BitLife How-to Escape Every Prison Guide (2019) – All Jail Layouts, Houdini & Jailbird Ribbon!

Our BitLife How-to Escape Prison Guide features a map and video for every prison layout you'll be up against in the game! We've got cheat sheet maps for each of the layouts: 8x8s, 7x4s, 7x5s, 6x6s, 6x5s, 5x5s, 4x4s, and 5x4s! If you're looking to complete various ribbons, including Houdini and Jailbird, then this post will help you complete those with ease.

Escaping prison in BitLife is actually kind of difficult, especially if you're just starting out. The key to getting out is listed in the game:

The guard moves twice for every move you make! He will only make moves towards you and will try to walk horizontally first.

The most important part about that is that he will always try to walk horizontally first! So, we will need to use that to our advantage by blocking off the cop against walls in the prison. Even if the police officer is directly below you, and you move to the right or left, he will always move horizontally first. That means if there's a wall above him afterwards, he will not be able to reach you. If you're wanting to complete these on your own, then this aspect is what you will be taking advantage of the most. If you are struggling with these, however, then keep reading because we have a cheat sheet for each of the map layouts and a video displaying how-to complete them!

Jailbird Ribbon

This one is pretty easy, you really just need to go in and out of prison about three or four times. Once you've done that, then just sit in your cell and age up until you croak! That should be all you need to do to earn the Jailbrid Ribbon!

Houdini Ribbon

You'll want to go to jail a bunch of times and escape immediately. You can level yourself up, not doing too much, and get to your 60s. Once you do that, start robbing houses and get caught. That will get you put in jail, and then you'll want to escape using the guide below. Do this a couple times a year in your old age, and that should get you to the end and should get you the Houdini ribbon!

BitLife How-to Escape Prison

When you attempt to break out of prison, you will be getting one of the following layouts. These puzzles can sometimes be mirrored by them being flipped around horizontally or vertically. It will be the same layout, you'll just need to follow the steps based on the one you've received. If you fail, you can always move ahead a year and try again!

Maximum Security was added in the BitLife Jail Life Update!

Map Legend

  • Star: Your starting point.
  • Arrow: Designates the direction you should be traveling at that point of the line.

Maximum Security Layouts

Maximum Security #1 - 8x8


Maximum Security #2 - 8x8


Maximum Security #3 - 8x8

Work in progress...


Maximum Security #4 - 8x8

Work in progress...


Maximum Security #5 - 8x8

Work in progress...


Maximum Security #6 - 8x8

Work in progress...


Maximum Security #7 - 8x7

Work in progress...


Normal Prison Layouts

Prison Layout #1 - 6x6

The first layout we're looking at requires a bit of looping back on your path, but isn't too hard.


Prison Layout #2 - 5x5

This one isn't too difficult, you just need to do one quick double back, and then a longer one as you get deeper into the map. Just don't make a mad dash for the Exit, you won't make it!


Prison Layout #3 - 6x6

This is another pretty detailed one, you are going to need to do quite a bit of backtracking.


Prison Layout #4 - 5x4

Probably the easiest layout to escape from. It's very straightforward, and only requires eight steps to complete.


Prison Layout #5 - 6x6

This one is pretty long, and you'll be backtracking quite often. Make sure you do every one of the small backtracks listed on the map, or you won't get the cop into the right place.


Prison Layout #6 - 5x5

Tight quarters in this 5x5, and you'll need to do a fair amount of going back and forth to complete this one.


Prison Layout #7 - 7x4

This is an easy one! All you need to do is get the police officer into the little U shaped walls, and once you've done that you can breeze on through to the exit.


Prison Layout #8 - 7x5

Pretty standard one, you'll have to do some trekking across the jail a couple of times to get the cop where you want him. Once you've done that, you can stroll your way out of prison!


Prison Layout #9 - 6x5

You'll have to do kind of a big loop and then come back again to keep the officer off of you and to get to the exit.


Prison Layout #10 - 7x5

Another one where you're doing quite a bit of backtracking, especially in the bottom right corner where you'll need to go back and forth to get the cop in the right place. Be patient and deliberate, and you should be able to get to the exit!


Prison Layout #11 - 4x4

The smallest current layout, has you doing a bit of back and forth to escape. This one is pretty easy!


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  1. Question for anyone using this guide. Do you find the images helpful or not? I’m asking because they take a while to make, and I only want to do them if they are being used. Let me know!

  2. There is no escape route on here for when your’e in a High Security prison where the grid is 8×8. I can’t find the solution to it anywhere.

  3. How do you get the Houdini ribbon? Every time I get thrown in jail I escape right after and keep getting the Jailbird ribbon

      1. I have a question. There’s one that I can’t find on here but is on bitlife. Was it in an update? It’s a 6×6 one

        1. Are you sure it isn’t one of the ones I have above just rotated around? If you can get me a screenshot, I’ll take a look.