How to make Charged Creeper in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft offers near-unlimited potential, whether you enjoy building, crafting, exploring, or fighting. The game offers numerous wonderful interactions between the player and the world. This can lead to interesting situations, like the creation of a Charged Creeper. This may leave you wondering how to make a Charged Creeper in Minecraft Bedrock. To make a Charged […]

What is Minecraft Scratch?

The internet is forever changing, and so is how people interact with and create games. Recently, a website called Scratch has been making its round on the internet and features bite-sized games that are related to Minecraft. Just what exactly is this new site, and how does it relate to the world of Minecraft? Everything you need […]

What is Paper Minecraft?

Minecraft is a household name in the gaming industry and is playable on nearly every platform. You can build practically anything you want in Minecraft’s 3D, blockish landscape. But if you prefer a 2D style over 3D, you will want to check out Paper Minecraft. Everything you need to know about Paper Minecraft Paper Minecraft […]

How does Minecraft Championship (MCC) work?

Minecraft Championship is an event held by a group called the Noxcrew that pits teams of 10 Influencers across the Minecraft community in various Minecraft game mode mods. The game modes will test each participant’s skill in parkour, survival, combat, and teamwork. Each Minecraft Championship will also start with ten teams playing up to eight […]

How to watch Minecraft Championship (MCC) 22

To watch Minecraft Championship 22, you will need to do so at the Offical Twitch channel for the Noxcrew. Every Minecraft Championship, the Noxcrew will stream the entire event on Twitch. However, if you don’t want to watch the Livestream through the Noxcrew, you can do so at one of the participant Livestreams.  We recommend going for […]