For example, if you want to change the current time to day, you would type /time set day into chat or console.
      • /time set [Type or #].
      • /time add [#].

All Player Targeting Commands in Minecraft

These can be added in place of the [Player] variable that you will see in many of the following commands.

  • @s - Targets yourself or the person executing the command.
  • @p - Closest player to you.
  • @r - Random player in your game.
  • @a - All players in your game.
  • @e - All entities in the game. These include animals and monsters.

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Minecraft Gamerule Commands List

Minecraft also has a vast array of gamerule commands players are able to use to change various features in the game. Here's a vast list of some of the best gamerule commands to use in Minecraft.

  • /gamerule fireDamage false
    • Using this command will disable all fire damage on your server.
  • /gamerule doImmediateRespawn true
    • Using this command will allow players to spawn instantly without seeing the death screen in Minecraft.
  • /gamerule doEntityDrops false
    • Using this command will prevent nonmob entities from dropping items in the game.
  • /gamerule disableRaids true
    • Using this command will disable raid events where mobs will attack villages in Minecraft.
  • /gamerule announceAdvancements false
    • This command will disable all chat announcements for achievements in Minecraft.
  • /gamerule doFireTick false
    • Using this command will disable the spread of fire on your server and will cause fires to stay in place.
  • /gamerule doInsomni false
    • This command will disable the insomnia mechanic and prevent Phantoms from spawning in your server.
  • /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
    • This gamerule command will disable the day and night cycle and freeze your game's current time in place. So, if it is night or day, it will remain either day or night until the command is reset.
  • /gamerule doMobSpawning false
    • This command will disable the spawning of mobs on your server.
  • /gamerule keepInventory true
    • This command will allow players to keep their entire inventory upon death.
  • /gamerule mobGriefing false
    • This gamerule command will prevent mobs such as Endermen and Creepers from destorying or griefing blocks in the game.
  • /gamerule spawnRadius (distance value)
    • This command will change the spawn distance for players on your server.

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All Minecraft Cheat Codes & Commands List

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