MultiVersus Rick Guide – Moves, Perks, Tips, & Strategies

It's time to Get Schwifty

MultiVersus brings a mad collection of beloved characters into a wonderfully weird party fighter. Rick Sanchez recently joined his grandson Morty, adding a new name to the Mage class. Rick's unique kit and Expert tag make him tough to master, but with some brains, you can be as good at this game as Rick is at everything.

How to play Rick in MultiVersus

Rick Sanchez brings an eclectic mix of long-range tactics to the game, making him a stellar patient keep-away tactician. Players who like keeping their distance, confusing the opponent with portals, and edge guard from the range will feel at home with Rick.

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All Rick moves in MultiVersus


  • Itchy Ricker Finger (Neutral)
    • Rick charges a shot from his laser pistol. At full charge, the shot is larger, moves slowly, and deals knockback.
  • You Like Augments? (Side)
    • Rick attacks with a pair of plasma blades and a kick before firing a rocket projectile from his arm cannon. The projectile can be charged, fly in an arc with drop-off, and spike an off-stage opponent.
  • Plasma Whip, Baby! (Up)
    • Rick charges an upward swing which has great range and hits multiple times.
  • Yeah, Fart Bomb! (Down)
    • Rick places a bomb in front of him, knocking enemies upward. This move has a brief cooldown.
  • Meeseek and Destroy (Neutral Special)
    • Rick summons a friendly Meeseek, who runs forward as a projectile attack. Pressing up after summoning him will cause the Meeseek to launch an uppercut. Pressing down makes him ready a golf swing, which reflects projectiles and attacks nearby enemies.
  • BasRick Portal Theory (Side Special)
    • Rick aims, then summons a portal and can summon a max of two. Ally projectiles pass through the portal. One ally can pass through each portal by dodging, but it's then only able to pass projectiles. Fighters will teleport if knocked into the portal. This move has a long cooldown, during which Rick can use his side special to rush forward on skis.
  • Jetpack. NBD. (Up Special)
    • Rick charges and then launches upward.
  • PolymorphRick Ray (Down Special)
    • Rick fires a small projectile that quickly detonates. Enemies are turned into a tiny Reindog who can't attack and takes increased damage. Allies become larger and deal more damage. Cooldown applies.


  • Shooting Guns In The Air! (Neutral)
    • Same as Itchy Ricker Finger
  • Personal Space (Side)
    • Rick charges a blast from his belt-mounted forcefield
  • Shove It Waaay Up There (Up)
    • Rick charges and shoves the Mega Seed upward. Hitting enemies gives them a Silenced debuff, which prevents the use of cooldown abilities. Hitting allies grants an Educated buff, which decreases cooldown duration.
  • CollatRickal Damage (Down)
    • Rick fires a jet of flame downward from his rocket boots. This spikes and Ignites the foe, dealing consistent damage.
  • Meeseeks, Up Here! (Neutral Special)
    • Summons another Meeseek, this one flaps its arms to slow Rick's descent and help him travel horizontally.
  • Aerial Portal Stunts (Side Special)
    • Rick shoots portals, but if he doesn't have one out yet, he shoots two at once. One will appear where he's aiming, the other will appear where he is.
  • Goin' Even Higher (Up Special)
    • Same as Jetpack. NBD.
  • Freefall Polymorpher (Down Special)
    • Same as PolymorphRick Ray.

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Best perks for Rick in MultiVersus

  • Squanchin' Pyrotechnics
    • Rick's portal has a longer cooldown, but allies that pass through a portal ignite enemies with their next melee attack. Allied projectiles that pass through a portal also ignite enemies. Enemies that pass through a portal are ignited
  • Coffeezilla
    • Your team receives a 10% reduced ability cooldown duration
  • Clear the Air
    • Your team destroys non-heavy enemy projectiles after successfully neutral dodging the projectile
  • Armor Crush
    • Your team's fully charged attacks break armor

Tips and Strategies for Rick in MultiVersus

Rick is a challenging character, thanks to his complex setup strategy. To get the most out of the character, players will need to get the hang of his projectiles and their flight path through portals. To score kills, use You Like Augments? to spike at range or CollatRickal Damage to spike up close. When playing with an ally, use Meeseeks liberally to keep enemies at bay and defend the team.

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MultiVersus Rick Guide – Moves, Perks, Tips, & Strategies

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